Become a Model

How to become a model?

Well it all starts with what kind of modeling you want to do. There are many opportunities for models. Some types of modeling like high fashion have many requirements and others do not.

But for most models that do any commercial, print or ad campaigns you will need to get yourself an agent.

how to be a modelEven though there are many types of models, what most people think of when you say model are the high profile fashion models like you see on the Victoria’s Secret runway show.

To become a high fashion model you will need to be tall, thin and have an agent that can get you the appointments with the people who book the fashion shows.

There are many modeling agents, but the top one are in large cities like New York and Los Angeles. Many girls who want to become high fashion models actually end up moving to New York so they can get an agent and find modeling work. High fashion modeling work also means ‘high fashion’ city and that is not something that is easy to find outside of large metropolitan areas.

If you live in a small town or a city that is not a fashion mecca you may want to try to get into some small community or mall fashion shows. Those will not normally pay anything and people just do them for the experience but it is a step into the direction that you want to go if that is what you want to do. After you do some small shows and get a small portfolio together, you can then start sending that portfolio out to agents in larger markets to see if they are interested.

There are many modeling agencies and the major ones are listed below. You can Google any of them to get mailing addresses and emails for portfolio submissions.

List of Modeling Agencies

  • 1 MODEL MGMT – New York
  • 18 KARAT TALENT & MODELING – Knoxville
  • 2PM MODEL MGMT – Copenhagen
  • AVENUE MODELLER – Gothenburg
  • BANANAS – Paris
  • BON IMAGE CORP – Tokyo
  • BRAVO MODELS – Tokyo, Japan
  • CHIC MGMT – Sydney
  • CITY MODELS – Paris
  • CLICK – New York and Los Angeles
  • DNA MODELS – New York
  • DONNA MODELS – Tokyo
  • ELITE – worldwide with offices in many large cities like New York, Paris, Milan and others
  • ESEE MODEL MGMT – Shanghai
  • FACTOR WOMEN – Chicago
  • FM AGENCY – London
  • FORD MODELS – New York, Paris and Brazil
  • FUSION MODELS – New York
  • IMG – New York, Milan, Paris, London
  • IMM BRUXELLES – Brussels
  • JILL MODELS MGMT – Antwerp
  • LA MODELS – Los Angeles
  • MC2 MODEL MGMT – New York, USA
  • MEGA MODEL AGENCY – Hamburg,
  • BMG – Worldwide
  • ROOT MGMT – New York
  • STARS MODEL MGMT – San Francisco
  • TEAM MODELS – Oslo, Norway
  • TESS MGMT – London
  • ULLA MODELS – Amsterdam
  • VISAGE MGMT – Zurich
  • VISION MGMT GROUP – Minneapolis
  • WILHELMINA – Model Management, Los Angeles, Miami and other cities

Once you get a portfolio together, you can begin mailing or emailing top model management companies. There is a partial list of modeling agencies above and there are hundreds more all over the world. Many modeling agencies handle other types of models, not just high fashion.

Many agencies have multiple divisions for things like commercial modeling and other choices.

And, of course there is America’s Next Top Model that you can tryout for.

7 thoughts on “Become a Model

  1. Vanessa Tracy joseph

    I love modeling everyday. I watch americas next top Model no matter if I watched it before. It’s like a passion, it would be a great opportunity to be in your company.

  2. Kay B

    To be a high fashion model you do not have to be tall and thin lol. Get real because the curvy girls rock and will be coming to a city near you very soon!

  3. Je'Lysa

    I am 23, with a beautiful petite body. Always ready to accomplish anything, when people say I can’t do it. I have a great personality, and can take good and bad criticism.

  4. Markeita

    I am a 23 year old standing at about 5’6 weight a 100 pound. I live in Grand Prairie Tx. I am look forward to modeling baby phat please email for more info.

  5. Jinine

    I want to know how to become a model. I love modeling and it has always been my dream to do magazines and editorials. It has been something I have wanted to do since I can remember and for years I have been practicing poses in front of a mirror and also walking with my friends. I know I have the model walk and I can rip the runway. Clothes look great on me because I am tall and thin and I can make anything look amazing. I am looking for modeling auditions in Minneapolis. I am also working on putting together a portfolio and have done a good amount of TFP. I have many pictures and am in the process of getting everything online so that I can submit my portfolio easily to the people who book models. My problem is finding people that book models and how to find a modeling job. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

    1. Jinine

      BTW, I love Tyra Banks and I love what she has done with her career after she stopped modeling full time. I read many stories about Tyra and I hope I can achieve just a small portion of what she has. Tyra, you rock!

      1. Jinine

        Also, thanks for the list of modeling agencies. I plan on submitting to all of them as soon as my portfolio is good enough.

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