Disney Channel 2012 ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Casting

Disney Channel 2012 ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Casting

Disney Channel Casting Call 2012 / 2011

Casting for ‘Good Luck Charlie’

Did you ever wonder how a Disney Channel casting goes. Here is the casting information for the Disney Channel popular series ‘Good Luck Charlie’


Information about the production:
Executive producers Phil Baker, Drew Vaupen, Dan Staley
set in – Denver, Colorado
Sunset Bronson Studios,
Los Angeles (taping location; season 1)
Los Angeles Center Studios, Los Angeles, California (taping location season 2-present)

Good Luck Charlie is produced by Its A Laugh Productions which also produces many other popular Disney Channel shows.


Other popular shows produced by It’s a Laugh Productions

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Here is a bit about casting for ‘Good Luck Charlie’ and how it went and where they found the talent for the show.

As Good Luck Charlie is low concept and character-driven, “the actors not only had to carry the show, they also had to have ‘pitch-perfect’ chemistry with each other to make the family dynamic believable.”

Bonnet says Disney Channel executives “just fell in love with” Bridgit Mendler, who stars as the series’ protagonist, fifteen-year-old Teddy Duncan.”She has all the attributes of a Disney star,” said Bonnet.Mendler first heard about Good Luck Charlie in late November 2008. After several rounds of auditions and cast reads, she secured the part in January 2009.

Both Mendler and Jason Dolley, who plays Teddy’s older brother PJ, have starred in previous Disney Channel series; Mendler had a recurring role on Wizards of Waverly Place while Dolley starred in Cory in the House and several Disney Channel television movies. Variety magazine’s Brian Lowry says their careers “[reflect] the Disney Channel’s knack for identifying young performers and rolling them from one project to the next, in a fashion reminiscent of the old studio system.”Eric Allan Kramer, who plays Bob Duncan, and Leigh-Allyn Baker, who plays Amy Duncan, have also guest starred on other Disney Channel shows. Baker says Disney had been “courting her for awhile to play a mom”, but she had always felt too young.

“I kind of feel like hey, you know what? When I’m done with this stint, I’ll actually be the age everyone thinks I am to be able to play the part.” Baker, a new mother herself, was nine months pregnant when she auditioned for the role.

To get an audition for the show, you will need to get an agent that works with the shows production company. It’s A Laugh Productions is located in Los Angeles, California

133 thoughts on “Disney Channel 2012 ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Casting

  1. Johnathon

    Hello, My names Johnathon ray hiltonen
    Age:12 ( I’ll be thirteen next year in March)
    Height: 5’3 or 5’2
    Weight:90 or 95
    I would love to be on good luck Charlie it would be an honor to be on the show, the family looks great it would be fun to be Gabe or a new neighbor in the show.

  2. amelia

    I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON THE SHOW, P.S. I love Charlie and Toby. My friend loves the show so please let us be on the show.

  3. amanda hense

    Hey this is who I am in real life.

    I will be turning 20 in February 22nd.
    I am all girly girl.
    My hobbies are singing and dancing.
    My most favorite color is pink and sparkly colors.
    I am from Thomaston GA.
    I love polka dots.
    I love Paris.
    I have blue eyes.
    My hair color is reddish blounde hair.
    My height is 5 foot tall.
    I used to be in girl scouts.
    My favorite thing to do is mostly shopping at the mall.
    My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.

  4. andrea

    hi I am Andrea and I have been looking for auditions and the good luck Charlie thing sounded great. I am 5’5, dark brown eyes, white. I’m turning 14 July 28, and I have brown hair. I have a youtube channel, my username is musicluvrz if you would like to look I have always wanted to act since I was little. Please get back to me thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Darius Murie

    Hi, I’m Darius
    Age:10 about to be 11
    Height: 4 feet 9 inches
    Weight: 85
    Talent: singing, acting
    Hair Color: brown
    Skin Color: brown
    Eye Color: brown

  6. emma

    I would love to be on tv but I just don’t know how to. I’m 11 years old and this has been my dream since I was 2 and half.

  7. nevaeh

    I hope that I can make the audition. I really want to be on tv.

  8. Hi I’m Paige, I’m from Georgia and I love kids! I have green eyes and my favorite color is purple and pink. I think I would make a good character. I’m am turning 11 in 1 month! I am a good actor. I think I could be Charlie’s babysitter. I have a lot of good ideas, If you would let me share with you some of them. I would really love to be on the show. It would truly be an honor. I Tutor little kids. My hair color: brunette. Thank you for you’re time! Love ya!

  9. Shilp Burman Roy

    Hi, I’m Shilp!
    Please find attached my showreel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r4mtcreRao&feature=youtu.be) if I can be considered for a suitable role in any of your forthcoming productions. I am 10.5 years old and 145 CM tall. I have a natural flair for acting and have undertaken some drama, music and dancing (Bollywood) classes.
    At UK, I have taken part in English film shoots (‘The Roundabout’), in theatres (‘Alice in New Wonderland’) and have performed in choirs at the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena (both at London). I am stage-free and very comfortable in following directions from creative adults.
    I have been based at Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi and am currently located at London.

  10. Emilia

    I’m 8 years old and I LOVE good luck charlie, I love all the characters they all have great personalty’s in the show and in real life. I love to be one of them. I have blond hair and blue eye this would be a great experience. I have been in a play. I would like any part even an extra thank you for your time and consideration sincerely Emilia

  11. Dejesus

    My name is Dejesus I would love to be on good luck Charlie. I love Disney channel and always dreamed to have a show of my own . I love acting and singing, I always participate in every school play and its just really apart of me. I feel the music and its just like music tells it on story. I just want the world to hear my voice and shout.

  12. Kaylie Short

    Hey I’m Kaylie and would love to be on good luck Charlie, even if it’s for just one episode. Here are some things about me: I’m athletic, I have tons of freckles, my eyes are hazel, I’m 11 years old, I live in Casper Wyoming and I have heard that I am a great actor. I’m super funny. I’m a little shy and it is a dream of mine to be on a Disney channel movie.

  13. Jessi Vanity

    Name: Jessi Vanity
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16, 17 on December 31st
    Height: 4 ft 11 inch
    Weight: 97 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green (Tends to change color in certain lighting)
    Body Type: Normal
    Location: Flat Rock, Michigan

    I’m Jessi. I love music. I use to play Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano when I was younger. I plan on playing music again. I’m a Black Belt in Karate. I’m in many Martial Arts class. I use to be in Cheer-leading and Gymnastics. I use to act in front of people; they were for school plays and Drama class. I love the Japanese culture. My nickname is Prodigy. I’m some what of a gamer. I love Techno, Electronic, Rock, and Metal music. I love scary movies. I hope you could consider me, it would be just wonderful.

  14. Hannah Fullbrook

    Hey my name is Hannah. I am 14 and I have blond hair and blue eyes. I love good luck Charlie and I think Charlie is so cute. I love Disney channel and watch it every day. I think I have what it takes to be on Disney channel because I am a very committed person. I have realised that by doing cheerleading for 6 years and never missing a competition. I do drama and music in school for gcse and I know how to play the guitar and piano. I am also really good at remembering lines and my family say I have a really big heart. I live in England, but I’m sure that if my family knew I had a chance of being on Disney channel even if it was just in the back ground, I’m sure that we would be on the next flight over there. I hope you take what I’ve said into concideration and I hope you pick me to be the lucky person that gets to join the disney family.

  15. Mariam Angari

    Hello my name is Mariam alangari and I’m 14 years old, I have brown eyes and long curly brown hair. It has been a dream of mine to be an actress for as long as I can remember. I have been in several plays at my school and joined the drama club, my teachers say I am a very talented young girl and should really consider taking a role in one of your Disney series. I have been watching Disney channel ever since I was 7 and I love it so much. I am very hard working and determined at anything I choose to do. I believe that you can do anything just if you put your mind to it and put in the effort. I hope to pursue this dream with Disney and become a successful actress someday.
    Thank you to whomever took their time to read this,I guarantee to be an amazing actress and hope to hear from you soon
    – Mariam

  16. Davan

    My name is Davan and I am from New York city. I’m a girl and I’m Mexican. I like good luck charlie.

    Weight: 109
    Hair: black
    Skin: tan
    Eyed: black and brown
    Talent : acting
    Experience: nothing
    Race: Hispanic

  17. Andreea Uszoges

    Hi, my name is Andrea, I’m from Romania and my biggest wish is to play in a Disney TV show. I’m 13 years old going on 14,I have experience in singing , I play the piano, I speak German, Romanian and English. I’m good at acting ,I learn very fast so its easy to work with me. I will do my best. I would also work very hard. All I need is a chance. Anyway, my hair is brown, my eyes are hazel-brown. I’m 1.60m tall. I can quickly get into character. I want to be an actress more than everything in this world.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  18. LaCie

    Hey, my name is Lacie. I am a 12 year old girl with brown hair,blue eyes, smart,short,and loves to act!! I love good luck Charlie!!! I have always wanted to be on good luck charlie ’cause I have always dreamed of being gabes girlfriend since he is my age and is cute!!! Please take my proposal into consideration and get me an acting gig!!! Thank you!!! Sincerely Lacie

  19. Haley

    Hey, my name is Haley im 13 I have brown hair,blue eyes,tall,smart,talented,and love to act!! Please give me a chance! I can show you what I got. Please help me follow my dreams and be an actress!!!!

  20. Lacie

    Hey my name is lacie. I’m 12 years old will be 13 in January. I have long brown hair, baby blue eyes, short, smart, and most of all I love and live to act!!! It would be an honor to be on good luck Charlie!!! I have always dreamed of being on goog luck Charlie and I have always wanted to be gabes girlfriend since he is my age and he is cute!!!so please email me and let me know cause I really want to be on good luck Charlie!!! Sincerely. Lacie

  21. Precious Wright

    Hello, my name is Precious. I would be perfect for this because I’ve had alot of acting experience. I’ve been in a lot of plays since I was 5 and I am a really good singer. I have been singing public karaoke since I was 9. Please give me a chance to show you what i can do please!

  22. ivan

    I would like to audition. I’m 11 and Ii have a baby nephew of my own. I can sing so I really wanna audition.

  23. Kristen(:

    Hi I’m Kristen
    Hair: brown and straight
    Skin: white with freckles
    Eyed:blue /green
    Talent : acting singing dance
    Experience : 3 main role productions
    4 smaller roles
    2 dance roles
    In local plays and theaters

  24. Hello my name is Bryanna Morales.
    Weight:98 pounds
    Hair:Dark brown,wavy
    Eyes:Dark brown
    Talent:singing and acting
    I am from Texas,Fort Worth.I am 11 years old going on 12.My whole life has been on my goal which is this.My friends sometimes tell me how it is not possible what I want.There might be some more people on this page that you are more intrested in but I believe in myself.Please may you give me a chance the way you gave your whole cast a chance.Please help me follow my dreams.

  25. Bailey bremer

    Hi I am 14 birthday may 20 1998
    I am 5ft 2
    I would really like 2 b on good Luck Charley, please I know there is SOOOOOOOOOO many other people that want 2 b on good Luck Charley so I don’t think I will b able 2 b on good Luck Charley, but I would REALLY!!!!!!! like 2 b on there πŸ™‚

  26. maliyah

    hi my name is maliyah and I love to act. I love sports and and the reason why I want to be on this show is I want to improve my acting skills.

  27. Cristian Maddalon

    My name is Cristian Maddalon. I’m 15 years old. I live in Italy, but I know English well. I love Disney Channel. I love Good luck Charlie. it is my favourite Series. I love Bridgit Mendler, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Jason Dolley… I love to recite. I would like to audition to become part of the series Good Luck Charlie..
    Name: Cristian Maddalon
    Age: 15 years old
    City: Padova, Veneto, Italy
    Acting: i love to act
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 1,70 cm
    Weight: 42 Kg

    if you wanna know something else about me, I will tell you.

    Cristian Maddalon.

  28. Trisonia Smith-Kelly

    I am 10 years old and i would love to be on good luck charlie. I am fun playful and I have my own style. I could play Ivy’s cousin or little sister. I hope you choose me <3

  29. Kayla Lovelace

    hi my name is kayla and im crazy fun, i luv to hang out with my friends and i luv!!!!!! singing and acting. i would luv if u picked me and im 12 years old my birthday is febuary 29 LEAP YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! and i would luv to be on any of these shows please pick my πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  30. Joni Pittman

    Hello there, my name is Joni. Sounds like jonie just clarifiying cause people get my name wrong. Anyway,I really want to be part of a disney show. My parents say I should be an actress. Okay so my hair is dark brown and my eyes are really dark almost like there black. I am 13 years old turn 14 September 8 2012. I’m in the 8th grade and im like 5’3. I did my school play but i did get the part so i went into the crew. I like to play sports and i used to take tae kwon do. Please just notify me please, i really want to be an actress. My dream is to be on disney channel mostly on Good Luck Charlie. Please and Thank you.
    -Joni Pittman-

  31. Danil

    Hello. My name is Danil. I’m from Ukraine.I’m 13. My dream is removed on the Disney channel.

  32. Angelina Martnez Eperanza

    i think the 3 heart beats are amazing the sing really pretty and they look really pretty too. i am one of their hugest fan too. when it is my birthday the time of the battle of the bands i am going to go there to see them in person and hear them sing it will be so awsome.

  33. Name: Hannah Washington
    Age: 13
    Hair: Brown, used to be blonde, can go back if needed.
    Skin: Fairly pale, can easily get tanned.
    Acting experience: Yes
    Info: I am 13 but everyone that I know says I look much older. I will be happy to play any age or character. I am from England but I can change my accent if needed. I can get over to the set easily when filming is on and stay in a hotel near by for how ever long it takes. I have actig experience through many plays and big performances. I love to entertain and have been to acting and drama classes. I have had main roles in everything that I have done. I can also sing and play bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano, keyboard and the violin. I am in two bands and have performed many times. I can quickly get into character and get along well with others to ensure I am getting the job done well.

    If you want any part done well, I will make sure it is done perfectly.

  34. Hunter Coombs

    Hello my name is hunter and I’m 11. I would love to be on a episode of good luck charlie . I have green eyes and straight long light brown hair with kind of blonde highlights.i have always had a dream of acting I am fun and bubbly and I hope you will reach me.

  35. Zai

    I know there r lots of people out there but I really want to have this part… I am zai and i love to sing and a few days ago i made a new song! I absolutly love to make songs! I have been in many plays and have sang in many talent shows! I have tried every website and still, NOTHING! I have really wanted to be famous but not to show off, just for the fun! I really dont want fame just for the money, i really wanna be in a movie! If u want more info plz email me! Thx and pretty please pick me!????

  36. I’m 13,I have light brown hair and brown eyes,I’m 160 metres high and 46kg.I’m slim and athletic I like sports like tennis, basketball and sometimes I play football but the thing I love is acting – at home or in front of my friends it’s the way I entertain.My dream is to be an actress and I’m searching for a way to start my carrer.

  37. Cristel

    Hi my name is Cristel and I am 12.I have dark brown hair and i am great at singing and acting.I would really like to act in Good Luck Charlie ,because i am super good at acting and singing, i never get to show my talent.If i get to go to an audition I will get to show of my talents.So please consider letting me at the auditions.Please and Thank you- Cristel

  38. Makayla Watson

    Hey my name is Makayla and I am a 12 year old girl with brown hair and hazel eyes.I am skiny and my skin colour is white.I am very athletic I do Taekwondo, Soccer and Im on my schools Volleyball team. I can do all sorts of flips because I used to be a competitive gymnast! I love to act and I would love to be on Good Luck Charlie! My friends, family members and teachers always tell me that I would be a great little actress and thats what I want to be! I am not afraid to make a fool of myself on TV and I am always happy and Im always having fun. But I can act like anyone you need me to, and I really get into acting! So please consider letting me at least audition thanks- Makayla

  39. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched the Disney stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing!

  40. Cali Dacey

    Hi, I am Cali and I am 12 years old. I am 5’2, and I am kind of tan. I have brown eyes and brown hair and I have loved acting ever since I was little! I would love to be on Good Luck Charlie, and please consider me for it! I think that I am good for any role because I am fun, and I love to act and I would be so greatful to be on it! Thank you!

  41. Jerrol Boykin Jr.

    Hello my name is Jerrold Boykin Jr. and i’m 14 years of age and i know if you let me audition for the show you will not regret it, because i have been watching people in my family act for years and i just picked it up i am 5’4 i have black hair brown eyes and i am african american mixed with indian, THANKS PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!!! πŸ™‚

  42. I have very good talent. I’m not like these other people. Before I have to beg and ask I practiced my acting and singing talent. I read things on the internet of how to be prepared. I’m going to keep practicing and working hard until I get on a disney. Thank you for your time.

  43. Carly T.

    Acting is my dream. Acting is fun and enjoyable and is where I show my talant. Good Luck Charlie is a really funny show with great actors on it. I feel that I have the potentiol to audition and be on the show.I do drama as an extra curricular in school.I am turning fourteen and have brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes and am 5″5 and female.I also have a fun awesome personality πŸ™‚
    Thank you to all of your work!

  44. Jessica

    hey, my name is Jessica, i am 12 in May, i have blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m 5.3 and i LOVE to act and get into the action
    i love to sing and play on my guitar
    acting to me its not just being on the big screen so everyone can see your face, its about proving something. showing that you have talent and experiencing the fun and the responsibilities, i have always like the drama movies, or happy movies, different kinds to show my emotions
    i have been in theatre i have been in plays
    i would love to get in there and show you what i got
    im more like Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson in a way
    and i wouldnt just like TV shows
    i would like to be in movies too
    cause of the remembering lines and showing your work that shows that u want something that u really want it
    thank you

  45. Harshithaa Mohanraj

    Hi, I’m Harshithaa Mohanraj and I’m 15 years old. I live in Southern California. I have Black hair, dark brown eyes and am 5 feet 4 inches. I am Asian Indian. I love acting and being able to act in this show or at least being able to audition for this show would be the biggest dream come true in the world! Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll consider me!

  46. Taryn Unhola

    Hey I’m Taryn and I love disney channel. I live in Canada but really want to be on a t.v. show. It would mean so much if I was on t.v. with you guys.

    Name: Taryn Unhola
    Age: 11
    Birthday: June 30th
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde,straight and medium length
    Hieght: 5.3 feet

    I have never been on t.v. but I was on the news once. I would love to be on the show. I would also work so hard to accomplish any thing that you guys wanted me to do. Thx for readig πŸ˜€

  47. Kyla

    I am almost 10 i have blond hair and blue eyes. I am great at singing. and also dancing! thank you! i would love to be on tv adn have an amazing memory!!! thx!!! i am a agreat actress btw!! πŸ˜€

  48. Kyla

    I am almost 10 and i am an AMAZING siner and would be glad to audition any time. i have a dream!

  49. chris rockwell

    my name is chris i would like to audition for good luck charlie cause i want to show people i am not afraid to do what i love i love all animals and really would like to here back please asap i want my dream to come true

  50. Madison Wilson

    Hi I’m Madison I am 14. I sing and love to act. I have four sisters. The youngest has a deep level of down syndrome. She loves good luck Charlie and i love it too. I would love to act and make her and my family proud. I have been billed alot but acting is the one thing I can go to and put my emotions into. I am homeschooled now so not to many bullies. But I love to act and i love good luck Charlie. I would love this part thanks.

  51. Sarah

    Hi, mt name is Sarah and I’m 11 years old. When I was 5, my dream was all about acting and singing. My favorite shows on Disney Channel are A.N.T Farm, Wizards of Waverly Place, Shake It Up, and Good Luck Charlie. I have never taken acting classes but I feel you dont need classes to act. I’ve been practicing by myself for 6 years. I’m really excited that I found a website were I maybe have a chance of my dream to come true. My friends say I’m a creative and fun person. And I hope you like my comment, hope to hear from you soon.

  52. Hi, my name is Christopher and i’m 11 years old. I love to act and sing, and one of my favorite things to do is sing to other songs such as the A.N.T Farm theme song. I am a big fan of Disney and my favorite comedy is Good Luck Charlie, and when I heard they were doing casting calls and I got really excited. I don’t really have any acting experiences, so this would be my first time on TV. If you would pick me, that would be great. Hope to hear from you soon!

  53. Serenity

    Hi my nane is Serenity Hartwick, I’m 3.5 years old. I love to sing and dance. I won a modeling contract through American mall model search. I’m hoping to be a model/actress. I love to be center of attention. When I had my portfolio pictures taken the photographer was amazied that I could take direction and do as I was told. I would love to be on any of your shows. I LOVE DISNEY!!!

  54. Katie

    Hello, my name is Katie I am 15 years old and I have been acting since I have was alittle girl I have been in many for my schools production and I live to sing. I have always wanted to be discovered and to be on Disney it’s just so inspiring how well the actors/actresses grow as a family and I’d love to one day become a part of it.

  55. chris

    Hi,my name is Chris and I’m 13 years old. I love “good luck Charlie”. I live in Paris I am french but I speak french and English. I want be an actor for “good luck charlie” because I love Bradley steven Perry, Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley and the rest. You are my idol and you are humorous and a small details Bridgit Mendler Is very beautiful. Jason and Bradley has beautiful clothes.

  56. spinella sebastiano

    ciao mi chiamo sebastiano sono alto magro capelli lunghi occhi verdi ho fatto anche altri castig ma mi soo potuto presetare per motivi di famiglia amo fare l’attore vivo in italia contattatemi al num ciao
    se volete informazioi ho foto contattatemi

  57. Alicia

    Je m’appellz alicia j’ai10 ans et je suis mΓ©tisse. J’aimerais jouer dans une sΓ©rie de Disney chanel.

  58. Caitlyn

    hi my name is caitlyn, im 12 years old and i have blonde hair. It has been my dream to be on tv. I have some expirence in acting, like i was in “Beauty is a beast” and am currently in acting classes. If you pick me it would mean the world to me! I am not very good at singing and im shy but when i get on stage and act its like i can be anybody i want to be! Hope to hear from you soon!

  59. Mirrin Cummings

    Hey!!!! I’m an 12 year old girl who loves acting!!!! I truly would do anything to have an opportunity like this and if you would pick me I would make sure i did everythingin my power to impress you!!!!!! I have red mid length hair, green eyes, freckles and I have a slim build! I am White/Caucasian or however you spell it lol! Please pick me!! Thanks x :)))

  60. jasmin

    hi im jasmin age 9 going on 10 i absoultly love gd luck charlie i like bridgit mendler i sang one of her songs on andovers got talent cuz i go to andover primary school in brechin angus gabe is quite cool cant remember his (REAL NAME SORRY ABOUT THAT GABE) yea and i love singing i do it every nite after school and i have got to the finals of every andovers got talent and my mum and her boyfriend or fiance watever love my singing i can sing billionaire anything im absoulutly good at acting so hope to here from u xxxx

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