Casting Directors and Agents in Canada

Looking for a list of agents and casting directors in Canada?

Below is a list of Agents and casting directors in Montreal, Quebec.

The list is of ACTRA franchised agents. ACTRA is the Canadian actors union. Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists or ACTRA for short is the union of more than 22,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media in Canada including TV, film, radio and digital media.

The difference between agents and casting directors is that agents work for you while casting directors work for the production companies. You pay your agent out of the money that you make on a commission basis and the production companies pay the casting directors.

Both agents and casting directors work hand in hand. Casting directors are responsible for filling roles in their clients productions. Casting directors will hold auditions and casting calls for actors and other performers.

Most casting directors do not have time to see unqualified and untrained actors. They only want to see people they may be interested in and those people are already skilled. To weed out the the actors that are not qualified, casting directors turn to the agents they work with.

Agents represent talent and are familiar with the talent they represent. Agents will send the actors they feel are qualified to see the casting directors and audition.

Be advised that legitimate agents are not allowed to charge upfront fees. They only get paid if you do. Casting directors get paid by the production company to cast a project. You do not pay them for their services.

Sometimes casting directors do charge an audition fee. This is more commonly seen in open calls for dance auditions. This fee should be very reasonable and is usually between $15 and $25. Extras casting directors are also known to charge small fees – $20 to $40. The fees are to take snap shots and add the talent to their database.

Unless you are a dancer, there should not be any fees involved at auditions. Remember, an audition is a job interview and no one pays to interview for a job!

Andrea Kenyon & Associates Casting Lucie Robitaille Inc. Casting Murielle La Ferriere
(not responsible for Background Casting) 7372 rue St-Hubert 5570 Cartier #204
7535 St. Denis Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2N3 Montreal, Quebec, H2H 1X9
Montreal, Quebec H2R 2E7 Tel: 514.524.0688 Tel: 514.524.6644
Tel: 514.948.2000   Fax: 514.948.1604
Elite Casting Ginette D’Amico Casting Quarters – Johanne Titley
3981 St-Laurent, #310 1239B du Fort 7301 Beaubien East #407
Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1Y5 Montreal, Quebec, H3H 2B8 Montreal, Québec H1M 3X3
Tel: 514.282.1631   Fax: 514.844.8223 Tel: 514.939.1442   Fax: 514.934.4818 Tel: 514.354.7997   Fax: 514.354.6166
Ginette Goulet Casting Figuration Julie Breton L.A. Casting
C.P. 313 Succ. Victoria Tel: 514.767.6999   Fax: 514.767.9994 25 Port Royal East #105
Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2V8 Montreal, Quebec  H3L 3G1
Tel: 514.932.8911   Fax: 514.937.8911 Tel: 514.381.6554
Louise Boisvert Casting Louise Lacoste Casting Enr. Labelle Casting
420 St. Martin C.P. 547, Succ. Jean-Talon 24 Chemin de Saverne
Montreal, Qc H3J 1W2 Montreal, Quebec, H1S 2Z4 Ville Lorraine, Quebec, J6Z 2V3
Tel: 450.638.9718   Fax: 450.638.6307 Tel: 514.255.3779   Fax: 514.256.4083 Tel: 450.621.0023   Fax: 450.621.3718
Aldo Tirelli Casting Realisation BCP Cent Visages Figuration (Background)
Principal casting only; no extras 3530 St. Laurent, Ste. 400, 544 rue Des Cannas
Tel: 514.759.8310 Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2V1 St. Eustache, Qc  J7P 0A7 Tel: 514.285.1414   Fax: 514.842.5907 Tel: 514-771-1340  Fax: 450-628-8423
Casting Brigitte Viau
19 Hermès
Candiac, Quebec, J5R 3R8
Tel: 450.638.9718

Canada, Montreal Talent Agents and Agencies

Agence Artistique Helena Inc. Agence Artistique MVA Acteurs Associes
3230 McCarthy 1009 Laurier West 4539 Fabre
Ville St. Laurent, QC  H4K 2A2 Outremont, Quebec, H2V 2L1 Montreal, Quebec, H2J 3V7
Tel: 514.332.0890   Fax: 514.332.8531 Tel: 514.277.4842  Fax: 514.277.4817 Tel: 514.525.6218  Fax: 514.525.4736
Cell: 514.232.1369 Agence artistique Martine Bouchard Agence Ginette Achim (T)
Talent Agency 1053 Laurier West
Agence Manon Marcoux 15736 A boul. Gouin Ouest Outremont, Quebec, H2V 2L2
741 de l’Épée Montreal, Quebec, H9H 1C4 Tel: 514.271.3737  Fax: 514.271.8774
Outremont, Quebec, H2V 3V1 Tel: 514.295.7776  Fax: 514.675.1024
Tel: 514.271.6652  Fax: 514.271.8702
All Star Talent Agence Artistique Duchesne Aviel Talent (T)
1925 Tupper 6031 Parc ave. 1117 Ste-Catherine West, #718
Montreal, Quebec, H3H 1N6 Montreal, Quebec, H2V 4H4 Montreal, Que, H3B 1H9
Tel: 514.932-3033  Fax: 514.932-3360 Tel: 514.274.4607  Fax: 514. 274.0591 Tel: 514.288.8885  Fax: 514.288.0768
Benzakein Talent Bellini International Inc. Cameo Agency
1155 Rene-Levesque Blvd. #2500 5099 Jarry Est 750 Rocheleau #2
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2K4 St-Leonard,  Qc, H1R 1Y5 St. Hubert, Quebec, J3Y 4S8
Tel: 514.931.9260  Fax: 514.931.9260 Tel: 514.326.3599  Fax: 514.329.4616 Tel: 514.989.8673    Fax: 450.550.7580
Claire Ledoux Agency da Vinci Talent David Remington Agent
519 De Gaspé, suite #106 2110 Amherst 3464, rue de Bullion
Ile-Des-Soeurs, Que, H3E 1E9 Montreal, Que, H2L 3L8 Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2Z9
Tel: 514.768.8630  Fax: 514.768.6363 Tel: 514.523.9106  Fax: 514.523.6935 Tel: 514.982.1777 Fax: 514.982.6684
EPIC Talent Encore Entertainment
3451 St. Laurent #400 5445 De Gaspe, Suite 213 Erika Klusch Productions
Montreal, Que,  H2X 2T6 Mtl., Que, H2T 3B2 Tel: 514.277.0992  Fax: 514.270.2544
Tel: 514.284.5581 Tel: 514.282.1408  Fax: 514.842.1347 (by appointment only)
Fax: 514.284.3656
Glenn Talent Management Jean-Jacques Desjardins Agent Jory McLean Talent
11 St. Joseph West Tel: 514.982.1718  Fax: 514.982.1767 2 – 4128 Dorchester BLVD. West
Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2P2 Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1V1
Tel: 514.499.3485  Fax: 514.499.3491 (by appointment only) Tel: 514.933.6799  Fax: 514.933.2357
Payer & Choquet Martinez Creative Management Productions ASC (Adam St. Coeur)
1156 Chemin Du Lac Chaud 7012 St. Laurent Blvd. #200 2251 de Maisonneuve est
La Macaza, Quebec, J0T 1R0 Montreal, Quebec, H2S 3E2 Tel: 514.526.1557  Fax: 514.526.2364
Tel: 514.728.2811  Fax: 514.728.1405 Tel: 514.286.6001  Fax: 514.286.6003
Reisler Talent Inc. Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency Montreal (T) Sybillle Sasse Agency
Tel: 514.843.4551  Fax: 1.866.906.6106 (ART Agency) 1600 Notre Dame West, #205 1255 University Street, Suite 502 Montreal, Quebec, H3J 1M1 Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3V8 Tel: 514.934.0393  Fax: 514.934.0326
(by appointment only) Tel: 514.841.1221  Fax: 514.841.0828
WhiteRock Agency  


Tel: 514.915.4754  Fax: 514.227.5416
(by appointment only)

Here is some advice from ACTRA about casting directors and agents for children who work in Canada.

What should I know about talent agents?

A talent agent is contracted to arrange auditions and negotiate contracts for your child. Be sure the agent you select is legitimate and ethical. A list of agents can be found on your ACTRA Branch’s website. Look for agencies that are either members of TAMAC (Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada), members of the EICAA (EIC Agency Association), or that have signed the EIC Code of Ethics. Be very cautious of agencies that offer guarantees of work or try to sell you courses, photos, services or demand up-front fees. Legitimate agents only make money if your child actually works as a performer.

What should I know about auditions?

Your child’s agent will call you with the time and place, and details such as the names of the project, director, producer, casting director and ad agency if it’s a commercial audition.

Keep a work diary to record this information; this will become very important should your child be booked. Take special note of shoot dates and inform your agent immediately of any scheduling conflict. Otherwise your child will be expected to be available on the shoot dates. Auditions must be held a reasonable length of time after school hours. Always arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and make sure you’ve read the breakdowns and scripts that your agent has provided.

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