Disney Channel – Madison High

Disney Channel Auditions 2012 and new show ‘Madison High’

High School Musical has a new spin off – Welcome to Madison High.

Madison High is a new Disney Channel show that began filming its pilot last year and will begin running in 2012. Madison High is a spin off of the very popular High School Musical.

Disney Channel Madison High

Like many other shows on the network, the format is a musical comedy aimed at pre-teens and teens. The show is set within a school. The cast is diverse in their interests. On the series characters have many different talents and passions. The cast includes an athlete, a musician, a blogger, an artist and a perfectionist into acting and drama. One of their teachers (Alyson Reed of High School Musical) was transferred from the High School Musical school and tends to name drop some of the High School Musical character names in the Madison High series. In a way the new Disney Channel show comedy picks up where High School Musical left off, With a favorite teacher from High School Musicals East High being transferred to Madison High and meeting another group of talented teens.

A press release for Disney described the new characters and their backgrounds and previous projects a little more:

15-year-old Luke Benward has the lead role of Devin Daniels, a motocross racer looking for a new hobby. The native of Nashville, Tennessee is the son of an actress and a musician, and since age 5 has appeared in commercials, music videos and movies, including the Disney Channel Original Movie “Minutemen,” “How to Eat Fried Worms,” “Doggone,” “Because of Winn-Dixie,” “Mostly Ghostly,” “Dear John” and “We Were Soldiers.”

14-year-old singer Leah Lewis has landed her first leading role as Peyton Hall, a formerly home-schooled tennis champion. Born in China and raised in Orlando, Florida, Lewis has appeared in national commercials for Kraft Cheese, Home Depot and Natures Own Bread, as well as an international commercial for Disneyland Hong Kong.

12-year-old G Hannelius is set to play Wednesday Malone, a precocious starlet in the making. The native of Boston, Massachusetts began her acting career at the age of 8 at the Children’s Theater of Maine. A familiar face on Disney Channel, she starred in the short form series “Leo Little’s Big Show” and “Den Brother,” and has appeared on “Sonny With A Chance,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Hannah Montana” and Disney XD’s “I’m in the Band.” Her other television credits include a series regular role on ABC’s “Surviving Suburbia.”

The series is the first cross between a Disney Channel Movie and a Disney Channel series for the network. Madison High is written by the man who produced Jonas L.A, Lester Lewis and the series director, Paul Hoen also directed Camp Rock 2. The series is produced by ‘It’s a Laugh Productions’ which is one of the primary production companies involved in Disney Channel original shows.

Madison High stars Luke Benward (How to Eat Fried Worms), Genevieve Hannelius(Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance), Leah Lewis, Katherine McNamara, Mark Indelicato(Ugly Betty) and Nolan Sotillo (Corey and Lucas For The Win).

The series is in production now and will premiere on the Disney Channel in 2012. The regular cast has already been selected but extras, featured extras and special guests may all still be needed for the show.

Stay tuned for more Disney Channel Auditions 2012 and more information about any upcoming casting calls for ‘Madison High’

89 thoughts on “Disney Channel – Madison High

  1. cassadi

    im cassadi im 10 years old i can play up 2 12 yrs old i have dirty blonde hair blue eyes and tan skin im 4 ft 7 in im sporty and smart and i have experience in plays

  2. Chelsie larose

    Age: 13 in october
    Height: 5,6
    DOB: 10/16/1999
    Hair: redish dark brown w/brown highlights
    Eyes: brown
    Race: african american
    Talent: triple threat

    Started dance in pre-k
    Dream of acting and experience started about kindergarten
    singing started in first grade
    Cheerleading in seventh grade
    Very athletic, smart, and talented
    I will never give up on my dream to star in a major Disney show. I live in New York, and I just wish that you guys will have auditions held in manhattan soon.

  3. makayla

    Hi my name is makayla I spend most of my time looking up disney auditions. I pray and pray one day that I don’t have to keep looking for auditions. If madison high needs more people, I would be greatful and more if you pick me. You will not regret it.

  4. Madison

    Hi my name is Madison haha, I’m thirteen and I have a lot of experiences with plays. I was Annie in Annie, flora in sleeping beauty, sharply in high school musical, French maid in a little princess. I need a shit to live my dreams. I do tutti and a session of next actor. Please email me about cattle calls for the show

    1. Madison

      I sing and dance as well as act.

  5. Jenny

    age- 12
    height- don’t know but I’m tall
    hair color- mix blonde
    eye color- blue
    birthday- September 30 1999
    country -Canada

    notes- I really love to sing and I make my own dance moves for songs I hear.

  6. alana

    hey my name is Alana I’m 13 and I can play a sweet, bitchy, stupid or nerdy character and I think this is a perfect TV show for me please can I be concidered for a role!

  7. Samantha

    Hi, I am a 15 year old girl who loves to sing, but is shy about it. People mistake me for being 17 or 18 though. I am 5’6, brunette, blue eyes, white and average size. I am from Arizona. I would love to be apart of this show, so please consider me in being apart of it.

  8. Tina Yang

    My Name is Tina Yang, Age 15. I’m from Wisconsin and i would like to addition for Madison High. I’m also Hmong. I can speak Three Languages (English, Hmong, and French.) Please contact me at my email address. Thank you.

  9. Seriously Jenaya,a tomato and ketchup joke?”

  10. I’d love to become apart of the Madison High cast.It would be the first time I am a main character,in a Disney channel origional series.My age range is (6-12) so I am still a child actress.I am a female african american,and I am with One Source Talent.I am a really talented kid,I can sing dance and act really well,and I’d be willing to play any appropriate role/character you would like to give me.Please reply back,thankyou!

  11. Jada and Jordan

    hi my name is Jada and i have a twin sister named Jordan we are 14 years old and we are very talented we sing and act and we have auditions for many things we was even in a school musical for charlie and chocolate Factory we sung in it.. like a big choir and we are very interested in acting on your new tv series on Disney Channel Madison High please email us .. we promise you will not regret.. WE are Twin Girls

  12. Jenaya

    there were 3 tomatoes a daddy tomato, a mommy tomato and a baby tomato and they were all trying to cross the road. the baby tomato start falling behind. the daddy tomato got mad and he goes to the baby tomato and steps on him and then he says ketchup. Do you get it because tomatoes are what ketchup is made out of and what the dad means by ketchup is catch up like hurry up.. I think that’s a hute.

    anyway hi my names is Jenaya and it is my life bream, passion, wish what ever you want to call it to become an actress.I have been acting since I was 6. I have been in 3 plays and some little school events. I really want this I would work nights, days even 24 hours straight I would put by sweet and blood into this. it all starts out by one persongiving someone a chance maybe you could be the person that give me a chance please.

    age- 13
    height-5.1 or 2
    hair colour- brown
    eye colour hazel
    birthday-October ,10 ,1998
    country -Canada

    i would really love if you would give me a chance please and thank you. If you think you like me please contact me on my email and tell me when the auditions are.
    bye bye for know.

  13. Jenaya

    hi me again i forgot some of the joke when the daddy tomato goes back to the baby tomato and he steps on him and he says ketchup get it ketchup (catch up )is made from tomatoes.

  14. Matt Hall

    My name is Matt Hall, I’m 15 and I think I would be great for a male lead part.

    I come from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, which is where I presently live in. Living here for nearly 16 years has allowed me to pick up a strong, thick native accent, however, I have been complimented before on how well I pick up accents and can use them in shows.

    Since 2006, I have performed in the Edinburgh Gang Show, which is one of the biggest shows in Edinburgh, and every year I get a main singing solo and acting piece.

    I also played the role of Billy Elliot, in Billy Elliot the Musical, where all the local papers picked up on what talent young Edinburgh must have, and that they are supporting me in everything I do.
    Billy Elliot was actually where I learned to cry on stage, so I can do that if needed.

    I am 5ft 10inch tall, slim, athletic, and play a lot of sports. Mainly Basketball and what America calls Soccer, but I call it Football. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and I am Caucasian.

    Ever since I was little my dream has been to act, and I have watched Disney Channel ever since I was a little boy, and shows like ‘Smart Guy’ and ‘Boy Meets World’ were on, the classics!

    Disney got me into acting and singing since I was a child, and if I was given the oppurtunity, I promise I would show them everything I’ve got, and always give them 100%.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, please get back to, it would change my life.


  15. Alexis Symone Lipscomb

    Hey so im Alexis and im from Little,Rock Arkansas i’m just gonna jump right in to what i can do, I do praise dancing,act,modeling,singing and im pretty funny too!i I’d love to show you what my skills are and audition for this show please and “Thank You”

  16. Sadia

    I am 10 years old, I love to act and my favourite subject is drama. I would appreciate if I got to go on MADISON HIGH 😀

  17. sarah olivia quirk

    i am 11 and i would love to be on madison high

  18. Shelby

    Hi my name is Shelby i am 14 turning 15 in september this year, I am from Australia and i love to act and sing it is my biggest passion ! i have always wanted to star in high school musical but i think this would be a great experience for me! i am 5-7 and i have browny blondy long wavy hair. i would be so grateful if i got chosen and it would be my dream come true! thank you for your time 🙂

  19. Nicaria Andrews

    Hi my name is Nicaria Andrews and im 12 going on 13 and i love to act and sing i live in germany but will be moving to the united states very soon and would like a oppurtunity to act on television it would be a great experience to be apart of thank you i really hope i can be apart of the wonderful things your doing

  20. Iris Priscilla

    I think I would be perfect for this show because i have alot of acting experience and am really fun. Also I can work with any role you give me. (Extra, Lead, anything) I have watched Disney Channel all my life and know alot about it. If you pick me you will not be disappointed.
    Info about me:
    AGE: 14
    HEIGHT: 5’5

  21. Zach Means

    My name is Zach Means. I am homeschooled. I have been in many many many church plays and starred in a few. I am 14 years old and I have very red hair and I’m about 5’6 and have blue eyes. I have grown up on Disney channel and I love it. Seen every movie watched almost every show and love all the cast. This is a dream of mine. This would be a chance of a life time. Please consider me an audition to star on this show. I would be great. I can be very dramatic and funny. And I can sing also. I can also be emotional when needed to be. I can also dance. Please consider me!! I love DISNEY CHANNEL!!! Watched it all my life!!

  22. Allie Means

    I am 18 years old I love to act! I have watched Disney channel since I could talk… I am about 5’7 and I have been in Drama clubs and tons of church plays and school plays never had a main part but tons of mini roles. I was a main character in a church play. I would love this chance!!

  23. albina

    hello, my name is Marie-sophie Albina. I’m 13. I originally Guadeloupe. just have to register to take a pass on a audition. disney channel or in a movie.

    I describe myself
    pounds: 48 pounds
    size: 1 m 60
    My eyes are hazel brown
    my skin is clear

  24. Ramoncita

    Hi, my name is Ramoncita Navarrete Covi, but my friends use to tell me “NC”. I’m 15 years. I love to sing, act and also dance. I’m good in that things.When I’m acting I become in to the character. I try to be the best actress and singer so I’m a hard worker. I always give my heart when I’m sing or acting. All my art teachers say that I have an artistic flair. I do my best to you cannot forget me. Like the other guys, my biggest dream is have the BIG oportunity to be in a TV program, and become famous and of course become in a Disney’s actress. I’m latin so I can speak English and Spanish verry good. Maybe yo need someone like me. I have fluency everytime. I can do many accents. I’m versatile, I do a lot of things related to art. If you tell me you want that I write a song or to learn to play some instrument or everything you need that I do, I’ll do because I love challenges. I want to show you and to everyone all the talent that I have. I know, my oportunity is the one in a million but I don’t give up.
    I have white skin, brown eyes, brown and straight hair ( I can change my color’s hair if you want). I’m 5’8” tall. I have to say I’m not ugly. Just give me a chance and you won’t regret it. If you want something like photos, me singing or something like that tell me. I’m at my best available to you. please consider me, like I said…you won’t regret it.
    I forgot to say that I’ll soon be 16 years old. I’m funny. I like jokes. I’m willing to travel to everywhere. I have good body, I’m medium weight. I can be the most evil villain or also the sweetest girl if the role required. Soon I’ll start to uploading videos to Youtube where I’m singing on April 15. The channel’s URL is: /user/NCoficial0913. Contact me please.

  25. Jennifer Gardner

    Hello my name is jennifer, I’m 13 years old and I live in England. I’m also English and will be 14 next November. I would be perfect for the role of Peyton hall or one similar as I am very sporty!;):D I have been in singing & dancing competitions at school as well as plays. That is the only experience that i have but I would love to get more especially on a Disney channel show!
    Thank you for reading & I hope that you will take me into consideration;):D!!

  26. Briana

    Hello im briana gullatt i have had two auditions i go to classes but thats not the most important part. ive always loved the stage whether it was acting or singing its the only place where i belong. its like my one moment where i beleive in myself and what im capable of to me its not a job its a passion .

  27. Jazmyne Griffin

    Hi There! I am seventeen year old Jazmyne Griffin, I reside in Las Vegas, NV. I am a senior in High School.I believe that I would be great for this show being that I’ve experienced a whole 4years of high school already. I act,model,dance and sing very well I must say and I would very honored if you gave me a chance to show you what I am capable of. Please email me about any information. Thank You:)

  28. Bryanna Chillis

    Hi My name is Bryanna Chillis , I am 13 about to turn 14 years old. I live in New York City. I am an actress. I Love to dance and sing , and would also like to be in the show ” Madison High ” as an extra or main character in multiple episodes if needed. I am a fast learner , I was on a show you may have heard called ” Law and Order Special Victim Unit ” and more.

    Ethencity : African American
    Look : 15
    Height : 5 foot 2
    Weight : 120
    Eye : Brown
    Hair : Dark Brown
    Hobby : Singing , Dancing , Swimming and Watching Disney Channel

    Please I would love to be on ” Madison High “

  29. Connar

    Hi. My name is Connar Jones. I would love to be a special guest star on the show. I am 18 years old so I am old enough to be on the show as a high school student. I would love to play a character on the show for multiple episodes if you need me to. Let me know if the opportunity comes up for me to be on the show.

  30. Ruby Rodriguez

    Hi my name is Ruby. I am really interested in this project and would like to audition. Please contact me at my email
    Thank you!

  31. Reem Atallah

    Hi My Name Is Reem Atallah Im 11 Years Old Im 5ft and Weigh 90 lbs I have been taking acting classes and workshops for about one year im a triple threat i have black brown hair and dark brown eyes and tan skin tone
    I have many theater plays and musical experience and i ADORE disney

  32. Kalimah

    Hey My name is Kalimah Z. M. And I am a inspiring actress/ singer. I am energective and funny. Im am intelligent. My G.P.A 3.8.
    Grade: Incoming Freshman in High School
    Age: 12. 13 in September.
    Looks: Mainly says looks 15
    Talents: plays piano, singing, acting, dancing (hip hop)
    African American (light skin)
    Brown Eyes
    Mid Back length hair dark brown
    Curvy Body

  33. Rahiman

    Hi my name is Rahiman some of you can’t say it right, i am 10 years old i live in Australia,Perth,WA i am really a good singer i’m good at dancing..I can play a guitar..


  34. daisy

    hi my name is daisy, im 14 years old i live in los angelas california i am really interested for auditioning in the new show madison high i love to act and sing, i have no experience but i really want to audition and be in this show so bad i always dream of me in stage singing like selena gomez does i admire her alot so please email me back

  35. Morgan Slick

    Hello. My name is Morgan and I am 13 years old. Acting is my dream and i will do anything for my dream. I would love this chance. You can put me to the test.
    Basic Info-
    Name- Morgan Slick
    Age- 13
    Birthday- 2/10/99
    Height- 5’3
    Weight- 105
    Hair Color- Blonde
    Eye Color- Brown
    Ethnicity- Caucasian
    State- Wisconsin

    2009- Princess Cecilia in “Princess In The Pea Jr.”
    2010- July the Orphan in “Annie Jr.”
    2011- Mrs. Beauregard in “Willie Wonka Jr.”
    2012- In Forensics doing a solo monologue about a girl who’s brother dies of cancer. 

  36. shekira spitaler

    hello, my name is shekira i am a great actress and can sing and dance well . i take dancing lessons or an hour every day at school i sing everywere the shower my room school and even on stange i have proformed once in front of a big ordince and worked up my confidence i also act everyday to get things te he i live in canberra and really wont to show my talents thanks

  37. I’ve grown up with you Disney now I am 13 and I live in London although travelling is not a problem. I am Black, Slim and have brown hair. I’ve been Singing and Acting since I was 7 and still doing so. I’ve had experience Singing and Acting in front of audiences so I am a confident person and I’ve had experience in learning lines before so it won’t be a new thing for me. My inspirations are Selena Gomez and Zendaya. They inspire me to try get a role on Disney as they did so before and now they are amazing actresses themselves. I’m looking for a start and I think this could be it. Im a bubbly, Hardworking, Polite and Friendly person so you won’t be disappointed. Get back at me if interested. Thankyou for your time!!

  38. Andrea Miller

    hello my name is andrea i am 13 years old I love singing and dancing act also am good and my biggest dream is to act on disney because I am very good and I would like my country’s talent was recognized please let me try

  39. shayuana

    hi im shayuana i am 12 but peolpe say i look 11 and all i want is to be on disney.

  40. Tiffani

    it sounds so interesting already!! I would like to auditions for this show. I’m a very good actress and would love to be in Madison high! I’m 15 year old Asian female with brown eyes and black hair, currently living in Houston, Tx. I do a little singing but really good at acting. thanks for reading this. contact for more information about me or the aduditions thanks so much!!;)

  41. Tyuana

    Hi I am 16 years old. I have a petite shape I weigh about 115 pounds. Many people say I look like a model. And they also think I am younger than my age like 12 years old. I would really like to act please consider me. I am also very funny.

  42. Charlie xo

    Madison High seems like a great show I can’t wait for it to air, Unfortuntly I don’t live in American where all the action happens but I’d still Fly over to guest star 🙂

  43. Elizabeth D.

    Hiii. I’m Elizabeth, 11yo, and I really wanna be on Madison High. I can be funny at appropriate times, and serious at other times. I would be able to memorize the script. So, if you’re looking for a 4’5″, blonde/blue-eyed and pale girl with a bubbly and silly personality, I’m your girl! :3 Thaaaanks!! ;D

  44. Karly Dwyer

    Hey, im a 14 year old girl looking to fulfil my dream as an actor. I think I ould be good for the show because Im an outgoing girl, im very funny and I would devote myself to the show, please reply!

  45. Kayleigh Griffiths

    Hello, I believe I would be perfect for the role of Leah Lewis as I love to sing and act and have had a lot of experience. Also I have been playing tennis competitively since I was 4 years old so I would be very convincing tennis champion. My dream is to be on Disney channel and I really hope to hear from you soon. Please feel free to contact me, thankyou.
    Kayleigh Griffiths

  46. Nia

    Hi my name is Nia i am short for my age. I can pass for 12 or 13.
    Body type- I am Skinny,Athletic.
    Than you,

  47. Megan Desautels

    Hi, my name is Megan, i am almost 15 years and love to act, i am part of this acting program at school and have experience in acting, i am five foot three, with dirty blond hair, and bright blue eyes. I can honestly say that it would be my dream to be on disney channel, i enjoy acting and my dream is to become an actress. I have 6 siblings and am the second oldest, i am in grade 9 and i am a honor roll student, and would love to be on this show either as a character or an extra, either way it would mean the world to me. Thank you for taking this time to read this and would love to hear back from you.

  48. Erica

    Hello! My name is Erica. I am 12 years old and I am about to graduate 6th grade. All of my friends think I am a 14, 15, or 16 year old but i am short. I am 5’2. I weigh 95 lbs. I am not always good at math or science but when I sing and dance that is when I feel like I can shine and feel smart. I have watched Disney Channel ever sense I was 2 and have been dancing sense I was 6 months old. Last year my mom slipped on ice and her spine went out of place. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. Money is very tight right now and whenever I ask my mom if we can ever get the DC shoes that I want, she feels really bad because I am the one in the family that does all the chores and take cares of everyone and I deserve them. I have wanted those shoes ever sense I started talking. We have talked about auditioning but sense we live in Marshfield, Wisconsin, it is kinda hard to. I would love it if you just put me as an extra in any shoe but whatever you think is best. I would love it if I was a main character but if you want me to be an extra or not in it at all that is fine for me. I thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for your time.

    -Erica K.

  49. Rachel Simpson

    Hi there! My name is Rachel Simpson. I am an actress and a singer, I play the piano,guitar, and the recorder. I have a lot of experience including 2 student films both in the UCLA student film festival, and singing lessons. I have been in multiple plays, too! I am 12 years old, but I could pass for older. I am 5 feet and 1 inch tall. I have medium/longish brown hair,olive skin, and brown eyes. Being on any show would be the most wonderful experience. I love shows like these! I am bubbly,enthusiastic, interested,energetic, and spunky. I know how the productions work, too! Just being an extra on the show would be an amazing experience. I love singing,dancing and acting so much, and it’s what I want to do with my life. It’s my passion. I really hope you do consider me. Thanks so much in advance, for even taking the time to read this!

    Thank you very much!

  50. Maha

    I am an 18 year old girl, very petite and can usually pass for being about 15 or 16 as well. I’m Asian(from Pakistan) so I can pass for being Indian or Middle Eastern. I’d love to be a part of the Disney Channel team. I know how to sing and dance as well which will hopefully help out my audition!
    Thank you for your time!

  51. Kristina Clark

    I love Watching Disney channel.I Love To Sing And Dance,Its Been My Dream To Become A Singer,Dancer,and Actress

    1. Hey my name’s Ajiana im 14 years old from Portugal but live in UK. Brown eyes black hair. I’d love to work on disney Channel cos im funny and i can act, so please give me this opportunity.

  52. gaby

    I really want to audition in madison high I like to sing and dance I will like to cantact.

  53. I am ready any time if i could contact you i would but i cant plse contact soon or interface for me im 14 going on to 15.

  54. Rene White

    I can’t wait for this new Disney Channel show. I really want to audition for Madison High as it is a new show and they still may need people to act in the show. I am a talented actress and have always wanted to be on Disney Channel. I hope I get my chance. I heard that there will be Disney Channel tryouts announced in 2012 for new shows and other projects that the Disney people have. I do not know if Madison High is one of them or not. I hope it is because I want to be considered and I know I would do great under pressure. I can’t wait.

  55. Rianna

    Hello, my name is Rianna and I want to become an actress, however I live in London and find it quite diffcult to find auditions/Castng Calls for upcoming shows.

    1. yereni

      Rianna have you gone to applause acting camp


    Hello, my name is Isabel Carrillo, I’m from Ecuador,I’m 22 years old, but I look like a teenager, I like to sing, and I wanna be an actress, I’m an engineer, but I think that my dreams could be real, only need that you trust in me and give me an opportunity, thanks!!!!



  58. Alyssa

    Hello my names Alyssa and my life long dream is to become and actress I do have experience.
    Age: 14 I usually pass for about 15, 16
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 105 Ibs
    Body Type: Average/ Athletic.

    1. Lexi

      Hi, I’m Lexi and I love to act and have been trying to find auditions but it’s really hard to find some for me because of my age, but I’m really good and I do have experience.
      Age:11 but people always mistake me for 12,13,14 and with make up 15
      Height: 5’4″ (still growing and fast)
      Weight: 115lbs
      Body Type: Average
      Personal note- I have a fun, sweet, and easy to work with personality! I will always try my best and work hard to impress you. I would love if I could have any role in any show. Thank you for your time!

      1. Lexi

        I forgot to say sorry, I couldn’t find a place to respond so I just left a reply, sorry.

      2. valerie paris

        Role leah lewis
        Name Valerie paris
        Height 5’3″
        Weight 110
        Singing experience all my life.
        Age 13 but look older. Body type and age are average.
        I love to act sing dance and more. This is a dream for me you wouldn’t understand. If you pick me you would be very happy and you would say I made the right choice. I just want someone to walk up to me and ask me for my autograph.this might sound a little bit crazy but I’m the Best I’m number 1. I’m not afraid to show people the real me. I’m the most stylish girl in the world and if you want to know more accept me!!!!!!

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