Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel Auditions for Kids and Talent Search is on for 2013 and 2014.

The search is on this July!

The network just announced that the open casting call will be held in late July in San Antonio Texas. If you have always dreamed on turning on the TV and seeing yourself in one of their shows, here is your chance!

Disney Channel and Disney XD do an open casting call every year around the spring. This year they changed it up a bit and are holding the annual event in the summer. The late scheduling made some rumors fly that maybe there will not even be a Disney / Disney XD casting call in 2013, but we can lay those rumors to rest now and be assured that, yes, it will happen.

Texas is a popular state for Disney Channel tryouts since this is their second time coming to Texas in the last few years. Previous casting calls were held in Kansas City, Richmond VA and Austin Texas.

As in previous years, Disney Channel is seeking kids who are 10 to 17 with an interest and hopefully a talent that involves acting, singing and dance. The casting call is part of their effort to find new talent for upcoming shows and series. This is also a good way for people outside of California to get that Disney audition that they have been dreaming of and maybe even land a very coveted spot on one of the very popular shows already on air or to be considered for new and upcoming projects that the rest of us don’t yet even know about.

Disney Auditions 2014
Disney XD New Shows

If your dream is to be a Disney Star like Selena Gomez than this is a chance that can’t be missed because the next tryouts will most likely be held a year from now in 2014. You can see the details of the last one they had here.

The Disney Tryouts for 2013 are coming to San Antonio Texas.

The open casting call is scheduled for
July 27th 2013 and July 28th 2013 from 90AM to 1PM.

The 2 days are setup by last name. All talent whose name begins with A through M will need to tryout on July 27th. All talent whose name starts with N through Z will need to tryout on Sunday, July 28th.

Disney 2013 casting call

The Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors are looking for talented kids who can act, sing, dance or do all three that would like to be considered for future Disney Channel series, movies and productions.



Open Casting Call for Disney / Disney XD 2013

Saturday July 27th 2013
Sunday July 28th 2013
9AM to 1PM on both days.
Please be sure to make it to the proper date for your name as the schedule is based on last names. A-M and N-Z.


San Antonio Texas Marriot Rivercenter
101 Bowie Street,San Antonio Texas 78205.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

All talent and their families are advised to park at the public parking that is next to the Mariot because parking at the Marriot will not be available. As is prvious years, the event will surely be crowded. Thousands of kids and their families come to the tryouts so make sure that you get there in time to be seen. All talent will have to register when they get in and then wait for their audition time. It may be a long wait so come prepared with water and snacks and whatever you may need to get through a long wait in line.

You must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance with you. No one who is under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition alone. This is the official Disney / Disney XD casting call and as always there is never any charge to tryout.

If you are planning on coming from out of town, please make sure to reserve your rooms early since these events have been known to get many out of town visitors and rooms at the hotel will fill up quickly.

Kids with and without agents are all welcome to come and tryout.

What to expect:

  • Expect to have to wait for sometime to be seen. There will be thousands there all waiting for their shot.
  • You will have to register on arrival.
  • You will fill out an application which will serve as your short resume and give casting directors some background on you.
  • Once you arrive and register, you will be given a 1 page application form that will serve as a sort of resume. The application will ask for things like your name, your contact info, your parents contact info, where you live. You will need to write in any experience or special talents you may or may not have (experience is not required).
  • If you have an agent or manager and other background info about you.
  • You will also most likely be given a short script to memorize that you will be using to audition with.
  • You will be waiting for sometime so be sure to come prepared with water, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Once you are called into the audition, you will have only about 1 minute to impress the powers that be. Yes it’s a very short tryout but they have to see 1000’s of others that same day. So be prepared to dazzle in 30 seconds or less.

This will probably be the one and only Disney Channel talent search in 2013 so If you can’t make it out to San Antonio Texas in July, you may have to wait until 2014 when they will be going to a different city. The last event that was held was over a year ago and it was in Kansas City.

So check out some of your fave Disney Channel stars in this promo video:

174 thoughts on “Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

  1. Ariah

    I really want to become famous. I go on youtoube and look at Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus audition and you think of that being me and I’m not gonna cry if I don’t get in but I’m gonna give you a description of me. I have braces and I’m 11 years old. I have darkish brownish hair and dark brown eyes. I’m pretty tall for my age and I love to sing and act out things at school. I’m pretty hilarious. I pay attention in class and I’m in the sixth grade. I live in San Antonio tx. That’s pretty much it, hope the people from disney channel auditions read this so bye 🙂 <3

  2. Elijah

    Hi my name is Elijah
    And I like to dance and act.
    I’m 10 years old and I speak Spanish, polish, Italian, Irish, Jamaican and African.
    Sports-soccer,football, heelys, dodge ball, skateboarding, biking
    Please let me know if I have any part.
    have a nice day and thank you

  3. eliya harris

    Hello producers and casting directors. I am Eliya Harris. Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    about to turn 13 Feb. 2 2014
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’4
    language English
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown
    pleas pick me:)

  4. Jennifer whitworth

    Hello. My name is Jennifer Whitworth. I love acting and singing. I would love to be able to say “I’m Jennifer whitworth and your watching Disney channel.” Here’s some stuff about me.
    Talents- singing, acting, dancing, writing, cooking
    Sports- volleyball, softball, basketball, dance, gymnastics, cheer leading, and some tennis
    Academics- gifted and talented for 3 years in different subjects, straight A’s when I was for some years
    Personality- I am very outgoing,athletic,funny,and nice.
    Age -13 years old
    Birth date-November 18,2000
    Height- 5’1″
    Hair-dirty blond hair
    Weight- 78 lb.
    Ethnicity- Caucasian
    Skin tone-pale
    Please give me a call or message if your interested. Thank you.

  5. Maya

    Hi I’m Maya and I’m 11 and a half years old. I’m an A student, I’m 5’1, I look older than I am, I have dark brown hair and eyes. I would love to be on Disney Channel. 🙂

  6. trinity snow

    Hi I’m Trinity. I’m 11 years old about to be 12 in Jan 2014. I been looking for disney channel auditions all year but never found one that I can get access to… acting is my dream. I want to be on ant farm and be the model as my advanced natural talent. I can sing, dance, act, but please contact me a if I’m the person your looking for.. thank you

  7. Hey my name is Kameliya, I live in Bulgaria and I REALLY WANT TO WORK FOR DISNEY CHANNEL 🙂

    Age: 16 years old
    I’m Female
    52 Kg.
    Stature: 1,60
    Body Type: Normal
    Hair Color: Brown
    Nationality: Bulgarian
    Skin Tone: clear skin
    Language: -Bulgarian[native]
    -English [Normal but I can learn more very fast]
    Talents: I can sing
    Personality: I’m a cheerful girl, also I have a good memory. I can learn fast and I like to sing 🙂

  8. Zashel

    Name: Zashel Gonzalez
    Gender:female, height:5’3, skin:white, personality:outgoing, fun, funny can speak Spanish full on, English too and a little bit French and Portuguese. Hair: wavy and brown. Please give me a chance you won’t regret it. I promise, it has always been my chance to be an actress. I’ll do anything to be on Disney channel, it’s my favorite. I watch it 24/7 please please give me a chance it would mean a lot to me being on Disney.

  9. haven pennington

    Hello I am in 7th grade and am very good at singing, acting and love to play sports. I am not shy at all. I love getting the chance to be on TV and having the experience that I would like. My personality is wonderful. I can act and sing like Trish off of Austin and ally. I hope I get the chance to be on a show. Thank you for your time.

  10. hi my name is Emma Rihan and I am a African American and 13 yrs old next year in May 27 2014. I’m turning 14 yrs old and an 8th grader. I really love to sing and dance and I have a YouTube channel. I really love Disney channel, my favorite shows are shake it up and Austin and ally and I really wanna be in the disney family!!

  11. Savanah Rawlings

    I am 13 years old. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a Disney Child. I was raised watching Disney and know all of the Movies songs. I love to act and am in my Schools Advanced Drama class.

  12. Maddy

    Hi my name is maddy, I am 12 years old I have dirty blonde/ light brown hair and blue eyes. I would love to be on disney channel. I would love to inspire young kids. I have two role models on disney channel, peyton list and laura marano. I am in my schools multimedia class and I have took ballet, tumble and danceline. It has always been my dream to be on disney channel every since I knew what it was. Me and my friends we will get glow sticks and make the mickey head with them like they do on disney channel. We are like, hi my name is maddy and you are watching disney channel.

  13. Vivian

    Hi my name is Vivian. I’m 11 and I play flute and a little piano. I have black hair and I would love to be on Disney channel.

  14. Brayan

    My name is Brayan, black hair, I want to be an actor for disney channel and I’m willing to take the sacrifises to be an actor, give me a call. I want to be an actor for jessie, the new actor for jessie. I’m 14 yrs old thank you.

  15. selene

    Hi my name is Selene and I would love to be on Disney xd. I am 11 years old and I am very athletic and awesome with music. I live in Wisconsin.

  16. dyanie yanz

    Hi..my long name is Nur Adyani Mardhiah and my simple name is Dyanie Yanz. I from Malaysia. I like disney channel/disney XD because they have amazing stories. I really want to act on disney channel/disney XD. I can sing and I can act but I really can’t dance. Please take me…..,thanks.

    About me:
    Hair: black
    Eye: dark brown/black
    Years: 13
    Weight: 40
    and, I can sing.

  17. celine

    My name is Celine and I am 12 years old. I love acting and it would be great to be a part of it.

  18. Kailey Chung

    Hi! My name is Kailey Chung. I am 15 years old. I would love to be on Disney Channel because I want to be an inspiration to younger kids and I love to have fun. But I don’t have acting experience!

  19. Alejandra Valdez

    Hola mi nombre es Alejandra soy Guatemalteca tengo 24 años y desde muy pequeña me ha facinado todo sobre Disney lamentablemente no eh tenido la oportunidad de conocer las instalaciones y quisiera ser parte de su fami lia de actores se q acá no hay tantas oportunidades q ustedes dan pero para mi seria un gran regalo ser parte de la fami lia Disney y espero su respuesta adios.

  20. We are a group of 13 yr. old girls who have formed a Rock Band. We all attend the same school, We’ve been playing together for about a year and are having a great time performing at County Fairs, Festivals, and other private events. 🙂 Check us out on facebook “GCRgirls”. WE ROCK!!!

  21. ella gilks

    OK this is how I am going to start, I live in the UK so I cant go to Texas so please don’t let that stop me from my dreams. We do a video chat, please, please, I promise you I would wow you. I am 14 with brown curly hair and brown eyes. I am very energetic and love to dance and act. I am outgoing and love to be myself. My friends all my friends say that I am a class clown and really funny but can also be serious so please consider me. I will do what ever it takes to get onto Disney channel.

  22. India Jackson

    I like shake it up, it’s my favorite show. I like to dance and make funny faces. I am 10 years old and my birthday is September 8 2003. I have 2 brothers,a mom and dad also a dog named sunshine. I enjoy acting in a play at school. I like to dress up like people and wear wigs and wear dresses. My favorite character on shake it up is Rocky. I always dream of seeing myself on television and this is my chance to make it happen, thank you for reading have a nice day.

  23. Hannah boyer

    I love disney and disney xd and I’m twelve years old. I have brown hair that turns gold at the tips, my eyes are hazel brown. I’ve been on honor roll for quite a time. I’m very outgoing, funny, and friendly. I would love to become an actress. I play club silver athlete soccer , and used to be a cheer leader.

    thank for looking at my profie,have a great day.

  24. Kean Ruelan

    Hello Disney! Since I was a child, I have been dreaming of becoming a Disney star and I think now is the perfect chance to give it a chance. I’m Kean Alrey T. Ruelan, 17 years old from the Philippines. I love to sing and act, it’s basically my passion. Please help my dreams come true. When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. 🙂

  25. Kassandra

    I want to become an actress on Disney XD because its my dream and I want it to come true. I live in Texas and
    I’m up for the challenge even if I’m not good at acting.

  26. Oscar Gonzalez

    Hi my name is Oscar Gonzalez and I was asking to please come to the city of Reno Nevada. We are very talented and I think I can impress you guys. I won’t let you down.

  27. Keashia

    Hey there! I’m Keashia and I’m from a very small town in Tennessee (Chattanooga). Even though I’m from a small town I have a huge dream! I have been in plays outside of, school, I’ve been to glee camp which includes acting, singing, and dancing its so much fun! I also play a clarinet and the piano! I do perform in front of a big crowd every once in a while.I’m 12 years old if you were wondering ha. I do take my work very seriously, but I try to have fun while doing it. Hope to get a email from you soon, and also I work with one source talent and for my modeling career. Thanks for your time!

  28. stephanie

    Hi I’m Stephanie, I’m from Boston and I’m 13. I love watching disney channel. I would love to be on it. I love to dance, act, sing, and just be myself. I have done acting before but I would like to be on a well known show.

  29. jyniah

    I can kind of sing. I can dance and I want to be own Disney channel. I live in NC. I go to Hawk Eye elementary. thanks for reading.

  30. alexis clark

    I really hope I could be one of Disney’s NBT.

  31. Hi, My name is Paola Fuentes, I live in Chile but I REALLY want to work for this channel

    Age: 16 years old
    I’m Famale
    51 Kg.
    Estature: 1,56
    Body Type: Thin
    Hair Color: Brown
    Nationality: Chilean
    Skin Tone: clear skin
    Language: -Spanish [native]
    -English [Normal but I can learn more very fast]
    Talents: I can sing and dance pop… really I love pop music.
    Personality: I’m a cheerful girl, also I have a good memory. I can learn fast and I like to sing, dance and act 😀

  32. Luciana Gonzalez

    Hi.. I really really want to appear on a disney series.. but I´m from Argentina. I don’t know what I have to do. I’m 19, I can sing, dance, everything but I have no money to go to USA. I HOPE SOMEBODY CAN HELP ME! thanks. Have a nice day 🙂

  33. Amy Valle

    Hi My Name is Amy Valle. I would really like to audition! I’ve been acting since i was 8 years old. Here is some information about myself:
    Name: Amy Lisette Valle
    Age: 11
    Birthday: January 28,2002
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Subjects: I play the piano, i love to pretend I’m acting I also love to play sports like basketball and soccer.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’9
    I am also a hard worker and get’s good grades in school.
    Well there is some information and thank you for your time!

  34. Megan

    Hi! My name is Megan and I want to be on the Disney channel! I would like to do Hannah Montana because I feel I could really be able to play her.I know the original show. I know almost all of the lines and songs she ever sang.I would also like to do movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “Bolt”.I would love to do this and to live out my dream.

  35. Nancy Lor

    Please, please, please come to Milwaukee. I’m 11 years old and my birthday is on October 17. I love singing. I’m practicing at acting and dancing right now. I’m also practicing at singing but I’ve sung for 5 years already. Please, I just want to be famous.

  36. wantthisbadly

    I can dance and sing. I’m in school choir and I’m on the dance team at a private dance school but I always wanted to be an actress, always been my dream since I was little.

  37. Mimi Amene

    Hi, my name is Mimi Amene, and I’m 12 years old. I really love acting and I think Disney channel can be the first step for me. I was actually suppose to audition today but something happened, long story. I know its probably like a 1% chance that someone would take my comment seriously since I’m nothing different from the others, but acting is what I love doing, its my passion. If you read the whole comment I appreciate it.

  38. Treyton Snow

    Hi, I’m Treyton Snow, I am 13 years old , I live in Omaha, NE. I have auditioned for two musical plays and have got a part for both of them. I am a great dancer, I love to sing, I have taken dance classes, and have a dream of being a tv star. You guys could really help this come true if you let me know the 2014 audition info. Thank you so much!

  39. sinead cahill

    Hey I would really like to be on a tv show on disney channel but sadly I can’t travel to all these auditions in America. I would love it if anyone knew if there was any Disney channel auditions in Northern Ireland as I come from Ireland and can’t afford to fly to foreign auditions..

    I play the piano and tin whistle.
    I am a grade 7 actress.
    I sing and perform solos in my variety group.
    I am 10 years old with long brown hair and blue eyes I live in Co. Clare Ireland and have 3 little sisters.

  40. gaositwe

    Hey I’m a girl and I live in south africa.
    I’ve always wanted to be on Disney channel. I Watch it all the time, here is what I can do.
    Come to Cornwall hill college production this year.
    Here is info about me:
    Hair: black and brown
    Race: black
    Talent: singiing, acting
    Instruments: guitar and piano

  41. Analysa Belen De La Garza

    Hi, I’m Analysa’s sister and her dream is to be an actress as well. She can sing, dance, act and she can play the flute. She is full of energy and adorable! Brown hair, brown eyes, with a contagious smile and dimple. She will be 15 in November 2013. She loves everything do with the arts and always acts out Disney movies and shows. She can even do it from memory. Its always fun to be around her. There are many kids who would love this opportunity, but my sister has been working hard to be the best. I’m so proud of her and I would love it if you considered her and let me know of any auditions coming up in 2014. Thank you so much.
    -From the very proud sister, Salina

  42. yonis elmi

    Hello, I am Yonis Elmi. I have black hair. I am a great songwriter/rapper/singer and now tryng to pressure an acting job. I am 14 years old.

  43. Tiana Ristovska

    Hey guys I’m a 16-year-old girl and I have a twin sister. My biggest dream is to be an actress but I live in Macedonia, Europe and here I don’t have any chances. Please notice me, I’m a cute brunette, full of energy and I think I have the potential to be par of this project. I know it is late but please let me try it out. thanks

  44. I’m 15 years old full of excitement, Confidence, and Beauty.! I’ve Been Working On My Entertainment Career For a While Now.. I Sing & Act Check Me Out On YouTube, “Brionna Hunt”.

  45. Jennifer

    I personally think I’m too late to even leave a comment considering this was like since summer. Although I see comments have been left here not so long ago. Well to start off I leave this comment not for me , but for my sister. She is quite talented very very dramatic! I know she can make it very far in the acting business she dreams of, but in the conditions we live in its hard sometimes. I wish my younger sister had the opportunity to live her dream. I know i can’t because getting involve with dancing is a lot harder. Sometimes people have amazing talent that is never discovered. Luckily like the beautiful, young, bright Selena Gomez was found and now look at her. All I’m asking for if you’re looking for talent I know my sister is perfect in any role you consider taking her in. BELIEVE ME you won’t regret it. I doubt the network will even see this, but still if you would like to know more info I would love to talk! thank you.

  46. Cierra Boyle

    Hi. My name is Cierra B. I am 15 years old and I turn 16 in March. I have dreamed of acting and singing as a professional since I was a little girl. I have a YouTube video of myself acting out a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (If you want to see, search for Cierra Boyle). People have always told me I sing and act very well. I would love to have the opportunity to be on a show and/or a movie. If I could sing on either a show and/or movie I would love that. I write songs also. I haven’t written 30 songs or more. Everyone I show them to replies with “It’s REALLY good!”. I love doing anything with the performing arts. I also have a lot of experience with Makeup. I sometimes help with the makeup for my school’s plays. Please consider me. Also if you took time to read all of this, I appreciate that you took time out of your day to look at it.

    1. Cierra Boyle

      I meant to say, I have written 30 songs or more. Sorry. Also if any network reads this, please hold some auditions in Nashville, TN.

  47. Mollean Broughton

    my name is Mollean, I’m 12 years old and I love to model and act … I have always had a dream to become an actress.I’m smart, outgoing, funny and easy to get a long with, hopefully y’all contact me through my email.

  48. Victoria

    Hi, I’m Victoria! I’m 16 years if age, I have lived my whole life wanting to be an actor or a singer! I’m just to nervous to do it without a little push. I want to start somewhere small before trying out for singing unless you need one 🙂 I have to say my biggest idol is Zendaya!! She is a great dancer and singer. I wish I could be like her! But I love singing, acting too and I love dancing but I can never put together a routine in my head. I’ve been getting like 90’s in art class and vocals in high school and any school since 3rd grade. I actually have videos of me when I was 5 singing and I was adorable! I hope to live my dream, one day if I get lucky enough. Thought I should include that I’m 105 lbs, I have blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I’m very spunky, you can say I’m always smiling and happy! So… please email me 🙂

  49. My name is Entela, I would like to act in a play or in a disney channel movie. I know how to sing very well, I have even won prizes in dance contests. I want to become a star and a famous actresses. Please answer my request.

    1. Sharon Yasminee Usquiano Guarda

      Hi, my name is Sharon and I’m from the country of Peru, I am 10 years old.
      I study in my country at a Christian School.
      I always watch Disney Channel and I would like to be part of such a great institution.
      So director and producers, I would really like to be considered for the next casting call.
      I’ll be waiting for new notices.

  50. Talya is a passion driven dancer, singer, model and very very professional along with being that little girly girl princess. She has been in showbiz since before she was born, her mother danced with her on stage through her whole pregnancy .. then she was introduced nightly on the stage with dad and at one year she was trying to steal the mic from dad to sing, by two she was, at three she was put in the magical Christmas show and loved it and by three and a half she had her own spot in theatre singing, then so progressed to signing pop songs from the fifties, hard to get her off that stage. She now spend days and night dancing, and singing when not in school and taking dance lessons three nights weekly, three hours a night and on show three nights a week with her on Broadway with world class performers. They say she could actually fill in for any of the spots for anyone in the show if no one showed up. As she knows every ones song and dance for the show. Might catch her on facebook joe tinoco or http://www.joetinoco.net

    She has spent a couple years with the Osmond Brothers singing on stage and at Tampa Florida during Jimmy Osmonds Christmas show at Busch Gardens. She has videos out there on youtube. THANKS FOR LISTENING. 🙂 PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL

  51. julianna ross

    hi my name is Julianna Ross. I love everything and here is some stuff about me. name: Julianna Ross. Age:12 weight: 98 LBS. Height: 5’1 ethnicity: white talents: I love to sing, dance, paint and horseback riding. sports: softball, tennis, cross country, track, basketball, volleyball,and cheerleading. academics: I am a A HONER ROLL student and LOVE EVERY SUBJECT!
    Thank you for reading have a nice day!

  52. maggie

    I am 10 years old and am 4.3 tall, I am a great actress. I could do cheer stunts and am a really great actor. It would be lovely to be in a show or movie and to join disney channel.

  53. jajuan graham

    Hello my name is Jajuan and I’m 12 year old, I’ve been playing drums since the age of 4, my only passion is playing drums and I love music.I idolize Kirk Franklin and Tyler Perry. I was discovered on YouTube by one of the producers from Americas Got Talent and had the opportunity to audition for the show, which was the best experience because one of my favorite actors is nick cannon, so for me to audition for a show he hosted was a blessing. I’ve done several talent shows and showcases before and since then. At the age of 9 I was in a band with 2 high school students, where we went to different restaurants and played for several people. I also had the opportunity to record 3 songs in a recording studio with the band. I played at several recital and has done talent shows here in Columbus,GA. I played at a talent showcase in Ft. Benning Vendor Fair and also played for North side High School, and played in talent shows in Atlanta,GA. I was also blessed to play with Columbus State University Jazz band. It would be awesome to be able to perform for you or join your team. To catch some of my act go to: Jajuan Graham freestyle on you tube..or a recent video on YouTube under tom sawyers rush-jajuan graham…. Wooop

  54. Nell Green

    hi there my name is Nell Green and I am 11. I love all Disney shows except dog with a blog and often have dreams and pretend I am acting on Austin and Ally as the role with Austin’s sister. I have always loved acting and singing and apparently I am very good at it. I really want to have a chance on it and try it. The show I would most like to be on and is my fave is “austin and ally”. The person I would most like to work with is Ross Lynch.

  55. Terrell Briggs

    I would love to be on Disney channel :*)

  56. mia didonato

    Mia belongs on disney, she is one of a
    kind and she watches disney everyday. She reminds me of jessie and looks a lot like her.

  57. Jamel Cook

    My name is Jamel Cook, I’m 16, African american and I live in south Carolina. My eye color is brown, my hair color is black and I’m a funny person and a serious actor. I won a lot of talent shows I starred in high school musical as a extra. I was in the movie for 2 mins and I hope I get a good audition and a good job to pursue my career so plzzz pick me… ?

  58. Angilina Tron

    Dear Disney,

    Hi, You probably have gotten a lot of comments right now but I just want you to know that in 2014 you should come to Columbus, OHIO. A lot of girls and boys here have great talent even though we may seem like we don’t. Please at lease try. Ohio would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time if your reading this.

    Angilina Tron

  59. Gaëlla De Angelis

    The stars do so many shows does some of you know if they go to school?

  60. Alexandria Mackey

    Hello producers and casting directors. I am Alexandria and I think that I should be considered for any casting calls because I am a determined and funny young person that loves to act.
    Name: Alexandria Mackey
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’3
    Body Type: Slender
    Ethnicity: Bahamian (but I speak proper English)
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown

    Talents:I can sing, dance, act, and stunt. I also sing in my choir at school.

    Sports: I run at Track-and-Field,I play Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and some Tennis.

    Academics: I have been on the Honor Roll since First Grade and have never gotten lower than a 3.8 on a report card.

    Personality: I am an outgoing, friendly, nice, and enthusiastic person when you get to know me.
    I have been told on several ocassions that I have a natural comedic personality that should be on broadway and television.

    Have a nice day. Thank You

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