Auditions – Pack Of Wolves is Disney Channel XD

Disney Channel XD tryouts in 2012 – A Pack of Wolves

Pack Of Wolves will be a great, Disney Channel XD show. The show has cast its main cast but is always looking for extras and casting featured extras, supporting roles and background actors.

Pack of Wolves is a new show that will be released very soon.

Pack of Wolves is a Disney comedy that is about the Oppenheimer siblings (Edison, Darwin, and Albert). The kids are being raised by their dad, a genius who happens to rent a room in the house to someone called “The Wolf”. The Wolf is a spy who is trying to keep out of sight and the kids learn all sorts of spy maneuvers from him.

Disney’s “A Pack of Wolves” is all set to be the next big Disney Channel hit.

Pack of Wolves stars:

  • Robbie Tucker as Albert Oppenheimer
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Darwin Oppenheimer
  • Haley Strode as Dr. Harper
  • Paul Vogt as The Thin Man
  • Samuel J. Dixon as Josef Dripple
  • Brady Grove as Newt Oppenheimer
  • Nick Clifford as the spy known as The Wolf
  • Scott Loftin as Benito Dripple

The show also stars Andrew Hawtrey, Brett Hennessy Jones

This unique family runs into all sorts of funny situations that include the The Wolf, the siblings and the unique mad scientist of a dad.

To get on the show, you will need to send all of your information to the show’s casting director, Julie Ashton. You can get the mailing information below. Please do not call.

Julie Ashton
Pack of Wolves
6253 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90028

If you want to be an extra for Disney’s A Pack of Wolves or tryout for a role on this new show, you can contact central casting as they are the extras casting company for this production.

You can apply to Central Casting by contacting them at (818) 562-2755. Central casting is located in the Los Angeles area in the city of Burbank.

Pack of Wolves is produced by ‘It’s a Laugh’ Productions which produces most of the Disney Channel and Disney XD shows including Jessie, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life, Sonny with a Chance and dozens more shows.

This is going to be another great hit for the Disney Channel and we can’t wait for the premier.

53 thoughts on “Auditions – Pack Of Wolves is Disney Channel XD

  1. Leslie Sosa

    My name is Leslie, I am 16 years and I would like to be an extra.

    1. kenenisa

      My name is Kenenisa.
      Information about me… I have black hair and I am 11 years old.
      I like to be funny and I would love to be a Disney actress. I know a rule, if they ask you for money then it is a scam.

      peace from kenenisa

  2. Barbara

    I really want to get onto Disney Channel or Disney XD. I am 12 and am a very talented actress. I would love to be in a show like A Pack of Wolves or anything else that Disney has to offer or any show that they are casting actors for.

    I am trying to get an agent but I do not have one right now so I hope that I can be on a show without having an agent even though I know that it will be hard to get an audition and do so well at it that they hire me. I have faith and this is my dream so I will keep trying until I reach the big time which I hope will be soon.

    I also like theater and am in my school play so I do have some experience acting on stage. Anyway I am a huge fan regardless of if I get a job and will be a huge fan of Disney for life.

    Best to all

  3. Heidi

    Hello My name is Heidi and I’m 14 years old. I live in California. My dream is to come out on Disney Channel. I see myself as a honest person that’s not afraid to be who she is. When I was small I was in a talent show at my school. My friends and I danced to the song “gotcha head in the game” from High School Musical. It was really fun being in front of my school. My friends got scared but for some reason I wasn’t, I enjoyed it. I also dance. I’ve been dancing for 5 years. Thank you for reading this. love Heidi

  4. Annabelle

    I like the idea. I have experience with acting from school and even little or no parts are great because I get to be in the acting world and experience more acting techniques.

  5. Octavio

    I am 12yrs old btw

  6. Octavio

    I would love to be a Disney channel star. I have what you need. I would like a role, but I also could be an extra! I just want to be a part of Disney channel or Disney XD!

  7. shantelle

    My name is Shantelle, I’m turning 14 on march 24. The reason I want to act and sing is for my brother. He got in a car wreck October 21st and is in a coma. He has been in one for 5 months and I want to raise money for him, thanks or your time.

  8. alexia

    Hello my name is Alexia, I am 12 years old and have a dirty blonde natural hair colour. I love shopping, adore singing and am great at it. I can sing Whitney Housten, Adele etc.. and have been singing for 7 years. I was trained for Broadway and all other types of music. I am friends with Aleksa Martino from Zoink’d and always love to be myself. I would really like an opportunity at acting in a family disney tv show. I wont let anyone down, thank you for your time, Alexia.

  9. Jacob Couch

    What’s up, my name is Jacob Couch. I am 12 years old, I have brown hair, green/brown eyes, and I’m white. My favorite sport is wrestling. My friends at school say I’m very good looking and that I have that TV face. I may be short, but I’m very fit. I have been acting for 5 years but I’m not in a acting company yet. My friends at school also say I’m a very good actor because I have played in many plays. So please accept me, Thank you.

  10. Juliet

    my name is Julia I am 14 years old and would like to go to Disney. I have a lot of talent, I can not draw, sing or dance and I also have a sense of humor. I’m good to go on a comedy series.

  11. Hi, I am a girl. I will 15 this month. I am Chinese-Thai. My father is Chinese and my mother is Thai. I love acting and singing.I always practice and improve myself in front of mirror.I usually sing a song if I can.I like to play guitar,piano and violin but I can not play yet,now I’m learning how to play it
    weight: 59 kg
    Thank you!

  12. faith

    I am faith and I am 11. I would love to be a main character on the show or any show, please let me be in the show.

  13. Shay

    hi im shay,
    i have long blonde hair and dark brown eyes, i live in australia and its always been a dream to act/perform on disney channel. I have had little experience of acting a fairy on A kids summer nights dream. I am 12 years old and im sorry i dont have agent

  14. Yara

    My name is Yara, acting has been a goal of mine for a long time now. I am 10 years old and female.

  15. kenia

    My name is Kenia and my dream is to be an actor. I have no agent or nothing right now. I am just a regular girl like I said my dream is acting but no one supports or believes me. Just my mom and dad and this a time. I can prove to everyone I can accomplish my dream. I know its hard to get an audition without an agent. I am 10.

  16. Montana

    Date of birth- (12/22/99)

  17. Montana

    Hi, I’m Montana Jo Bell. Im twelve turning thirteen December 22. I love to act and dance. I’m also in cheer at school. My main goal in life is to be on a hit tv show. I love the camera and the camera loves me. I can be myself while modeling but I like to try different people or characters. I can definitely model. I would love to join any tv show, movie or really anything. I am very funny. I get along great with others. I hope I can get any role possible.
    Height- 4’11.
    Weight- 81lbs
    Eye color- Dark blue
    Hair color- Brown
    Hair length- Medium
    Skin color- White
    Language- English
    Performance skills- Acting and dancing.

  18. Antoinette Reynolds

    Hi my name is Antoinette Reynolds and I’m a mom of 3. My oldest 10 is 5’3 and has made it through 2 auditions for Disney but didn’t make the final cut. She is now ready to try again. This time it seems her twin brothers who are 5 years old have caught the acting bug and they are always putting on their own plays or re-act all of the Disney shows they watch. I know they would be more than estastic to have an opportunity like this.

  19. khalil harris

    Name: khalil harris
    Age: 16 Gender:
    Male Height: 5″7″
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Hair color: Black
    Hair length: fade
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: African American
    Languages: English
    Perfomance skills: Acting, athletic, comdeian,
    Birthday: 8/10/95

    Hi, khalil harris. I’m a 16 year old african american . I have long black hair, and brown eyes. I enjoy acting, dancing and performing. I am very funny, and passionate. I can do impressions of many people such as charles barkely , kevin hart, martin lawrence, eddie murphy and much more. Also people say i look like T.I who i also can do an impression of. I’m ready for any role possible! Thanks

  20. Rosa Dela Curz

    Hi i’m 13 yeas old about to be 14 i’ll love to be on you new show “A Pack of Wolves”. playing any role is fine.I think this well be a great opportunity for me and i’ll appreciate if you guys even considered me. i can Sing,Dance and most importantly
    hair:Dark Brown,Length:Mediume
    Birth Date:June 19,1889 (6/19/98)
    Location:Santa Ana 92703 Ca if you need any more info please ask away.

  21. sarah olivia quirk

    i am 11 and would love to be on tv

  22. Iris Priscilla

    I am thirteen years old and have alot of acting experience and would love to be on this show. I don’t mind if im just an extra. I can work with any role you give me. 🙂

    1. Iris Priscilla

      Info about me:
      Hair: Dark Brown, medium length
      Eyes: Light Brown
      Height: 5’5

  23. brunelle kambaja

    My name is brunelle, I’m 10 years old and im going to turn 11 in may. I have a passion of acting and also like dancing which im good at and hope it can be shown more on T.V.
    I hope you give me chance to fulfill my dream of being a dancer and actor on a disney channel.

    thank you and hope you give me a chance.

  24. Luciana Jovem

    Hi! My name is Luciana tneho. My son Derick and I wanted to invest into acting for him. He is seven years and very smart super funny and speaks 3 languages fluent. I live in Boston if I could have help to turn my son into a great actor I’m happy.
    Thank you.

  25. Crystal De'Vinner

    I have a 2 year old toddler who would be a great actor or extra…let me know the details asap!

  26. Roma

    Hi my name is roma some people call me alia. I am 11 yrs old about to turn 12 on october 8 and i am also 5 feet tall. Acting is my passion and i have been dreaming it my whole life. I am also good at singing but need a little bit practice. I dont have an agent but i hope i can still audition or get on a disney show without an agent. i wasnt born in the states but i hope that isnt a problem. i am a filipino female and i live in North Hills,California.

  27. aaron

    hi im aaron im 5 years old i realy want to be a little star im a half japanese i like acting my favorite tv show is MR. BEAN and TOM AND JERRY i wish i would be selected 🙂

  28. ashli

    I really want to be on This show i am 10 This turning 11 It would be so great to be on This show Just once i been signing up for à long time i got à call for à comercial but my mom forgot to take me

  29. maranda ramsey

    pack of wolves sound cool to start off … im maranda im 12 gunna be 13 may 8th i would love to be a actress on disney channel im tall slim and very atthletic i can play the flute and trombone and i can also do flips and the splits
    please contact me

  30. Hi my name is Rahiman some of you can’t say it right anyway I am 10 years old i live in Australia,Perth,WA i am good at dancing,singing ,playing a guitar and playing Drums.

    I have JB hair style
    Black Eyes
    Dark hair
    Love Selena Gomez so much

    PS:i hope i get the job..And hurry i wont be hear on July but i’ll be back and i won’t be here on December forever.

  31. Mathu Irene

    I would love my child to enter

  32. jamese

    I really will LOVE to try this experience i am really great in acting and will LOVE THIS IT WILL B LIK A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! i am 16 years old, african american female, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and who ever read my message i hope you give me a shot at it.PLLLLLLLEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

  33. Tiffani

    I always wanted to be in any Disney movie or show. im an actress waiting for an opportunity to be in one. i live in Houston, Tx. I’m a 15 year old Asian female with brown eyes and black hair. I hope you guys read this message and let me audition. it would be a dream come true thanks for reading. contact about any info or learn more about me.

  34. Natalie

    Hia I’m Natalie, and I’m 12 years old I’m a actress and a singer! I’ve been Singing and acting sense I was little.My dream is to show what I can do ,and have fun doing it! Thank you! :3

  35. Maxtonmccollum

    Hi my name is Maxtonmccollum I am 10 years old and I would love and it would me my dream to be a Disney comedy at first I would prefer to be on Disney channel but at this point I don’t care i love to sing , dance and of course act it would be a mirical if you picked me and if u don’t please still e-mail me so I can know and not leave me hanging well thank you for you time and hope you have a good day

    1. Tristy Briggs

      I would love to be on this show. It is my dream to act for Disney, so please consider me.
      Name: Tristy Briggs
      Age: 12(but I look 13 or 14)
      Race: white
      Eye: blue
      Hair: dirty blonde
      Dance: yes
      Sing: kinda
      Please consider me to act in this show, you would make my dreams come true!

  36. Hello. I’m Mari, (Mary) i’m 13 years old and i’m from Georgia from Tbilisi. I really love sing, i think that this is my life. I really want to arrive to America and have a career, as the rest of the teenagers, if you have a question i can answer why it is. To have a career in Hollywood as the rest of the teenagers have been very time-consuming But I know how to work with the Disney.This is my dream and i always do everything for my dreams because i’m very purpose and i can do everything for it i can work very hard, please help me. Now now i’ll tell you about my possibility, i really know sing, but like everyone i need practise and exercise, and from a child i’m dancer when i was for years old i begun study dance, i love it too, I have lots of medals and diploma from dance and important I had many tours around the world, I was in 9 country, I won many prize. I know swim very good i swimed 8 years. i can personification and do different things which is communicate in actress, (acting technique.) sorry about mistakes, i know two language, first “mother tongue” my language Georgian and foreign language, i know English and Russian. It’s funny but maybe it is important for you, i can ride small motorbike and ride bicycle, i know play on guitar and i have many plans for next year i want to learn play piano and French language…… Thank you so much, i love all disney stars i love Selena Gomz and Demi lovato and i want to be like them. Thanks if you like this, i can send you my pictures and please write me answer on E-mail. Thank you so much. P.S at school when we had school performance, I always had main role, I was cindarella, in cindarella, I was snow white, and we had Georgian performance and I had main role there too. f you want to call on my phone number, i hope it needs code to call in Georgia, Thanks……

  37. Elsinora

    I love Pack of Wolves. I really, really want to get onto a Disney Channel audition or into a Nickelodeon one. I have a problem that I do not live in Los Angeles. I hear that that is where they do all the casting calls for Disney and Disney channel. I really hope that casting directors will come to where I live. I know there was an open casting call in Austin last year but I could not get there because I did not hear about it in time. I hope that in 2012 that they will post the tryouts sooner so that we can make plans to be there that are not last minute. Last year I found out only 2 days before and could not do it because of school and my parents even thought they did come to my state. I really want to hear about auditions in Texas especially Disney auditions in Texas or any other network on TV. Wish me luck everbody 🙂

  38. Raven

    Hi,My name is Raven Miller i just turned 12 and this show sounds REALLY great and i want to get a role in this show.

  39. my name is just oprah, haha

  40. Im in need of an agent,but Im all the way in africa and have trouble getting one

  41. being on pack of wolves would be awseome!!!!!!since I do love acting,dancing and singing!Im fillrd with energy and Im also a very adorable and smart 10 year old,Ive once been in a commercial from leepfrog,it wouldb an onor to star in this series.(I hope I get in the show)

  42. amy

    i really want to be on disney xd- it’s my dream. i have had loads of experience- i have peformed in pantomines infront of hundreds of people- i can also sing and dance and i watch disneyxd and disney channel all the time i am a huge fan.
    i am trying to get an agent at the best of my ability and i really want to try. i am 1 years old and i would do anything to be on disney xd or disney channel. please email me- that would be fab

    yours sincerely, amy murray

  43. alexandra

    hi my name is alexandra i am 12 years old but i look 14 I am trying to get an agent but I do not have one right now so I hope that I can be on a show without having an agent so. anyways i sing,dance, and act so if you would emailz me that would be so great!
    email me 🙂

  44. hei, eg er norsk. eg har vert med i skoleoppsetninger eg kan nesten grine på komando har ikkje agent men skule gjerne synger og svø er 11 år. eg vil vellldig gjærne bli skuespiller. ps. kan snakke engelsk. visst du er produsent og vill gi meg ein sjanse så send meg ein mail.

  45. Laura

    First of all, thank-you for looking at my comment and if you are an agent or a producer or works for tv please please consider the following: I am a young(over the age of 12) and i love acting have been in plays and have been a lead in all of them i love acting and its a passion that i have alwas had i would be blessed if you would give me a chance if you are a producer and want to give me a hcnace go ahead and please email me!!

  46. Jake

    I`m Jake, I’m 14 years old. I have been lead role in School Concerts and have been told that I am a good public speaker… I would like to be a extra and would like to experience how it is to be on proper stage.

  47. Tajha Webb

    I’m kind of new at this but I would like to be in A show at least. I really don’t care which one. I’m a straight A student and I will remain to stay that way. I’m not really hard to work with and I smile a lot. I can sing really well. That’s what everyone says when they hear me.

    1. Tajha Webb

      Oh and by the way I’m a 13 year old girl

  48. Jenny

    I really want to get onto Disney Channel or Disney XD. I am 17 and am a very talented actress. I would love to be in a show like A Pack of Wolves or anything else that Disney has to offer or any show that they are casting actors for.

    I am trying to get an agent but I do not have one right now so I hope that I can be on a show without having an agent even though I know that it will be hard to get an audition and do so well at it that they hire me. I have faith and this is my dream so I will keep trying until I reach the big time which I hope will be soon.

    I also like theater and am in my school play so I do have some experience acting on stage. Anyway I am a huge fan regardless of if I get a job and will be a huge fan of Disney for life.

    Best to all
    Jenny Whitsett

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