Disney Channel ‘Jessie’

Get cast on Jessie or see the taping live in the studio audience!

Jessie is a new Disney Channel show that premiered in September of 2011 and will hopefully run through 2014 and 2015.

The series follows the life of a teen girl, Jessie, a nanny to a very large, rich and diverse family. She is the oldest of the kids in the cast. The rest of the cast varies in age.

Jessie O’Keefe, an 18-year-old small town girl with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict father, a Marine Sergeant, decides to leave the military base in Texas where she grew up and moves to New York City. She accepts a job as a nanny and moves into a multi-million dollar penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side with the wealthy Ross family which includes jet-setting parents, Morgan and Christina, and their four rambunctious children; Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri, along with the family’s pet, a seven-foot monitor lizard.

Casting for Disney’s Jessie

  • Jessie O’Keefe (Debby Ryan) – 18-year-old from Texas who moves to New York City
  • Emma Ross (Peyton List) – 13-year-old girl
  • Luke Ross (Cameron Boyce) – 12-year-old boy adopted at the age of five from Detroit who has a passion for video games and dancing.
  • Ravi Ross (Karan Brar) – 10-year-old boy from India and the newest adoptee to join the Ross family.
  • Zuri Ross (Skai Jackson) – 7-year-old girl, adopted at birth from Africa.
  • Tony (Chris Galya) is the 20-year-old doorman in the building where the Ross family lives
  • Morgan Ross (Charles Esten) – father to the four Ross children and a famous movie director
  • Christina Ross (Christina Moore) – mother to the four Ross children and a former supermodel turned business magnate.
  • Mr. Kipling (Frank) – a seven-foot Asian water monitor lizard.

Disney's Jessie

Do you want tickets to a live taping of ‘Jessie‘? The Disney Channel films ‘Jessie’ in front of a live audience and tickets are free.

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345 thoughts on “Disney Channel ‘Jessie’

  1. Tyler Murray

    Hi, it is Tyler again! I just wanted to let you know some stuff about me.

    Name: Tyler Murray
    Age : 10
    Birthday: Dec.,16
    weight:103 lbs.
    skin: white
    hair: brown
    religion: christian
    home: Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
    Germany, Ireland, Scotland, native Canadian, French.
    gender: male

  2. Emily Veale

    Hi my name is Emily, I am 12 years old and I wanted to be an actress since like forever. I have been told I am funny and creative by my friends. I live in a small town In Alberta, Canada. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I want to be on the show because I would love to meet the cast and have a chance to show my friends that I am good at something.

  3. Kyra Harben

    Hi I’m kyra I would love to be on Jessie I’m a dancer, I take hip hop, contemporary, acro and Acting experience. It would be no problem to fly to California, haha! πŸ˜€
    Hair color:blonde
    Eye color:blue
    I’ve always wanted to be on tv it would be a dream come true please reply πŸ˜€

  4. Lizbet

    HI I’m Lizbet Cardenas and I’m 13 years old. I Love to sing and act. I hope one day I’ll be able to show up on TV ’cause that’s my dream. By the way I have good actin’ skills. But I m a little shy, but once I get to know them well I can be fun. So pick me. Thank you and have a good day directing.

  5. Bella

    My name is Bella and I love to sing. I hope that maybe you would let me on this show. I have great ideas for the show. To hear them you can email me. I am also really good at acting, so plz pick me. Thank you have a great time directing.

  6. Jeremiah

    Pick me to be on Jessie it would be so cool to a lot of stars, please pick me.

  7. Parris

    My name is Parris and I am 8 years old. I love the Jessie show so much, I want be on there to be a Ross kid. Jessie and the cast mean so much to me. I live in CA but I want to go to New York to act on Jessie. I want to visit and my uncle, he lives in New York also I want to see him there. Also I want to live in New York.
    Thank You

  8. sanaa

    I’m Sanaa and I’m 10 years old, live in NJ and since I was 7 I always wanted to be on Disney channel.

  9. mike

    I really want to be on Jessie because I really love the show. If they take it off Disney, I would be mad, plus I have been acting ever since I was 5 years old and I would appreciate it if I was on that show. The show is awesome, best show on Disney and I mean it, please pick me.

  10. Giorgia Mc Kenna

    Hi my name is Giorgia and I would love to audition for Jessie because I think it’s a fantastic fun looking show and I admire Debby Ryan a lot. I really want to pursue acting in the future. I’m 15 years old I have brown hair and I am 5 4 and a half. I really hope that you will consider me for an audition. Thanks. Jessie Auditions 2013

  11. Jahaira

    Hi I’ve been watching Disney Channel since I was 2.I’m about to turn 11 and Jessie is my favorite show in the whole wide world.I would really love to be part of the cast.I’m looking for auditions near Tennessee.

  12. tyler murray

    hi, I’m Tyler. I think I would be great for jessie because I have been acting all my life, and I have been watching jessie ever since it started in 2011! I think my character should be another adoptee from India, who knows Ravi from his old village in India, and was his best friend. Oh, and by the way I am 9 years old. p.s. I live in canada.

  13. Trinutea

    Hi I’m Trinutea. I’m 11 years old. I’m a small girl from new Jersey and now live in Florida. I’m in love with Luke and Debbie Ryan has been my idol ever since sweet life on deck. My dream is to be on a show. I would do any thing to be on the show. My family is going thought times please I’d love to be on TV.

  14. dylan jt tindall

    Hi my name is Dylan Jr Tindall and I think I will be so great on JESSIE because everyone thinks I’m Funny. I’m outgoing. I like mostly everything but not spiders, I don’t like them.
    Hair colour (Brown)
    Eye colour (brown)
    D.O.B (1/8/97)
    Age (15)
    Gender (Male)
    Experience in Acting (9 years) started acting when I was 6 years old.
    Body (normal)

    Thank you
    Have a great day.

  15. mollie

    I’m Mollie, I’m 12 and I live in Portsmouth in England and really love this show. I love acting. I have done a few shows at my school and other places. I really think I should be on this show and it would be cool to have an english person on it.

  16. Chelsea Ngungu

    Hi my name is Chelsea Ngungu. I love the show Jessie, I dream, act, and watch all the episodes. I go to acting classes so I’m a good actor. My talents are acting and piano playing.
    Things about me:
    Age: 9 years old
    Born: England
    Live: Canada
    I would love to come in as a sister. A sister who gets adopted to the Ross family.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Chelsea Ngungu

  17. Chelsie larose

    hey jessie, my name is chelsie larose and my dream is to be on Disney Channel. I have performned acting, singing, dancing, modeling, and cheerleading. My current status in school says that I am an A student. I am very talented, athletic, and intelligent. This is my biggest dream. I live in Brooklyn and I only go to auditions held in Manhattan.

    Age: 13 in october
    Height: 5,6
    DOB: 10/16/1999
    Body: slim
    Hair: redish dark brown w/brown highlights
    Eyes: brown
    Race: african american
    Personality: giggly, fun outgoing

    please send me an e-mail. You can check me out on exploretalent.com

    1. Chelsie larose

      I forgot to say that wouldn’t only be on disney for myself, but also for my family. I would love to be able to help my family. I would also like to help children and animals all over the world. I know that there are people out there less fortunite than I am, this is why I want to help. To be on Disney is more than a dream, it is something that is going to be a reality. Please send me an e-mail.

  18. Desaray Forbes

    Hi, my name is Desaray. I’m 11 years old I was born on January 19,2001 in Nassau,Bahamas. I have short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a brown skin color. It’s my life long dream to be an actor but I never knew which show I wanted to be on but the first time I watched ‘Jessie’ I knew it was the right show for me. Please give a Bahamaian a chance. I pray every night that the director of Jessie would do an audition in the Bahamas instead of America. Please just give me a chance. I might not be an experienced actor but I know you would not regret it.

    1. I totally forgot to say that if you do decide to give me an audition you can email me if you can.

  19. Alexis

    Hi, my name is alexis and I am 12 yrs old. It would truley be a pleasure to be working with the cast of jessie. I love the show! I am very educated with music. I play the violin, trumpet, piano, and I LOVE to sing. I have gotten a solo in every one of my school performances, and have recently been chosen for a select chorus group in jr.high. I also LOVE to act, and joke around with my friends. Please e-mail me back if you get the chance. Thanks for reading!

    1. Alexis

      I totally forgot to say that I have brown eyes and, brown hair with blond natural blond streaks. I also have a freckle covered nose and partially on my cheeks and forehead. Sorry for the second message.

    2. alfred

      I really want an audition for jessie. I’m an 11 year old boy. I’ve been in three plays, beauty and the beast, Oliver twist, and I was the prince in Cinderella. I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel and if I get an audition I will be very happy. Thank you

  20. Alicia

    My name is Alicia , I would to be on Jessie. I love to watch Jessie and i’m good at acting. I can really make things that should be dramatic, really dramatic.
    About me:
    Im 12 years old
    I have brown curly hair
    Tan skin
    Hazel eyes
    And I would be honored and truly blessed to be on Jessie.

    I hope you get back to me soon.

    1. Sydney

      Hi my name is Sydney. I was in 2 acting schools. I am a great actor. I am ready for every challenge you give me. If you are looking for a young and a talented actor who is looking for a acting job, it’s right here. TRUST Me, I can act and sing. I want to be in Jessie because I have been always wanting this since I was 4. It would mean sooo much to me. If you want to make my dreams come true please chose me as your new character in jessie.Best wishes,Sydney

      1. Sydney

        I am a 11. I want to be an actor. I want to be a adopted girl in Jessie. It would be a honer to be in Jessie. It would honor me and make my wishes come true.

        1. tishawn

          I want to be on jessie too and I want to be a adopted boy.

        2. corrina

          My name is Corrina, I would love to be on jessie. Jessie is my favorite show on disney channel and I also think that it would be cool to act on my favorite show. About me: I’m 12 years old: I have black curly hair: skin color mixed with black, white, and Mexican: my eyes are brown. It would be a honor to be on jessie. Hope I hear from disney channel.

      2. Kennedy Collins

        It’s a true dream to be on Jessie. I’ve been in two films, one was a social services ad and the other was a talk on camera about dance. Wow it would just be AMAZING to actually be on Disney. I’m going to audition for an agency in August so maybe I have a chance! Thank you
        I’m 12 and African american.

    2. Aamiyah

      Hi I’m Aamiyah. I’m a 9 year old girl born in Jan 29,2003. I am a good singer and actress. My dream is to be in Jessie and meet them. I would like to be a new neighbor that goes to their school. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

    3. Juan jr Pirir

      Hi my name is Juan Jr Pirir and I have a great idea for Jessie. Mr. and Mrs. Ross get a new kid. A 12-year old boy named Justin and I think I’ll be a good actor and great for the part. If you want to here more about it Email me.

      1. Juan jr Pirir

        When I mean a new kid I mean they adopted a new family member to the family.

      2. Kesyia Foster

        I forgot a few things to say, I’m 11 and have short medium hair and brown eyes. I want to be on Jessie because all the fun characters seem so nice and I would love to make comedy with them lol. Anyways I really enjoy the tv show. It really makes me laugh and I would be so thankful if I was there to laugh with you. So thank you again for this chance.

    4. Kayla

      My name is Kayla. I am a very good actor and I would like to audition to be on jessie. In school we do a lot of singing. I wanted to be on jessie since it came on. It would be my dream come true. I watched all of the Jessie shows. I have them on my mothers iPad mini best, wishes Kayla.

      1. Kayla

        I totally forgot that I’m 11 like Zuri off of Jessie. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I can act very good.

    5. Kesyia Foster

      Hi my name is KeSyia Foster. It would mean so much to me if I could be on Jessie. I love their characters and how talented they are and it would be a honor. If you read this message and want to know more about me then please contact me.


    id litterly die for this part and if dont get it and i will kill my self

  22. kitan

    I’m Kitan, I can act, sing and dance and enjoy doing them. I can play the keyboard and find the episodes of jessie really funny.


    I’m a girl, dark brown hair, 10 years old and I would kill for this audition, so make me so happy.

  24. ngqile


  25. ngqile

    Cameron, Peyton, Skai, Debby, LOVE U GUYS! OF COURSE CAMERON THE MOST!!!

  26. Desaray Forbes

    Hi I’m Desaray. I’m 11 years old and I was born on January 19,2001 in Nassua,Bahamas but mixed with American. I have long brown hair,dark brown eyes and coloured skin. I’m a great dancer and actor. I’ve stared in many of my school plays and I am not a shy girl so I’m not afraid to be me or to let my personality shine. I’ve prayed for this since I was 5 years but I didn’t really know what show I wanted to be on. But now, I really know I want to be on the Jessie. Please just give me a chance.I know I would’nt disippoint you,please and if you do give me a chance to audition I live in Nassua,Bahamas.Thankyou

  27. Jenny K

    Hi, my name is Jenny! I love acting, playing guitar and writing! I am 13 years old turning 14 this year. I have red/brown hair. I have medium length hair. . I play guitar and write songs all the time. I am 5’4 and have always wanted to be an actress since I can remember. I have a black belt in tae kwon do. I am kind hearted, and I always try to put smiles on everyone’s faces. I am from Toronto and have been practicing acting for as long as I can remember.

    I have so many experiences in drama! I have been in over 7 plays within the last 2 years. Ever since I was 4, I would always write plays with my best friends and then perform them for family. I always write everything from songs, to plays. I am always willing to do improv acting and I love it.

    No matter what I am always willing to help out someone, even if I don’t know them. I once spent half an hour helping this little girl I didn’t know.

    Jessie is my forever favorite show! I watch it whenever I can and this is the show that I have always wanted to be on and felt like I was meant to be on. It is so easy for me to get in character and I memorize lines easily. This is my biggest dream and I know I can make it happen! Thanks for reading x

  28. Kaylie Short

    Hi I’m kaylie and I would love to be on Disney channel.
    Who wouldn’t? I have brownish reddish hair and tons of freckles. I’m really white and I’m athletic. I’m 4’8 and 11. I weigh about 72 pounds. I haven’t taken any acting classes.
    Thank you

  29. Sheila N. Perez

    Hi I’m Sheila N. Perez
    I’m 12 years old
    My hair is long and dark brown
    My eyes are brown
    My body type is like medium but less
    I was born on September 8 1999
    Race: Hispanic
    I live i Puerto Rico
    My dream is to be on Disney Channel Specially On Jessie.
    I know that my dream is a lot of others peoples dream.
    I’m a very friendly,kind,generous,helpful and sweet person.
    I love to act.
    So If you know some auditions for Disney Chanel please let my know at my Facebook Sheila N. Perez
    Thanks For your time !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  30. Kristina

    Hello my name is Kristina and I have always dreamed of being on Jessie and An actress. When jessie show started it was my favorite show ever . I would want to be on Jessie because it is my favorite show and to have fun being in it and having fun with the cast. I am 10 years old and I live in Colton california. I also love to sing. I sing anywhere mostly in my house and with friends. I hope you guys pick me so I can live my dreams. I want to be known as the girl on Jessie and not the girl who didn’t become on Jessie . I want to be an actress on Jessie and I would be so happy. I would also want to sing and I think it would be fun with all the cast members. So please please please pick me to be on Jessie, it will mean a lot . Thank you Kristina Valdez. I’m 10 and my birthday is on November 9th thanks <3 love you Jessie show!!!!!

  31. Liberty

    Love it

  32. Desaray Forbes

    It’s my dreams to be on Jessie and if you pick me you would not regret it. I was born in Nassua, Bahamas and I am mixed with American. I have long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a brown skin colour. I am very talented,I would love to be apart of the Ross family and if you can just give me a chance to show my talent of acting you would not be disippointed, so please just give me a chance.Thankyou

  33. Jennel Llanos

    hello i am a 15 year old Female and i would love to be a part of the show Jessie. It is very funny and fun to watch . I am really looking forward πŸ™‚

  34. Hello my name is Bryanna Morales.
    Race: Hispanic
    Weight:98 pounds
    Age:11 going on 12
    Skin: Tan
    Hair:Dark brown
    Eyes:Dark brown
    I promise you that ya’ll will not be sorry if you would like to have me on your show.I am not shy,very talented.I can sing high and low voices.I love to be silly but I can be serious.I am not some people who say that they want to be on a disney show.I love to act and most importantly sing.I am always telling my family that I am going to be big,and I’m going to be famous.Please just give me a chance.This is my dream.Give me a chance the way you gave Debby,and the kids a chance.THANK YOU!!

  35. Olivia

    I really want to be on β€œJesse” and I don’t know if I am talented enough to be on T.V. but I hope I am and I think that β€œJesse” could use a new adopted kid. I happen to have some acting skill and I would love to be that new edition. I have dark brown hair and eyes, light skin, I am native american and french. You can contact me via email. I am 11 years old. I can also sing a bit.

  36. marly gourley

    Hello!!!! My name is Marly Gourley and I am 11 years old. I am 5 feet tall and have brown hair and blue eyes. I love Disney channel and I have watched it ever since I was little girl and I love Jessie. I like how they really made the characters fit the actors and actresses. I would be honored to be a character on Jessie. I do many sports like volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. I have also done many sports in the past such as mixed martial arts and dance. I did dance for 8 years I started when I was three. I love to act I have been in many school plays and enjoyed them all. I would love to be a part of the cast. I hope you read this and give me a chance. Contact me by email.

  37. Teonna Kelley

    My name is Teonna and I’m 14. I think being a part of Jessie will be great because for years now I’ve been wanting this and I think this could be a great experience to accomplish something that I want so bad. I think I should be a part of this show if your really looking for a great actress.

  38. Maya

    Hi my name is maya and I would love to be on Disney channel especially on the show Jessie cuz I love to act. It would be amazing if I could be on Disney channel some day. I am 12 and I just finished 6th grade so I guess I am in 7th grade now. I have wanted to do acting ever since I was 7. It is not for money or popularity or things like that, I want to do it cuz it is my passion and so is singing. People say I am really good at singing and acting. I really wish you Jessie actors and actresses would read this. Hopefully someday I would be just like you guys. You,Debby Ryan, and my sister are my role models you and my sister have an amazing talent,acting. I wish to be like you someday. All you Jessie actor and actresses are amazing. I really wish you guys would read this.

  39. martha blanco

    hi my two twins would love to be on jessie they are 11 years old they a females please send me an email and tell us if they can audition plz plz plz thank u have a nice day

  40. cole

    I love to be on Jessie its a really funny show my name is Cole & I’m 9

  41. Aidan Hartnett

    I would love to be on jessie if you pick me you won’t be dissapointed about me i can act and i have brown hair and brown eyes

  42. Stella Kosta

    Hey! I’m an 11 year old girl. I will be 12 in September. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5 feet tall. My talents are singing, acting, and ballet. I have been in three plays.

  43. Laurie

    I love Jessie and Im really good at acting

  44. Dianna

    Hair color:Brown
    Eue color:Brown
    Please email me if I’m qualified..
    Super big fan of Jessie.I love Jessie..^_^
    I’ll give more details if I am qualified. πŸ™‚

  45. zioni

    i want to be on jessie so that girl who hasnt got friends she can hang out with me , i love jessie evrytime it comes on i sihg to it , and i always call them pretty OMG, if they pick me i will be delighted and really exitced and i will be thanking them. i really want to be on tv i never had, i am zioni and i am 13 but turning 14 on may xxxxxxx i am good at acting i can speak really loud and clear i listen good and will always help you when you need a helping hand .. thanks

  46. Gio

    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Ethnicity: asian
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Thank you! Please consider me!
    I love Jessie!!!

  47. Gio

    Hello! My name is gio. And i am 12 years old. I am a girl and i have a real passionate heart for acting. I am a real fan of jessie and my only dream is to be on it! Sadly, i have never had acting experiences nor am i good with an audience or speaking loud. I am very talented and i think having an acting career can make me better at presenting or acting in front of an audience. I listen very well and please consider giving me a shot! Thank you!
    Sincerely, Gio

  48. Kayleigh Ewart

    Name Kayleigh Ewart
    Age 13
    Location in the New York, the Washington Dc area
    eye color Green
    Hair color Dark Blond
    experience: I have been acting since I was 6 months old. My first movie was, “I’ve Got you Babe.” I love acting and acting is apart of my life. Thankyoy

  49. alina pruitt

    Hi my name is alina and I would love to be on Jessie because I always watch Jessie.it would be an honor to be on Jessie. I always wanted to be on Jessie when it started. So please pick me to be on jessie

  50. Kylie

    I’ve wanted to be famous on Disney since forever and in kindergarden on career day I said in front of all the parents I want to be a disney star and they all laughed I want to prove them all wrong I would LOVE to have an audition for Jessie.

    I’ve sung in my school every year and act at home every night so please give me a chance!

  51. Maddie wright

    Ever since I was 2, I dreamed of being famous. I love the show Jessie and I would have a heart attack if I was chosen. I never miss a episode of Jessie because I love it so much. I love acting,singing,and making my own dance routine. I just love all the characters and I’m really great at drama haha. Thank you again.

  52. kayleigh austin

    Hi my name is kayleigh and iam 12 years old and i think that i would be brilliant for the show jessie i love drama at school and have always dreamed on being on disney channel my drama teacher said that iam an amazing actress and one day i will shins so please make my dreames come true and give me the part thank you all my love

  53. aist

    me again let me tell u about me
    bajan/from barbados
    12years old

  54. aist

    my stage name is aist but my true name is ryan i’ve been in loads of plays and think i need to move to tv im 12 years old and i really need this my careers hit a bump in the road and this would be the thing i need i love acting and as a performing artist a one the first talent show i was ever in and my career went up from there ever since i came to secondary school i’ve hit a bump so please this would be a blessing of a life time

    yours sincerely ryan/aist

  55. Kennedy McIntosh

    Hi,my name is Kennedy!I am 11 years old. It’s always been a dream of mine to be on a TV show. Most of all,it would be a blessing to have a chance to get on Jessie! Please give me any notifications of open casting calls! I would love to be apart of Jessie.

    Kennedy McIntosh

  56. elaine dominguez


    1. Elaine

      I am Elaine too! except that is only what people at school call me. People from my church and in my family call me LaiLae (Lay-Lay) Anyway,I am 10 years and I am in 5th grade. I have blonde hair with natural brown highlights. I have eyes that change from hazel to green every once in a while. My favorite colors are blue, black, and white. My most favorite hobbie is dancing. Like LUKE!!!!! In my room, I make up some dances myself. I have made up a dance to Electric Avenue, Footloose, Dynamite by china,Love on Top, Single Ladies, and I am almost done with Whip My Hair! But in some of the dances, I take moves from the ACTUAL dance. πŸ™ I would really LOVE to be on Jessie because I don’t just want to watch the cast on TV, I also want to see what they are really like in real life. Okay, Okay. I also can’t stop myself from saying that I have a total crush on Cameron. The first night that I started liking him, I was picturing him everywhere in my house! But now, every time that i am outside, I imagine myself on Jessie. Also I have always wanted to show off my secret move that only my family and my friend Akasha has seen. But I am always afraid to show it off at the dance.
      Akasha was actually surprised of what good of a move I could do! And the only way that is a comfortable way to show off my moves is to be dancing next to Cameron on Jessie. So I will be praying day and night by my bed that there is a part for me to fill up in Jessie. Thank you for readin!

      1. Elaine

        By the way, my full name is Elaine Qarina Goss. one of my friends actually call my last name gossip. I DONT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

        1. Elaine

          My inside characters are good, smart, fair, caring, and thoughtful. Love you disney channel!!!!! Bye.

          1. Elaine

            Sorry that I keep posting but. I also want to be on Jessie because I want to show the real me to the world. I want to also tell you more about me. I am writing a book right now. I am two chapters into writing it. I started a week ago. when I am done I hope I would have a few of the Jessie cast members reading my book. So please tell me if you want me to give you a preview of what the book is going to be about! PEACE!!!!

  57. Briony Graves

    hello disney channel i live in bristol, england i know its very far away but i would love to be included in jessie or any show on disney channel im not picky ive always loved singing and acting and a lot of people say im good

    my name is briony and im 14 years old i have brown hair and blue eyes and im 5 foot tall

    ive always wanted to be famous and think i would get on very well on disney channel

    thank you for considering me for a part on disney channel it would really change my life

  58. Soraya

    HEY OMG i love JESSIE and of course Luke i love him i am 9 this year and i love jessie i an going to audition and i will get the roll so yeah my mum is a actress to so she auditioned me for alot of plays and like yeah so i can dance, sing and act <3 <3 <3

  59. chloe

    heyy omg i love jessie especially zuri and emma because emma is gorgeous and im 12 22/2/00 and im hoping to be on jessie but i live in the uk so if u ever come england for auditions and im thinking about getting my name changed to dylan what do ya’ll think ? xx

  60. Name: Kyra
    Hobbies include; Going to the park and watching Jessie.
    height: 121cms
    personality: crazy,noisy and always happy.
    I am a slim build and always eat healthy.I have brown almond shaped eyes and curly brown hair.
    I live in the UK and go to primary school.
    I am a quick learner and I know right from wrong.
    I have a Chihuahua called Honey.
    I love to travel.
    I have pearly white teeth.
    Type of clothes I love to wear are casual- smart and fun.
    I will do anything to get something I really want if my Mum, Dad and Grandma say it is o.k
    I have never missed an episode of Jessie I am like Peyton and Skai(Emma and Zuri) mixed together. ohhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I would to take have a chance and oppertunity to do well, so as ABBA sing ‘ take a chance on me’.

    1. smart isn’t supposed to be there

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