Cartoon Network Auditions

Be on a Cartoon Network show in 2012!

Do you love the Cartoon Network? Do you want to be on a Cartoon Network show like Hole In The Wall or Destroy, Build, Destroy?

Tryouts for the Cartoon Network – To get on those shows you need to apply.

Think you have what it takes to face off against a gauntlet of moving barriers? Then we want you! Cartoon Network is casting teams of 3 for all-new episodes of the hit game show Hole in the Wall. Teams can consist of friends, families, kids, adults, clubs, sports teams, etc.

To get on Cartoon Network Hole in the Wall:

To get on Hole in the Wall please click here to visit the Cartoon Network site that will give you more information on applying.

The Cartoon Network just renewed Destroy Build Destroy for another season, that means that the network will be casting brand new shows and more kids will get a chance to blow some stuff up!

Tryouts for Destroy Build Destroy – Casting Call

NOW CASTING: Teams of 3 kids, 11 to 17 years old, who are outgoing with strong personalities. Must have athleticism and brains!

DESTROY BUILD DESTROY is a full-throttle competition show where two teams of THREE kids (11 – 17 years old) with various interests and points of views compete against each other to destroy and build elaborate creations from demolished wreckage. The winning team gets a cash prize; the losing team’s creation gets blown to smithereens!!!!

Have your parent or guardian email the casting department directly at:
Please include: Name, Age, Email Address, City and State, a Parent or Legal Guardian’s contact number, and current photos attached to all email submissions.
***All kids must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian to apply. Must live in or around the Southern California area to be considered.

13 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Auditions

  1. Patrick Aslan

    My name is Patrick I am 11 years old, if you picked me I would be the happiest boy in the world and I will give you $20 only if you pick so I am begging you please pick and don’t forget about the money.

  2. Korvon Saffron

    Hi, my name is Korvon Saffron and I am a 15 year old African American male. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado and was very worried about my future in this world. I have been playing with my voice’s for about a year now and can tell you that they are very good. They range from many different types of voice’s. Please contact me via e-mail for further detail’s or please send me information so that I may send a demo of my voices,but if I am not what you are looking for then I am very sorry for wasting you’re time.

  3. Taylor Thompson

    Hey, I’m 16 let’s have fun! pick me so our team can win!!

  4. Austin Dixon

    Actor on cartoon network of course.

  5. Austin Dixon

    Hi I’m Austin I live in Dania Beach and I’m 11 years old. I am very funny, active, and hard working especially when acting. I’ve even had experience before in plays. You might not think plays are much but I hope to achieve my dreams one day of being an actor.

  6. Mark Agenord

    I’m 14 , live in Tampa , Fl . Trying to get out the streets and make a living early and to be somebody in my life. My dream is being on Cartoon network, I’m a Perfect Actor, please Email me .

  7. Ben Barlow

    I’m am only 12 soon to be 13 and very good at voices and also very funny at time’s. I think I would fit for a cartoon boy that is either crazy or creepy. I’ve thought about this for a long time and is fit for the part my voice can change to British and Fake Japanese slow and strange ect. Please pick me.:)My part would be perfect for Adventure time or gum ball.

  8. Dieuchler

    I love cartoon network and I would like to be a part of it. I am very energetic, funny and easy going. I am 12 years old and very accomplished.

  9. Summer britt

    Hello my name is summer and I would love to be on cartoon network. I’m actually watching it right now 🙂 please if you ever need anyone for cartoon network, please give me an email. I check it all the time because this is my dream and has been all my life. I am 15 and trying to accomplish it 🙂

  10. Please tell me where I could do a casting for voice overs for cartoons with Cartoon Network. I have lots of voices
    Human and cartoon voices. I am really good. The link is audios of me doing voices as different people and cartoon voices. All the voices are me.

    Charlie Burnette,

  11. danya jouma

    me and my step-sister are huge regular show fans and would love to play as a character in this TV show. please e-mail me back for information on any voice casting auditions for any cartoon netwwork show. thanks, danya

  12. Paul Quintana

    Hello my name is Paul Quintana and I am a 12 year old ambitious person. I love acting and I am good at voice acting. I live in Southern California, in San Diego, I would also want a Job I love.

  13. Jamal

    Pick Me, Im young 18 male, Durham NC. Good at impersonation. Will make the perfect person to be on the show. Email me please. I am trying to make it big in life. Just graduated high school. My priorty was Academics first. I really don’t know what im going to be doing in the near future. I just want a job that i will LOVE

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