Auditions for The Host in 2012

‘The Host’ is coming to the big screen in 2012 and the movie is now casting actors and holding auditions for principal roles. The Host has not yet started production but will soon. The Host is written by the same author that wrote the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyers.

It is a amazing story that tells the tale of aliens finding himan hosts and the events that surround it. The Host is a Sci Fi thriller and this movie will definitively be a block buster because the book is so popular and there are so many fans of Stephanie Meyers and the entire Twilight series.

‘The Host’ Synapses:
Earth has been inhabited by an alien species known as “Souls.” Although an incredibly peaceful race, Souls can only survive by being inserted into a host body, taking control of their minds. In an effort to discover the secret whereabouts of some of the last remaining human resistances, the Soul Wanderer has been inserted into the human being Melanie Stryder. This is the story of The Wanderer who inhabits Melanie. The story of Melanie joined with this being who , after she awakens and finds what happened to her as she tries to save the human race from the control put on her. The Wanderer becomes sympathetic to the cause and a trust and friendship become the next step in this sci fi romance thriller.

The movie is now casting in the Louisiana area and anyone in Louisiana that would like to be an extra on the film should register with the casting directors in Louisiana who will be doing the casting.

The film is now casting for many roles that are principal actors. Extras casting calls for the movie has not yet been announced but will be announced early in 2012.

‘The Host’ book is almost as popular as the legendary Twilight series and should become a huge hit both with ‘Twilight’ fans and new fans.

This will be a big Hollywood film with a huge budget that will surely need thousands of extras, day players and stand ins..

The casting director for the project is The Host
Baton Rouge, LA – Principle Casting: Ryan Glorioso, CSA
you can go here to register with them or get contact info.

‘The Host’ will begin production in 2012 and will be released in 2013.

So far, the movie has been rumored to have cast the following actors:

  • Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder
  • Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea
  • Max Irons as Jake
  • and Bradley Steven Perry as Jamie Stryder

Many more actors will be cast soon and any open casting calls for extras for ‘The Host’ will be posted as soon as the information is available.

‘The Host’ is scheduled for release in March of 2013. Stay tuned for more information about auditions and tryouts for ‘The Host’.

3 thoughts on “Auditions for The Host in 2012

  1. Melissa Washington

    I have a passion to become the next Star! I really like acting and so I would love to have an Audition for this movie. Please let me know when the auditions take place. Thank you.

  2. Melissa Washington

    I have a passion to become the next Sta! I really like acting and so I would love have an Audition for this movie

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