Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

Wizards of Waverly Place Audition information

Wizards of Waverly Place is a Disney Channel show that many kids want to audition for in 2012. Wizard’s of Waverly Place first premiered in 2007.

The Wizard’s of Waverly Place has won awards and actually won “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the Emmy Awards a few years back.

A movie about the Wizards of Waverly Place television series has also been made. The movie won an Emmy Award for kids programs.

It will be the second Disney Channel Original Series to reach 100 episodes after That’s So Raven.

The series stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as three wizards. Wizards has made Selena Gomez a household name and many young girls idolize Selena Gomez and want to be just like her.

To get a role on a hit TV show, especially one on the Disney Channel, you will need to first audition for a show or attend an open casting call for Disney.

Be an Extra on the Disney Channel Wizards of Waverly Place

If you want to try to get on the Disney Channel, Disney XD or other shows as an extra you will first need to sign up with an extras casting agency. The largest extras casting agency in Los Angeles is Central Casting and Central Casting supplies the extras for many of the Disney shows. Central Casting does not take mailed in registration. You will need to call them and ask how to get on their roster so that next time a Disney Channel show needs extras, they will consider you as well.

Central Casting

220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755


194 thoughts on “Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

  1. Aileen Rosales

    Hi my name is Aileen, i love Wizards of Waverly Place it is my favorite disney channel show. I am 12 years old i’m turning 13 on December 20, 2012 I LOVE TO SING,DANCE,AND MOST OF ALL ACT…It has always been my dream to become a disney actress since i was 5.. Selena Gomez is my favorite actress πŸ™‚ so PLEASE give me the opportunity to live my dreams i promise i won’t let you down I just want to prove i’m somebody!!!! I have …..
    β€’dark brown hair
    β€’brown eyes
    β€’i’m ‘5,2’
    β€’i love DISNEY CHANNEL!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. hi my name is ashley and if you love the 3heartbeats but your hands i like the song love and hope. erlit,bridge,deisy you rock.

  3. hi my name is gabriela i love the 3heartbeats they sing sooooooooooooooooooo goooooood you rock.

  4. Carla Perez

    Hi, my name is Carla perez, Im from Misssion Viejo California,Im 14 going to be 15. my dream has always been acting and being like my favorite actress Selena Gomez. I would be glad if you guys would accept me for this role Please.

  5. Kathrin Thurner

    I am an 13-year-old Austrian girl and I would love to spend time in the U.S.A. My English is pretty good. I have plenty of experience and most people think iΒ΄m a great actor. I have already played in two musicals.My eyes are brown and my hair too. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. filza

    Hey Hi Hello
    My name is Filza and I love to act and sing
    and any help u need ill will give u and i hope u make my dream come true and i have every thing u need .
    Ok take care have fun
    Filza Akhter

    1. Talia DeWolfe

      My name is Talia DeWolfe. I am 11 years old. I have been in several plays. In 4 of them, I was the lead. I have a good quality singing voice and have had 3 years of dance. I can pick up lines, songs, dances (ect) quickly and I am also currently involved in the Gloucester Stage Company doing plays. I have my own headshots if those will be needed. Please contact me, thank you!


    2. emma-pauline

      hey! my name is Emma and soon I’ll be 13 years old. I’m from Norway and I’m a dancer, actor and singer. I belive with all my heart that I’ll be the perfect girl for wizards of waverly place! I’m a funny girl, and I love to make people laugh. I’ve danced since I was 6 and I’ve act and sing by my self at home, and many people says that I’m very talented and that I should try to get an audition for disney channel. I hope not that it’s a problem that I’m from Norway, cause this is my dream and it’s all I ever wanted to do! and btw: selena gomez is my rolemodel and I want to make my dream come true, just like her dream came true.
      I hope you contact me!

  7. julien gonzalez

    hi i am Julien Gonzalez and I am eleven years old. I love the shows A.N.T. FARM and WIZARDS of WAVERLY PLACE.I hope you can get me to an auditions so I can get a chance at being on one of the shows.I have many talents they are:
    -playing the drums
    -playing the piano
    -acting(of course)
    -I am also very active
    I really hope you chose me to be on one of the shows

  8. My names Sally i am 14 turning 15 dis yr i would love to be on wizard of waverly place im fair im afrikan i have blk hair and brown eyes

    1. i luv acting singing dancing and writing songs

  9. Hi My Name Is Moniqa And I Wanna Know Where I Can Go To An Audition
    Please Help Me

  10. Spend

    Hi my name is elena I am 10 years old I will b 11 on april18 I am a pretty good actress I play a little flute and I sing a bit I have loved wizards of waverly place for so long I want to b in it so much

    I would so appreciate somone giving me a shot


    Elena DelVecchio actress

    1. Ellie D

      Elena is ur name greek?

  11. if u culd contact me about the auditions i would be soo happy that i knew you have taken time to read my comments.xxxxxx πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Also i live in newcastle co.down uk and it probably is a thin chance i will get this audition but i want people to know that i exist.xxxx πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  13. Hi… i would love to go on A.N.T Farm and wizards of waverly place. my and my friend are always playing this in the school yard. i can sing and act. i am coming eleven on feb 10th 2012 and want to be discovered. i want to be a somebody.xxxxxxx

  14. i want to audition of wizards of waverly place in 2012 so i like to use magic and powers

  15. Georgia

    hi, my name is Georgia Sigston, I am 15 years old, female. I have had good acting experience at a drama school called Stagecoachcin three hit shows. I must admit I am not very good at dancing but I have a good ability to act and sing. acting is my passion and I took Drama as a GCSE option at my school. I know there is a slim chance of me getting this audition, for I live in England, UK. but it has always been my absolute DREAM to be on Nick I have also had acting experience on Nickelodeon on House of Anubis. I have ginger hair (which is dyed red at teh monent) and blue eyes. pleaseeee pick me to star on Nick. would be sooo much appreciated. thanks:)
    -Georgia-May. X

    1. emma-pauline

      hey! my name is emma and i’m 12 years old. I live in Norway and I dance, act and sing a bit. i have long blonde hair, I’m 156 cm tall,I have a special talent in dancing and acting and I’ve been dancing sience i was 6 years old. I love acting and singing and this is my dream, and I know that I’m the perfect match for this show! I always wanted to on disney channel, and I don’t care if it’s a long way to travel, becuse this is my destiny, and I never wanted something else. I hope you contact me!

      1. emma-pauline

        hey! my name is Emma and I live in Norway. I’m 12 years old (soon 13) and I dance, act and sing. I just love to perform in front of many people and just dance, act and have fun! I have long bonde hair, 157 cm tall, very funny, happy and a girl who just love the camera! I’ve been dancing sience I was 6 years old, and I still love it! many people says that I have a special talent in dancing and acting. I just love to do it, and it’s my dream to become a famous dancer and actress. and I always wanted to be on disney channel, this is my destiny and I think that I’m the perfect girl for this show. And I would love to come to the U.S. for an audition! I don’t care if it’s a long way to travel, because this is all I want to do! I hope you see how much I want this, and that I’m the perfect girl for disney channel. hope you contact me!

  16. Heey i’m Lina, 13 years
    I’m a black girl,Black hair, dark brown eyes
    I live in Belgium but i really LOVE Disney Channel,
    I have never done any acting but I’m sure I could do it, I’m very friendly,funny,helpfull,And a good listener I’m a bit shy but i can stand out 4 many people and i really wanna audition and make a dream of mine come treu I will take some acting lessons and some language lessons 2 because my english is not that good But i will work hard till my dream come treu ! God bless y’all

  17. Alice Huxley

    Hi, I’m Alice. I love to act and dance and sing. I love disney channel and I think it would be a great opportunity for me! Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of being actor on a disney channel tv show! I am 11 years old, brown hair and hazel eyes. Im not shy at all, and love to stand out! Hope to get choosen…..

  18. Mackenzie Cogburn

    Hi, I’m Mackenzie Cogburn. I’m currently 15 years old but I’m about to turn 16 in February. I’d absolutely love to have a role on Disney Channel I’m almost 16 and I still autotune Disney shows. Especially my favorite Wizards of Waverly place. I’m quite offend compared to being Selena’s look alike. I also agree, I’m I’ve been in Theatre Arts and Theatre Production my freshman and ongoing sophomore year. I love act and most of all making people laugh. I’d be completely committed to a role if I got the chance. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


    Mackenzie Cogburn πŸ™‚

  19. felicia delarosa

    hi my name felicia delarosa , im 14 years old and love to be on disney channel , i love dancing , singing and acting , i went to an international school , and there where a lot of activities such as :
    1) dance competition
    2) singing competition
    3) drama

    i join all the 3 and i won dance talentime 4 years in a row , i have black eyes and a long straight black hair , my skin is a little tan .

    hope you’ll consider me in disney channel , i would really appreciate it . thank you

  20. silvia

    hi my name is silvia i’m 16 going to 17 & i would really like to be on in rhe wizards of waverly place because i love to act plsssssssssssssssssssss thank you .. & i have a little cousin name itzel & she is 8 and she would really love to act with me & maybe we both can act so pls contact me thankss .

  21. Christine Kroma

    Hello, My name is Christine Kroma, I am aged 12 – 13. I currently live in the UK, London, but planning to move to the USA. I recently went for an audition for Britain’s got Talent. I am an experienced Singer/ Dancer/ Actor, AKA triple threat (I have been experienced from the age of 4). From the age of 4, I went to a well known after school/ summer performing arts school called Stage Coach, which made me stronger at my arts. I am also a bit of an artist. I have entered a few talent shows (came 1st place 3 times, 2nd place once). I have always been apart of my school choir and also did a solo performance at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of 6. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a comedy Disney show.

    I would highly appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thank you.

    Christine. K

  22. caprice

    hi my name is caprice and i am 12 an i would really love to be on one of disney channels shows and i have a lot off talent and i can speak 2 diffrent laungeges and i have done a lot off plays and pantomimes and have been in all my school play and each time i got lead play i have very good memorey to remember my script and i get told by my friends that i am
    *warm harted
    *clean freak
    *good person to talk to
    *on time
    i am a black mixraced girl i have medium semie curly hair i have very high level in school i am in my 2 year in secondery school i live in the uk but traveling is not a problem i can do loads of diffrent accents i always get the highest levels in drama and english i have been doing plays and going all over the uk to do plays since i have been 2 i would really love to be on disney channel for more info pleas reply to my email thanks and bye πŸ™‚

  23. cheyenne lamb

    Hi my name is cheyenne and im 11 years old and i live in oregon and i would love to be on ant farm or eney show i would verry thankfull because i have such a hard time in life my perints are divorced i never seen my big sister i barley ever get to see my little sister my mom and dad is dieing and i have lotes of talents i van act i can sing (i was in 3 talent shows) i can make my self cry in less then a 30 sec if i could ever get in my famly will be so proud of me i allwas dreamd of being a famouse singer or actor or to be on t.v. you know what thay say go for your dreams conetact me and tell me if i got in. If i dont or do get in i will ceep my head up and be happy thank you and god bless

  24. Zach

    I would love to have the part.

  25. Chloe Weddle

    Dear sir,
    My name is Chloe Weddle. I am white and 5.3″. I have brunette hair and blue-green eyes. I am 12, turning 13 in May. I love to hang out with my friends and family. Some special interests include animals, singing, sports, hip hop dancing, I play a little guitar, and sometimes I ride horses. I watch Disney a lot and have wanted to be an actress for sometime now. This is my first career choice or singing. My second would to be a veterinarian. I know Wizards of Wavarly Place is almost over, but I would love a shot to be with you guys on the show. Please take me into consideration.
    Chloe Weddle

  26. Hello!my name is Christina and I’m 10 years old I’m about 4;6 feet tall and I adorn wizards of Waverley place I would be great in this roll becousei know how to talk in 3diffrent langegs… I’m pritty I have brow almost long hair and brown eyes my talent is acting I can mack myself cry in seconds and acting is my life dream please mack my dream come true

  27. Amarachi Okoronkwo

    I love the Wizards of the Waverly place because its fun and I would like to be part of it because i sing, dance and act.I speak fluently.And I will be glad If i’m part of The Wizard of the Waverly place.

  28. kimberly


    I would LOVE to be in “Wizards of Waverly Place” I’m really TALENTED & I Think I’m READY for a SHOT at performing in “Wizards of Waverly Place”

    Here are some of the things i do”




    I’m very TALENTED

    Sometimes when I SMILE is when im SHY but when camera is ON It Means “READY FOR ACTION”

    Thank you please contact me if you know you’d like me to be in my fav channel “wizards of waverly place” (: i think im perfect im mexican (spanish) american (english)

    please re-PLY

    1. kimberly

      i hope i get in

  29. megan

    Am,hi my name is Megan and I am eleven years old going to be twelve years old on11th march and I am from Trinidad.I just really hope that a smalltown girl like myself dreams can come true and I just want to be an actress.I have a fabulous voice and many other fantastic good qualities.Even if I don’t get this oppertunity I will never give up and one day I know I will succeed. Thank YOu.

  30. Jasmine

    Hey my name is Jasmine Hernandez I’m 12 years old I am 5’3 .I LOVE acting and singing so I would love to have the roll of Wizards of Waverly Place!Im mexican and american.

  31. Kaley Williams

    I am a female. Living in Rolla, Missouri, soon moving to Spring Creek, Nevada, in June. But my real dad lives in NYC so I can go there for auditions.
    Height: 5’4
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: blue green
    Special talents: acting (of course, but I am a beginner), hip hop dance, & horseback riding
    Age: 12, going on 13
    Birthday: March 16,1999

  32. kaitlyn

    Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I am 12 years old and I love to sing. I have never done any acting but I’m sure I could do it. I have been singing since I was around 7 or 8 years old. I have never sung in front of a big group of people but I’m sure I can. I would love soo much of you picked me to be on Wizards of Waverley place! I really look up to Selena Gomez and I’m sad that their show is going to be ending soon. I really want to meet her and if I get to get a chance at being famous I would love to meet a bunch of other famous people. I hope that you choose me to be on Wizards of Waverley place. Please contact me by my email…

  33. my name is farlon and i like acting and modeling if i am added for this, it will be my first movie

  34. mbayi farlon

    i have order talent’s like singing modeling and i like to be in your show

  35. Hello! My name is Reece Canonigo. I am half Filipino. I would LOVE to be an actor in Wizards of Waverly place, or Good Luck Charlie! I am gonna turn 10 years old and I want to be an actor because my dream was to become famous someday, and since this is a site for auditions, I can finally make my dream come true! And I am also in 3rd grade. Thank you for taking time reading this. Hope I can get the audition! πŸ™‚

  36. Natalia Gonsalves

    My name’s Natalia, i live in Reading, Pennsylvania and i’, 14 years old, although i’ll be 15 in two days, people mistake me for being 16 and 17, though. I’m white, i’m 5’4″, i have medium length brown hair, brown eyes, and i speak proper and fluent English and know a little Spanish. I have done acting in school plays since third grade, but i haven’t done any since the sixth grade, in sixth i went to a school that focused on performing arts for an hour at the end of each day. i practice my acting skills everyday, there’s never a day that goes by where i don’t try to act like somebody, or don’t practice different accents and languages. i would love to play on wizards of waverly place because it’s by far my favorite disney channel show, everyone on there are amazing actors and i would love to be a friend or girlfriend of a “wizard” for an episode. thanks for taking your time to read this.
    – Natalia Gonsalves ?

  37. Lisa

    Hello, my name is Lisa and I am 13. I live with my mother and brother. Ever since I was 7 I have wanted to become an actor and I think being on Wizards of Waverly would be pefect for me. If you think I might have a chance please, please email me and give me a try. Please and thank you!!!

    1. emma-pauline

      hey ! my name is Emma-pauline, but you can just call me Emma. I come from Norway and I’m 12 years old, but i will be 13 in march 2012. my pashion is dansing, acting and singing. I have long blonde hair and i’m 157 cm tall and i have a dream, and that is to become a famous dancer, actor or singer and i really want to be on the wizards of waverlyplace and i think i could fit very well in the series. love form emma-pauline <3

      1. emma-pauline

        my name is Emma-pauline ( but you can call me Emma) and i’m 12 years old, but i will be 13 in march 2012. I always wanted to be a part of a movie or series on TV, just like Selena Gomez did. I’m a very godd dancer and i love acting and singing. many people says that I am very good to act and dance, and my dream is to become a famous dancer, actor and singer, and i think this is a huge opportunity to reach my dream. i hope you contact me !

        1. emma-pauline

          good *

          1. emma-pauline

            hey! my name is Emma-Pauline and i’m 12 years old (soon i’ll be 13) and I’m in the seventh grade. I’m from Norway, and i have long blonde hair and blue eyes. my passion is dancing, acting and singing. I always wanted to be a part of series on TV, and i love dancing and acting more then anything. many people says that i have a special talent in dancing. i have actually won a dance award from the dance school i attend. This is my dream, and it’s all I want to do ! i think i could fit perfect to this show, and i really hope you contact me !

        2. cheyenne lamb

          Omg me to and if you belive in your self it might happen you know

  38. Xhilda

    Hi my name is Xhilda. I am 13 years old and i love acting. It has always been a dream for me to be on a disney channel show!And I would absolutley LOVE to be on Wizards of Waverly place so please email back if you any castings i can audition for!

  39. Nonkululeko ntombela

    Hy am nonkululeko from South Africa I realy enjoy watching dismey channel nd disney XD I watch whatever plays on disney and I realy enjoy what I see please inform me on the parts that are available I’ll take whatever part that is set up for me as long as it’s something that will help me be my wlid self nd I speak 4 South African official langueges English,Afrikaans,Zulu,Twwana and learning Spanish I’d appreciate ot if I got the part

  40. Destiny Robinson

    I know it’s almost christmas time, and auditions are not held out until 2012, but I thought why not! My name is Destiny Robinson, and I’m in 7th grade. I could really careless what show I’m in as long there’s a camera and my face on a big screen. I’ve waited 3 years just to get an audition, and I’d do anything to be on television. I think I’m qualified for acting because I have a great spirit, I love meeting new people, and I love singing and dancing and playing with friends. I am 12 years old, and still growing. I have been in one movie called “Nailed”. I really loved being on a set, and I need Disneys help to get me back on a screen. I’m all the way in South Carolina, and I’m ready to fullfill my dream.

    1. Hey(: My name is Brooklyn and I am 12 years old from Arkansas. I love Disney Channel! My friends say Im to old for Disney Channel,but who cares? Your never too old for Disney Channel… Haha.
      Race- Black&& White
      Eye Color- Brown
      Hair Color-Black Thanks,even if I don’t make the audition,good luck!!!

  41. Pick me I love Alex and I have thought of a way to make a unusual episode I would be Alex’s sister who tries to rat her out by Alex exposing wizardry to harper and I’m Mason And Juliet’s little sister and I am every thing from the wizard world exept an oger, elf and a mummy So PICK ME

    1. Ashley

      hi I’m Ashley I’m 8 years old please pick me i love Wizards of Waverly place.I even dream of wizards.So please please pick me for your show.Your show rocks a lots and lots.So pretty pretty please pick me.I love Alex and she is a pretty girl. Alex rocks so so mush and the other.So if you pick me i will be so so so happy that i will scream out loud.So pick me.love Ashley

  42. Michael Santos

    Hi I’m michael I’m 14 years old really want to be a waverly place actor or any show on disney I love it! I’m in england now and I can’t find anything for me to link to disney here so I have to find something american pleasee contact mee I can sing and I think I can get into any type of character

  43. hannah

    hi disney! im hannah, and im 16 years old! i have brown hair and im 5.5 feet tall. i have a super good attitude, i love meeting new people, im outgoing, and i have always wanted to act! it is my dream to be on disney and has been my whole life. Also, people i know have always told me im a natural and i was born to act. i would be really good at it and i would love this opportunity more then anything! i dont know what will put me above the rest but i hope something i said does it πŸ™‚

  44. I think its the coolest and best show to watch and disney please consider me for the next series

  45. daisy ramirez

    Reply for any oppurtunities to be on wizards of waverly place haha please!:x

  46. hi im emely i really want to be on wizard of waverly place so bad because i really have a chance to im good at it i would like to be selena gomez sister i love her shes my life if you reply just send it to emelylopez1@hotmail.com thank you.<3

  47. Elyse Winters

    My friend Tina and I love Disney Channel and we either hope to get on a show like Wizards or onto America’s Next Top Model. We want someone to really give us a chance so we can show everyone and the world just how talented we are.

    We both want to be models but being an actress is just as good. We live in Maine and it is hard to find any auditions for anything around here. We have done some stuff in our local mall and I modeled some clothes for a local clothing shop but where we live it is just not that easy finding that kind of work.

    My mom has been helping me to find an agent that can help me get onto a Disney Channel show or help me get some work in commercials or some modeling but there is just not that much here.

    We can not afford to go to New York or Los Angeles where they have told my mom we should go to get more work. I really want to see Disney do some auditions in Maine in 2012 because I know we are in the holiday season and not much happens until after the holidays.

    We are both talented and great actresses. Have taken classes for a long time and have even done some modeling here.

    We need a big break, so please come up to Maine and check us out. We will be waiting.

  48. i reaaaaally want to win this.
    i have been singing and acting since i was 5 , im 11 now πŸ˜€ .
    i love selena and i really want to meet her.
    everybody says im a good singer/actor in school .
    i hope to win . i hope to get somewhere like selena gomez and hannah Montanna Etc.

  49. i reaaaaally want to win this.
    i have been singing and acting since i was 5 .
    i love selena and i really want to meet her.
    everybody says im a good singer/actor in school .
    i hope to win . i hope to get somewhere like selena gomez and hannah Montanna Etc.

  50. I love acting I have been doing it since i was three

  51. Mohamed

    Hi! I really like to be in Wizards of Waverly place. Im 11 years old and I am from Sweden. Me and my friends are making movies together, So I know some things in “movies”. I watch Disney Channel every day and I like to be in Disney Channel.

    1. cheyenne lamb

      Just belive in your self and u might just might make it

      Ceep your head up and smile

  52. Louis

    I love the Wizards of Waverly place and need to know how to get on that TV show. I will take any show I really just need a chance to show people what I can do. I have taken many acting classes and my mom is working on getting me an agent to help me find a good audition. I have been to an open casting call for Disney and no one called me back, so I guess I was not good enough then. But now I have taken acting classes at school and at my local theater and am much better at everything. I can memorize my lines in a few minutes and I have more experience because I have taken the classes for a few months. I am excited about getting an agent and I really hope I get a big break soon.

    I really want to get on a Disney Channel show and am looking for information on any new tryouts that may be going on that I did not hear about.

    My mom is even willing to fly us out to where ever we need to go to do this.

    I know there are brand new shows casting kids all the time and I am looking to find those.

    BTW, my sister wants to get on Prankstars because she loves Selena Gomez and would love to actually meet her in person.

  53. Lopang Montsho

    Hey. I’m Lopang Montsho, I’m 16 years old and I live in South Africa. I would really love to be part of the cast of Wizards Of Waverly Place because it is my favourite show on disney channel. I am smart, talented, confident, funny and I love singing acting and dancing. I also want to represent my country (as Charlize Theron did) and motivate other teenagers that anything is possible if you set your mind to it! I really love Selana Gomez, I wouldn’t mind acting with her. So please help me make my dream a reality :). Thank you and God bless.


    1. Edem

      My name is Edem Andoh,I live in united kingdom,south london. I am 14 years old. I am a black skinned boy and I am 5’4 ft. I have short length black hair, brown eyes, and I speak and fluent English. I have done acting in school plays since year six, but I also do a little bit of acting in chruch.I have never been to an acting school but I know I have the talent and people also tell me that I will do well in acting. This means the world to me because I just want to look after my mum well in the future and take care of her the way she is taking care of me. I can sit down for hours watching E! and thinking why can’t that be me on the red carpet in big movies and seeing my face on billboards this not coming from no were but deep down from my heart. I’ve always fought of working with selena gomez in wizarad of waverly place.

      I Thank you for taking your time to read this and please may I say if you want to contact me my pin : 267E60CC or call me 447415610680

  54. Ella

    I have a beautiful baby and I would love to see her get onto not just baby modeling but also onto a Disney show like Wizards or ANT Farm. Are there any Disney auditions for babies. She is 6 months old and I really, really love the Disney Channel and the shows they have on. We watch those everyday.

    1. your baby could be on good luck charlie and be charlie’s younger friend

  55. HI my name is Faith and all take anything like wizards of waverly place or ant farm I sing very good i am on youtbe singing and I’m very good at dancing my cousin. Dances with Beyonce and she’s trying to get me to sing in font of Beyonce if I dont get on. The show I’ll just sing for beyonce I love both shows I was in a grape juice cemercial it was cool. I did that for year then modeled for ayear then I did ballet for 3 moths it’s been fun nd it will be an honor to me if I become an actor and singer pleas thankyou for your time

  56. kylee

    my name is kylee and i want to be on wizards of waverly place and i wanted to be alexs little sister named kayla and its a great opportunity cuz i usually never get what i want and i really want to be an actor plz let me be on the show plz call if decided (602)-576-4097 (602)-576-6242 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz call and just make my dreams come true this is my first time acting and i want to meet selena gomez cause shes my hero plzz just let me be on the show pppppllllllllzzzzzzz just say yes.

  57. hi
    im camryn im 10 years ol and im from QLD i would love to be on wizards of waverly place and be alexs little sister she had no clue about untill she came to the sub station with alexs mum. i think this a great oppertunity for me i can sing dance and act thank you!

  58. Robert

    I Really Want To Join WOWP Because Im A Good Actor And I Wanna Meet Selena Gomez Really Bad I Watch Every Episode And Practicly Know What To Do.

    1. Arya

      Hi I’m Arya I’m 14 years old but I can show 16 or 17 and I would really love to be on any of the disney shows since I practically grew up watching them.I’m a really good actor I can act in anyway you say and I speak fluent English and a little French. I too want to meet Selena Gomez bad. And I also watch all the episodes of WOWP literally everyday including all the other shows on Disney and Disney XD!! Please reply to me because this is my one and only dream to act on Disney Channel since I really have fun when I act and I really enjoy it!!! Thanks!!!!

  59. Adam

    I think I am a wizard too. just kidding. I really like the show. I hope that they renew it so it can keep going because me and my sister watch Wizards all the time

    1. Jala

      I’m Jala! I enjoy singing,dancing,modeling,and acting.My number one dream is to be an actor and singer.If I was on Disney Channel I would be excited but I like acting because it makes me happy. It would also be nice to be recognized for the things I love to do. I’m inspired by Bridgit Mendler because she is great at what she does and she has a passion for acting.I have also gotten the lead in some school plays and my favorite subject in school is Reading/E.L.A.

    1. Hi My name is Mydia.

      I speak 4 different languages, English , Hindi , German , and Spanish!
      I would really love to be on A.N.T Farm or Wizard of Waverly Place or Good Luck Charlie because I have lots of different skills like
      -Acting of course
      -And having fun
      -And being 11 years old!
      But mostly being a care-ful person! I really just wantto be part of something I really Enjoy looking at.
      But please just contact me and tell me if I’m in or not.

      1. Larissa Chan

        Hi! I am Larissa and I am a 12 year old girl waiting for her dream to come true. I have short black hair, I am 5 feet, andI am from Canada, but I am living in Chile. I speak proper and fluent English. I wish to be on the Wizards of Waverly Place because I want to act and just have fun. I love the Disney Channel and have seen all of the Wizards of Waverly Place and am very inspired. I want to show people that I have something in me. I can act, sing, dance and modele a bit. I did a talent show and I sang. I was in 3rd grade. I write song as a hobby and then sing them. Please pick me to be on the Wizard of Waverly Place TV show. It is my one and only dream to be on Disney Channel. Thank you so much! And if you want me to be on the show, please email me at lechan9000@shaw.ca
        Larissa πŸ™‚

    2. Hi:) My name is Kate if you check out my website listed below and thing you have any acting auditions that you think would fit me please email me!! I’m working on getting an agent, so please if you have any casting call information please contact me:)!

    3. Destiny Hernandez

      Hi my name is Destiny,I am a 13 year old girl and I live in conneticut. I believe with all my heart I would be the perfect person to on a disney channel movie or show.I love meeting new people and making others laugh and every time I watch a disney channel show I could picture myself as a character on the show. I am good at singing and acting.I always wanted to be a actress it would mean the world to me if you at least give me a shot to make my dreams come true.So please I’m begging you to just give me a chance to show you what I am capable of doing. Thanks for lisening ( EMAIL ME !!!)

    4. Hi my name is Alexis i am 12.
      I would really like to be on any of my favorite shows A.N.T FARM,SO RANDOM,WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE, AND MORE. I like to alot of things like act,sing,dance,act,and just like to have fun. Im a very friendly person I love to laugh im just fun to be round.This is my dream I just love to be on tv. I hope my dream come true. THANKS

    5. Alejandro de los rios

      my name is Alejandro De los Rios I’m from Cali, Colombia I have 14 years old and I have a great talent for acting, and I have been in a Starring Academy and make different characters, but i had never take a casting for a big company as you are, I am a bilingual person i amvery good at English, my parents have told me, that if you give me the chance, I will went to live in the U.S.
      My friends describe me as a very cheerful and active person that always wanted to work and move forward to fulfill all my dreams. I would love that you give me the great opportunity to cast, to show my talent and to work while studying and learning with a big company as you are.
      Thanks for your time

    6. Bernashia Pitts

      im 14 i enjoy making others laugh, making up my own jokes, being funny period
      i only speak English but i can do accent really good. im interested in :
      – basketball
      – football
      – singing
      – dancing
      – acting
      – and be a teenager

      i like to watch tv and listen to music i also make my own music. it would be really coolif u can consider me

    7. taleah

      I’m eleven years old I would love to be on wizards of waverly place I’m good at singing danceing acting and being just like alex and I watch this show senice the first show and never missed one show please let me now if I can have this part or not and I think ill have ffun I wanted to be on tv seen I was 4 years old and I have pashen for it and I will never stop thank you so much for giving me a chanes to be on the show and I nknow if you don’t pick me its because there some one else who has better uqualledy

    8. Hannah

      Hi, my name is Hannah and I am 12 I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5ft and it would be such an honour to get onto a Disney channel show… I have watched it since I was a baby Orr so my mum and dad said but as long as I can remember.. I am a horse rider and I have 2 horses named cloud and bambi, I do quite a lot of running and rugby. I am not a girly girl but I’m unique and even to read this it would be a priveladge.., thanks and much love Hannah Ceee!:)

    9. Delonzo

      my name Delonzo I’ve watched disney since i could walk im 16 now and been goin through some hard times but the thing i always wanted is to be on Disney. I dont have any acting experience but if i got a chance to be on Disney it would rock, the only problem is i stay in missiori and my mom is not givin me a ride to CA.

    10. kenneth boyd

      My name is Kenny

      I am 12 years old, I have blonde hair and blue eyes Height: 4’11” Weight: 108 lbs. My one and only dream is to act on a Disney show,would love to star in my own show, if you have any auditions in or around myrtle beach, SC could you please let me know. I love to act and I’m not a bad singer either, would also be interested in modeling as well. Please consider me for anything you may have open now or in the future. THANK YOU!!!

    11. Ella

      Hi my name is ella and im 13 years old . i really want to be on the show because i am a big fan of wizards of waverly place! i would really like to kick off my acting career with being on wizards of averly place , also i really want to be exactly like selena gomez so it would be really good if i could act with her. thankyou for reading this πŸ™‚

    12. Meghan Cawkwell

      Hello I’m Meghan and I’m 12 years old. I’ve been wanting to act for years, my hobbies are:
      Having fun
      Being me!
      This would mean a lot and I just want to have fun in life and take my life a long way. I do acting and things at school and I enjoy it! Selena is my role model and I want to be like her. She got me into acting and if this comes true I will love her for ever!
      I’m really interested πŸ™‚
      Thank you!

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