Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

Wizards of Waverly Place Audition information

Wizards of Waverly Place is a Disney Channel show that many kids want to audition for in 2012. Wizard’s of Waverly Place first premiered in 2007.

The Wizard’s of Waverly Place has won awards and actually won “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the Emmy Awards a few years back.

A movie about the Wizards of Waverly Place television series has also been made. The movie won an Emmy Award for kids programs.

It will be the second Disney Channel Original Series to reach 100 episodes after That’s So Raven.

The series stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as three wizards. Wizards has made Selena Gomez a household name and many young girls idolize Selena Gomez and want to be just like her.

To get a role on a hit TV show, especially one on the Disney Channel, you will need to first audition for a show or attend an open casting call for Disney.

Be an Extra on the Disney Channel Wizards of Waverly Place

If you want to try to get on the Disney Channel, Disney XD or other shows as an extra you will first need to sign up with an extras casting agency. The largest extras casting agency in Los Angeles is Central Casting and Central Casting supplies the extras for many of the Disney shows. Central Casting does not take mailed in registration. You will need to call them and ask how to get on their roster so that next time a Disney Channel show needs extras, they will consider you as well.

Central Casting

220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755


194 thoughts on “Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

  1. Elijah Morales

    Name-Elijah Morales
    Langue-Fluent English
    Race-Hispanic and African American

    The show I would like to be on is SHAKE IT UP or GOOD LUCK CHARLIE or ANT FARM or FAN-BOY AND CHUM CHUM but the one i would love to be is FAN-BOY AND CHUM CHUM

  2. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched the Disney stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing. I am looking forward into hearing from you.

  3. Alliyah (Lee Lee)

    HI My Name is Alliyah Im 11 years old i have been acting since i was 2 years old (Exactly) I have dancing since i was 4 im very (advanced) !!!! i have been singing since I WAS BORN!!!! And im a cheerleader and i did an audition for barbizon november 2012 and i made it !!!!! but i want to act not model!! its been my dream since forever hehe!!! im playful funny and i have ALOT of talent or at least my teacher and parents say so. Im good in school and a talent agent said i was one of the best actor she had seen in a long time.. i have super curly hair (brown) brown eyes 96 pounds (just in case your wondering) i have a great sence of fashon my teacher and freinds say. But i have typed WAY… TO MUCH…. so email and we skype Whenever I really want this please give me a opportunity THANK YOU

  4. Maria

    Hello, my name is Maria and I’m 12/13 Years old!
    I speak three languages: Bulgarian,German and English! I’m learning French at school!
    My dream is to be a “wizard” on “wizards of waverly place”.
    I like to dance and to sing. I’m a very good actress and I’ll do everything to be on “wizards of waverly place”. Please, write back!

  5. Amber Williams

    I love this show i am 12 and i really want to be on this show please this is my dream iwatch it everyday i really want to be on this at least consider me into this

  6. Taita

    I speak three different languages, fluently, French, Russian and English that i practice daily. I really want to be an actress and make people laugh. It’s just my happiness to see the smile on the face. It’s just wonderful. I believe i can do it , #whoyouareisnotwhere ubeen xx with love Taita πŸ™‚ <3

  7. Taita

    I wish of all my heart to be an actress, a singer at Disney Channel, i’m talented, i really can do it! I can sing very well, dance hip hop, ballet, salsa.
    It’s just one of my biggest dreams !! please make a dream come true you will have no regrets.


  8. Taita

    Hello, i’m Taita , i live in Belgium and i’m 13 years old. Since my childhood my only dream is to be an actress singer at Disney Channel . Working at Disney Channel for me it would be a great honor and a great opportunity.
    #Makeadreamcometrue. #Believe xx πŸ™‚ <3

  9. Lourdes aka(Lulu) Ochoa

    Hi, I’m Lulu and I am a Foster Child that lives at LA,CA. I am 17 and I speak both English and Spanish. My gift is anything related to art.
    I watch Disney channel everyday and my favorite show is wizards of waverly place! Selena Gomez is my idol not just because she’s beautiful but she’s also Hispanic.
    I have a great sense of humor, a charming personality ,im social, and I love being in front of the camera(s). I love comedies and I believe I would be great. I would be open for any auditions available but the wizards of waverly place show is my target. Thank you

  10. javonte

    hi im Javonte and im 9 years old I want to be apart of wizards of waverly place because I am a great actor I love wizards of waverly place.

  11. aira

    hi my name is aira im 12 years old i want to be an actress not for me only this is for my mother and this my dream to be an actress i wish i been select in wizard of waverly place

  12. brooke

    Hi! My name is Brooke and I just want to say thank for the calls. I would like to say I have been Dancing, Singing, Acting since I was three years old I can speak only 3 languages, English ,Spanish, French. I have been in many drama plays/productions for my voice and acting skills.I would really love to be on this show.

  13. Sandra Pantoja

    Hi Im Sandra pantoja. Im 15. I come from a poor family. My family is staying at a friends house.I have a twin and were trying to earn money for our family. It would bring me tears of joy to find out that I got a part in a movie or t.v. show in wizards of waverly place or ant farm.I love to act and dance. Im taking theater in 10th and hope to start a career.

    1. brooke

      oh and im 14 yrs old with brown/blonde hair and hazel eyes that are mesmerizing.

    2. brooke

      I’m sorry wrong part supposed to be below.

  14. Sandra Pantoja

    Hi my name is Sandra. I am 15. I have twin. I come frome a poor family,we live at a friends house. My twin and I are hoping to earn money to help our famiy. I love to act I am taking dance and next year in 10th Im takeing theater. It would bring me tears o joy to find out I get a part in a movie or show on wizards of waverly or ant farm.

  15. Deja

    Heyyy whats up?. Im Deja Holder im 13years old. Im in Knightdale,NC. Im 5’6. I love magic, wanna be a mian character though. Im very easy to work with,you wont have any problems out of me. pick me. Please&Thank You

  16. reyanna

    hey my name is reyanna and i’m 12 years old and i love performing i can sing,sort of can dance and act of coures i’d love to be in good luck charlie or wizards of waverly place and i think i’d be great at acting because i’m fun easy going and take in any ideas thank you for reading hope i can help.

  17. Millie Brothers

    Hi, my name is Millie , i am 12 years old and i was born on May the 19th 1999.
    . I have medium length black-brown straight hair
    . I am approx “5.0” foot tall.
    . I weigh 119 lbs
    My passion is to act, sing and dance and i have previously done a range of dancing lessons which included ballet , tap and jazz and i enjoyed these very much.
    I would like to even be considered for a role in this show, even better i would “LOVE” to be in it!
    I am hard working and willing to give 100% if this is for my job and future , I am a quick learner and can get something done when it is needed .
    We have drama in school and it is by far my favourite subject. We have recently had a drama cometition and the judge was raving about me for being the evil spirit which was effective because i had to stay in the same position for 10 minutes with my head bent to the side and staring in the same spot with lights in my eyes (trust me it was hard)
    My friends describe me as “Completely mad” , “fun” “serious -well sometimes” and “weirdest person i have ever met” but the thing is they always say it is in a good way ( which i am happy about)
    thank you for your time.

  18. Frankie Crespin

    Hey, my names Frankie, I’m 12 years but could pass for 14-15 and my birthdays on the 19th of August 1999.
    I’ve loved acting all my life and went to a profical stage school called Brighton young performers, I started when I was 6 and left when I was 10. I now do after school Drama club and starting an anough drama club as well. I also do ballet,modern dance, I sing a little (when I went to stage school I had singing and dacing lessons aswell as drama). I have had a huge passion for performing arts since the age of only 5 and would love the opportunity for a role in this new TV series.

    Wieght:6.9 stone
    Height :5’3
    Hair:Straight, long, dark (ish) brown
    Skin:White, I also have a few freckles

    My friends describe me as ‘confident (but not too confident!), outgoing, fun, kind and caring, but sensible (ish!!) and completely mad!!’

    Thank you for your time! I’d love to be consider πŸ˜€

  19. Grace

    Hi, my name is Grace. Auditions might be a little problem for me because I live in Australia. I love Wizards of Waverly Place, it’s one of my favourite shows.
    I am 12 years old, turning 13 in July. I am around average height, but just a bit short. I have brown/green eyes and my hair is brown/blonde.
    I watch Disney Channel all the time and I love to act! I would love a chance to showcase my talent.
    I also play the piano and I love drawing.
    It would be my dream come true if you asked for my audition.
    I have been in a school play before but I don’t have much acting experience. I am really good though.
    Please email me if you are interested or not. I will be willing to send a video audition. Thank you.

  20. Marin

    Hey! My name is Marin and I love Wizards of Waverly Place!! I would love any acting job in any Disney Channel show! I am 15 at about 94 pounds and 5.1. I have long dirty blonde hair and I live to dance, act and sing! I have been in the Talent show and school plays many times please contact me if you think I can be on ANY show. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  21. Kelly Taylor

    My name is Kelly Taylor I am 14 years old I study drama at school and it is my dream to become an actress, I like Disney channel and it would be amazing and fun to act on a Disney channel show I live in Inverness which is in he north of Scotland thank you for your time.

  22. Rahiman

    Hi my name is Rahiman some of you can’t say it properly anyway i’m 10 years old and love to act and i’m good at singing like JB i’m a good actor and i’m really good at dancing..I’m good at speaking USA, and a bit of France..And i live in Australia,Perth,WA..

    Thanks PS Disney Channel is AWESOME..Please reply..(:

  23. Hannah-marie

    Hi I’m 14 years old, im turning 15 in november. I live in Australia, I’m a ballroom dancer, I love to act and have the chance to be someone other then myself and feel different emotions.I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I would love to be on wizardes of wavely place. If you don’t think I’m right for the job could you please send me some names of shows or movies that I might be right for? πŸ™‚ thank you for your time <3 xx.

  24. gilda sotelo

    Hi im gilda and i love to watch disney channel. i love to act, every time that i fake cry my friends always ask me whats wrong and i just keep up with it and i just love to act. If you choose me I think that you guys wont regret choosing me.

  25. chanel

    Hey my name is Chanel….I would really love to be on tv and i know i got what it takes.Just one problem i live in South Africa so here’s actually no tv auditions for kids like me.I can sing,dance a little,model and of course act.I’m 12 years old and i live in south africa worcester,i really think superstars and producers must come to SA and hold auditions here,because not just people in hollywood or usa have talents we have to believe me.I am 12 years old my name is chanel De la rosa i have blond hair,blue sometimes green eyes depends on what i wear…Please give me a call or email if you think you would like to use me in a show…Ps i also write songs in m free time.

  26. Mya

    Hey, i’m Mya and love to act. Disney channel’s the best. My dream is to be in a show. I LOVE YOU IF YOU CHOOSE ME! I live in Canada.

  27. Aimee berumen

    I am a fan of wizards of Waverly place and I am 7 years old and I speak a little Spanish and I speak really good English and I am a good dancer and I come from a singing family so i can sing really good my mom and dad say i look like a princess because i have beautiful green eyes and like acting.

  28. Maria jose

    Hi, my name is Maria jose L, im 12 my origin is peruvian but my mom family is from europe and my uncle live in florida with my cousins and i have also family in new york. I speak english from the age of 3 and now im learning french in my school. One of my dreams is to be part of the disney channel family. I love to sing and act. I am one of the most fanatic fan of selena gomez, i admire her very much.
    I’ll be very pleased if you could give the oportunity to act in disney channel
    Thank you

  29. Ursula

    Hi I’m Ursula, I’m 13 years old and I really love acting and I can act verry well I can do almost every thing to be an actress.I have green eyes and brownhair.
    But have a really bad problem I liived on Brazil, but If my parents allowed I will moved if I be hired.
    Please sen me an e-mail than I can prove: I can act
    If I have a chance to do an audutions, I will know disney channel fulfills dreams not only of Americans, also realize the dreams of people with other nationalities.

  30. Jordyn Myers

    i freakin’ in love with disney channel, and i am also 12 and #1 star material. i can dance, act, sing, and model, i am awesome and i also work well with people and memorize my lines. i have been in many plays. i have dark brown hair and weigh 95 pounds(though that hopefully doesn’t matter)and i have beautiful hazel eyes. sooooooo yeah.

  31. Lisa teah

    Hi my name is Lisa and I am 12 years old I have short dark brown hair I am 4’11 and I weigh 105 I have brown eyes I would love to be on ur show I love to act and dance and. I love to watch Disney channel it would be my dream if I could be apart of ur cast <3

  32. Lauren

    Hello I’m Lauren and I love Disney channel. I’m very good at singing and was picked by both of my music teachers to.sing in the school program, with a solo. I don’t speak every language but I think i have all the skills to be on Disney channel.

  33. Hey my name is Ethan Kendrick I’m 13 years old and I would really wish as a Disney’s Shake It Up Chicago star, I’m an average dancer and a great singer, good at Basketball and Swimming.
    My summer plan is to join Disney channel and if I couldn’t I would record a few songs (well cover of songs).
    I speak 4 languages, English, French, Arabic and Spanish (well I’m a junior at Spanish)

  34. HInd abu Aker

    Hello my name is Hind and I’ve always wanted to be an actor it is my dream and I hope I came to the right place, because I will never give up on them I will keep searching until I find a show so I’m 10years old I will become 11 at may 6 and please remember I only wanna be on Disney no matter what show it is because I loooove acting and thanks!

  35. megan

    pleas let me coume on wizards of wavelly place because all my familly thinks im a good actor and i absoulutlly love the show if you give me a chance it would mean the world to me x

  36. Jassica Clarke

    Hi, i love wizards of waverly place, it’s been one of my most favourite shows oin disnay channel since i was little. I am 14 years old and i’ve always wanted to star in a show and become fomouse, i love acting and drama, my teachers at school tell me i am very good at it and encourage me to take drama GCSE’s, i would be so happy if i got a part in wizards because me and my little sister love it so much and it would be amazing to be a disney star. The only problem is i live in the UK, i would be really disapointed if this affects me finally living my dream…

  37. Jordyn

    Hi Im Jordyn I’m only 9 turning 10 soon but heres a little info. about me:)

    Eye Color:Hazel
    Hair Color: Very Light Brown With Blonde Highlights
    Height: Im About 4 Foot 8
    I’m not very picky on what show i want to be on all i know is that being an actress is my life long dream and I’m ready to make it a reality!:D

  38. jessica parry

    i would love to be on wizards of waverly place or good luck charlie because they are my favorite tv shows and i really really want to be a an actress, i have wanted to be an actress since i was just 4 years old when i stared in my first show, i 13 years old but i am very talented i can sing,dance,act and i can play the piano.

  39. Dextanie Jones

    Hi my name is Dextanei. I am 12 years old and in the seventh grade. The things I am great at doing are:

    I am very confident, and like to help people a lot. I always have a big smile on my face and always have a good positive attitude. Having fame is not to get attetion, but it is my time to shie. To show people that i am not just shy, but I actually have the confidence to try to show my best of what I can do. It woud be a dream come true to be able to sho people my singing and acting, and them liking it.

    1. Charl Vries

      please let me be on wizards of waverly,because i can act like nobodie’s bussiness,,,,,,i am 11 years old

  40. Ashley

    Hello, I’m Ashley and it would be amazing if I could be on this show(or others if possible)I’m 14 going on 15
    I was born on April 25,1997. My background nationality is I’m 100% Brazilian. I love to act, in my elementary school I was a dancer and singer. Also I acted a little bit with my friends. Me and one of my old friends would act of movies and tv shows for fun. I can play the trumpet, clarinet, and flute(I’m a little rusty). I can also play the piano which is my favorite instrument. Thank you for the chance of a life time .

  41. Rukmini

    Hi! I am Rukmini Bose, and I am 11 years old, turning 12 this year. I’ve always had a dream to be on ANT farm, Good Luck Charlie, and Wizards of Waverly Place.
    Though I am little shy, I LOVE to dance, act, sing, and make others laugh. Many compliment me about my acting, my singing, and my jokes. (Plus, they always say how tall I am. 5′ 4”.) I look like a normal middle school girl, with medium black hair and a nice figure. But, I can be a really pretty girl at the same time. I live in Fremont,CA and it is my dream to act on Disney Channel.

    1. Rukmini

      Also, I am a really bright girl in academics and sports. I play the trombone, piano, recorder, and a little of the guitar. But singing is my favorite. πŸ™‚

  42. charlotte

    Hi there!
    I’m Charlotte and I’m 15 years old. My biggest dream is to be an actress or singer on a disney channel show. I live in Belgium, but I don’t know if that would be a problem. I hope not! πŸ™‚
    I speak a lot of languages namely Dutch, English, French, German, Latin and Spanish. My skin is white and I have long dark brown straight hair. I have green eyes. I can read notes, and I play for almost 7 years the flute. I’m fan of Selena gomez and Miley Cyrus, there are my role models! I love to sing, and i’m not so bad.
    I hope this was enough to convince you and mail me!
    Thanks a lot, charlotte

  43. Simona

    hi. I am Simona I am 13 years old. I very like to be in this show .I have very big talent and I am very good singer. I know that with this comment I can’t be in this show, but you can email me and you will see that I am just born to be in this show
    don’t forget email me πŸ˜€

  44. Angie

    I also speak a little French

  45. Angie

    Well my name is Angie and I am 9 years old( about to be ten) I live in London, England and I love to sing dance and act. I’ve watched Disney channel plenty of times even on a daily basis, so even if I do get picked, I will know what it’s about. Anyway if I do make it I could never thank you enough for making my dreams come true. Hopefully the fact that I live in England dosen’t matter or else It would be a huge let down. Contact me!

  46. Bryanna Hassan

    Hi please let me be a star please I know dreams don’t come true and probably this one won’t either but please Disney channel or nickelodeon pick me please! Know your not gonna pick me because there is a lot of people on here that’s being to go on and there is a good chance that your gonna pick them and not me but please pick me please! Just please email me and pick me to be a star! Please guys this is my dream and I hope it comes true!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Luisa Herweg

    Hey ,
    my name is Luisa Herweg and i’m 13 years old . Every day i’m watching Disney and i love it.I live in germany and speak englisch ,german and french. I have short red-blond hair , have blue eyes and i’m 1,49 m tall . At school i’m in a acting course and i had dance-lessons for 1 year. I really like taking part in Good Luck Charlie ,Wizard of Waverlyplace or A.N.T. Farm or other .

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  48. Valeria sepulveda

    Hola me llamo valeria y me gustaria participar en una de sus series porque me gustan mucho las que han realizado hasta ahora les dejo mi numero 69007706 les agradeceria si me contactaran. Muchas gracias.

  49. Bryanna Hassan

    Hi my name is bryanna and Ive always wanted to be a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sing,hip hop dance,act,and i and those are the most I’m good at and I’m 10 yrs old I ALWAYS wanted to be a star please contact me and I also write my own songs and I have tons of songs I made up and I play guitar. This is my dream! Please make my dream come true please this will mean the world to me and my family because we need it please! I am not selfish by wanting to be a star. I just need the part I will tell you why sooner just please have a chance to contact my mother and she will tell you and she will also send you pictures of me. Thank you so much! Please make me and my family’s wishes come true!

  50. louisa

    Hi, my name is Louisa. I’m 13 years old. I don’t have acting experiences, but I love to sing, dance, play the guitar and piano. My dream is to become an actress!

  51. Lauren Getsov

    Hey I’m lauren..:) i’m 12 yrs old and.. i dont want to make you read a lot so.. i love to act and i love your show!!

  52. Ellie D

    And disney channel, aswell as it being some serious acting it seems like ALOT of fun, and i really think it would be a great experience!

  53. Ellie D

    HEY DISNEY CHANNEL! i am 11 years old and i can act.
    Hair- dark brown- long- wavy
    eyes- dark brown
    height- 5’1
    skin type- white
    race- greek, english, irish
    landuage- english
    i am an 11 year old girl that loves to act! Im also a dancer! I would lloooovvveee to be on disney channel because im a huge fan of alll those talented actors
    ! The only thing is, i live in england, and im not sure but it might only be possible for me to film if we do filming during a type if holiday- Please consider me for an audition! Also- if you think i could be good for the part then please feel free to ask for me to send you a picture and things like a video! Im being serious i would give everything to be on disney chammel and epsecialy meet and act with selena gomez because she is so talented and beautiful- also people said i looked like her! XXOOOOXXXOOOXXX

  54. Ellie

    Hi, i am 11 years old and i can act.
    Hair- dark brown- long- wavy
    eyes- dark brown
    height- 5’1
    skin type- white
    race- greek, english, irish
    landuage- english
    i am an 11 year old girl that loves to act! Im also a dancer! I would lloooovvveee to be on disney channel because im a huge fan of alll those talented actors
    ! The only thing is, i live in england, and im not sure but it might only be possible for me to film if we do filming during a type if holiday- Please consider me for an audition! Also- if you think i could be good for the part then please feel free to ask for me to send you a picture and things like a video! Im being serious i would give everything to be on disney chammel and epsecialy meet and act with selena gomez because she is so talented and beautiful- also people said i looked like her! XXOOOOXXXOOOXXX

  55. Gilbert Hernandez

    Hello My Name Is Gilbert The Reason I Wanna Star In This Show “Wizards Waverly Place” Is Cause Im Funny And Make Alot People Laugh But That Not The Importent Reason, The Reason Is Because I Love Wizards Waverly Place I Watch It Everyday After School I Think Its Very Funny, And Thats What I Am Funny I Really Love Disney Channel And Iv Tryed Out For 4 Auditions And Made 2 Of Then But A Family Emergency Came Up So I Couldnt Do It I Had To Take Care My Family So I Couldnt Do It Then But Know “Im Ready”

    If I Dont Make It Thanks For The Try(:

    If I Dont Make It Thabks For The Try(:

  56. charlotte hayden

    hi, my names charlotte hayden.
    i live in the uk, cheadle
    i have sholder lenghth straight dark brown hair.
    my eyes are a bluey greeny colour
    im 12 years old.
    im small for my age as im 4 foot 8 i think.
    im a size 10 or 8
    my feet size are a 4 or 5
    im a girly girl
    im avarge size
    id love to be on any disney show cause id work reaally hard and id do anything! except get my hair cut as im trying to grow it!
    disney channel is my favorite show so i wudnt (try not to) mess up! im a laugh and love to have fun! if i got the part id make my friends and family proud! cause id want them to go hey thats charlotte! cause most of my friends watch disney chcannel! so please reply:-)

  57. melissa

    Hello! Id think im right for tha A.N.T FARM because i love singing , dancing acting and i,m very funny also.So if you like my comment ,please reply

  58. Janae

    Hi , my name is Janae Tate and I’m a very talented and educated young lady. I would love to become an actor or a dancer , however my first choice would be to become a actor . Becoming a actor would mean so much to me , it would be a dream come true expecially because it would be on my favorite televison network ( Disney ). My second choice would be to become a professional dancer that travels around the world and performs with many music artists . I know forsure that I’m a great actor but dancing I know I have potential. By the way I’m 12 year old African-American but I’m light skined and tall around 5’3-5’4 and I’m thin I weight 112 , Thank You For Reading .

  59. SophiaT

    I think I would be gr8t and fit for the job in acting

    I sing and play acoustic guitar
    And my acting skills are excellent

    I have been always wanting an acting job and I’m think I’m perfect for the job
    Selena Gomez is my role model

    I have dark brown Long hair
    And dark brown eyes
    And I’m 13 years

    Email me back

  60. Aileen Rosales

    ps…i really want to meet Selena Gomez she’s my inspiration πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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