How to find an agent

Most acting auditions are booked through agents and not open calls. If you are serious about an acting career, you should be serious about getting an agent.

There is a simple reason of why most acting jobs are booked through agents. Simply, casting directors do not want to deal with the inexperienced and untrained wanna be actors out there. Casting directors trust the agents they work with to send only qualified actors to them. It saves them time which in any business means money.

To get an agent you need to first get experience. Agents represent actors they can market which means skilled and experienced. Since agents make money if the actor makes money, they are quite picky about who they represent. Agents will require an acting resume so make sure you have polished yours. Agents also want trained actors, so you may want to check out some acting schools first.

To get an agent you will first have to get a agent mailing list with contact info. The unions also have good information available. SAG has a list of franchised agents as does Actors Equity.

Once you get the contacts, you need to use them to get yourself seen.

A few things to watch out for and keep in mind when looking for an agent:


  • Good agents will not advertise.
  • They DO NOT put ads out on craigslist or anywhere else. You must find them. There is actually an industry code that forbids them to do so.
  • Legit agents are very selective and will not give you a sales pitch.
  • Legit agents will not provide services that you must pay for such as classes, websites or headshots. They can recommend certain services if you ask them but they are not allowed to require you to use them.
  • Kids do not need professional headshots nor do extras. Snapshots will do.
  • Agents are not casting directors and therefore are not the ones who hire you. They can not guarantee any work.
  • Agents cannot require up front fees for their services. They take a percentage of your pay only after you got a job.

33 thoughts on “How to find an agent

  1. Angel Gonzalez

    I’m 9 years old and I’m looking for someone who can give me an acting job for Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite, Disney, etc. If any agent happens to live in Melrose or Boston. That’d be good. Cause my parents don’t really approve of big travelling. But if I have to, I’ll convince them.

    1. Angel Gonzalez

      Oh, and by the way. I’d mostly enjoy a part in a cartoon (Such as Fairly Odd Parents) so I can read the script in front of me because I don’t have the best memory.

  2. tirsa shannon

    tengo 13 años soy peruana actuó, bailo, canto y me encanta la actuación y ese es mi sueño, quisiera a algún agente de confianza para que me pueda ayudar. ¡GRACIAS!

  3. elsy

    I would lov an agent. I started singing at 6 and auditioned for a play when I was 8. Now I’m 12 years old and live in south africa. Love nickelodeon and disney channel.

  4. Celeste Menendez

    Hello My name is Celeste I am 14 I live in florida and really want be on the new upcoming shows. I am not sure if they are still doing the one direction tv show but I really want in it. I need an agent, but my mom doesn’t want to spend a lot of money so can you please help me and give me more information.Thanks

    1. Celeste Menendez

      I meant be in the one direction show and if you could please help me thanks..sorry for the mistakes

    2. admin

      An agent does not charge you money, only the scammers do. An agent makes money when you make money and therefore you need experience and training before any will give you a chance. If an agent says they will find you work for a fee, they are scammers because it is not legal in most states that do lots of production for an agent to charge upfront fees, for anything.

  5. Sheila N. Perez

    Hi I’m Sheila and i love to ACT please tell me how to find and agent I’m from Puerto Rico and I Need Help. I’m 12 years old .My hairs is long and its color is dark brown. I have brown eyes. My body type is like medium but less.
    My height is 5’5.
    Acting is my pasion and I always wanted to be on TV so if you know some auditions just send me a massage on my Facebook.

  6. alexa

    It’s Alexa please I love to ACT!:P

  7. Kimberly Kyle Gonzales

    Hey! My name is Kimberly Kyle and I’m 16 years old. I have dark brown hair and eyes. I live in the Philippines and I would like to get an agent, I wonder where I can find one. I really wanted to be on tv. can you help me? please reply.thanks 🙂

  8. Hermeen T.

    Hi I’m Hermeen I am 13 years old and I would like to get an agent around Houston,TX. Any idea where I can find one? Thank You

  9. Rachel

    Hi I am Rachel I love acting and I sing to I was in my school band and I was in singing class but I quit cause most of the time I had to help my teacher fix her computer/i pod I am 12 turning 13 in 8-20 my parents do want to help me but most auditions we found were a scam we are looking for an agant to go on disney/nickelodeon and my friends say i

    1. Rachel

      I am like jade from victorious cause I dress in all black my hair is black i have blue eyes and am 5ft1 I am nice I am happy most 24 hours a day nothing really makes me mad I have been told that i’m a good actress/singer the next thing I wanna learn is to dance 😉

  10. Najad

    Hi I really need an agent in London, UK because I tried my hardest to audition but all the casting calls are like in the states. So if you could reply back to me that would be great. Thanks.

  11. raquel

    Can some one help me find a agent can some one please please helpppppp if some one knows help me the time is 6:18. I live in Texas.

  12. Amanda

    hi im 11 am trying to find anyone that can help me find any acting job! I would be so thankful if someone could help me out or help me find an agent!

    1. Amanda

      ps i live in jacksonville fl 32244

  13. Katrina

    My name is Katrina.
    I am 11 years old. Turning 12 in July.
    I am a normal girl, just had a big dram of acting and modeling. But my mom doesnt want to spend ALOT of money,and she doesnt know really where to start. I would like to be on iCarly, Victorious, big time rush, and/or house of anubis. Please help me(: ! Thanks..

  14. Anthony Coronado

    Im Anthony and i need agent so i can audition i would love to be on and being the new band member of Big Time Rush also i sing everyday i think sound really well so i need agent

    1. alexa

      hey! STAY OFF MY PATH!!!!!>:(

    2. Kelsey

      Alexa, stop. Everyone needs a chance.

  15. alexa

    P.S. GO NINA! I’m a big fan!REALLY!:)

  16. alexa

    Hey, I’m Alexa and I need a agent I really would love to go on House of Anubis.I watch it all the time!Help, Pleas!:)

  17. Megan&Suraj

    Hi, My Name Is Megan, And me and my bestfriend Suraj Are 13/14 years old and are really interested in appering on Nickelodeon on shows such as :icarly, Victorious and House of Anubis, they are 3 of our favourite shows and are hoping to star on them.Please Reply.Thankyou

  18. Megan

    Hi, My Name Is Megan, And me and my bestfriend Suraj Are 13/14 years old and are really interested in appering on Nickelodeon on shows such as :icarly, Victorious and House of Anubis, they are 3 of our favourite shows and are hoping to star on them.Please Reply.Thankyou

  19. Kathrin Thurner

    Hey I am Kathrin. I try to find an agent for me . I am an 14-year-old Austrian girl and I can dance and sing very well !

  20. petra

    Hi am petra daniella ferreira am 13 turning 14 in February am a female light in complection I have brown eyes short hair and am in an art school am looking for an agent to help me per sue my acting dreams I leave in south africa and I need an agent thanx for reading

  21. Melody

    I have a 3 year old and she is the best for this and she is great and pretty.

    1. Melody

      She weight bout 27lb 12.5oz her height is 2″11 she is mixed bread .

  22. Kennedy Estrada

    I am 12 years old who wants to be on nickelodeon. I always watched nickelodeon shows such as Drake And Josh, Zoey 101, Victorious, Big Time Rush, And iCarly. My dream is to be a nickelodeon actress.I have been in school plays but now i need more advice on show business. Thank You! 🙂

  23. tosha anderson

    I have a 15 year old daughter and a 9 year old who needs a agent. Where can I find one in nj

  24. Rebekah

    I am 14 years old and am trying to find anyone that can help me find any acting job! I would be so thankful if someone could help me out or help me find an agent!

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