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The audition, it’s a process most actors have come to love dread at the same time.  Actors love that they actually got the audition and therefore the chance at that role they want, yet dread the pressure of nailing it and impressing the casting directors. If only there was a magic pill….

Well, as much as we want the magic pill, it simply hasn’t been invented yet. However, there are some tips from the audition pros that may help you get prepared and relieve a bit of the pre-audition anxiety.

Lets start with the basics,


Research your casting call well. Check out the company involved and make sure they are on the level. Doing that basic research will save you valuable time. There are many shady companies that post what look like valid casting calls but end up being marketing gimmicks, scams, completely useless and even pornographic. Make sure you look at the companies website and thoroughly research the name of the company and casting director online.

Common Sense

If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is. Many companies pray on the young and beginning actor using high paying jobs as the bait to get them into their office and a high pressure sales pitch follows.

Research and common sense will keep you out of trouble, now lets see how to improve your odds of landing the role.

Professionalism – Casting directors and productions expect professionalism. Make sure that your resume looks and reads like a pros.  Have your paperwork  ready and in order. The last thing you want to do is waste their time by having to search your bags for your headshot or resume.

Knowledge – Do your research on the company you are auditioning for. Learn about their previous and upcoming projects. With theater companies, find out what their mission statement is.  Knowing who you are auditioning for will show that you are knowledgeable, prepared and have an interest in their work. Knowing their background will also help with conversation and can even be used as an icebreaker.

honesty – Do not exaggerate your experience, they will find out and you will feel stupid. Everyone has to start somewhere and most casting directors will not dismiss a talented actor for lack of experience. Impress them with your performance, demeanor and passion for the art.

Selection – Select the roles you audition for carefully. Make sure you are well qualified for the job and it is something you can do. Going to every and any casting call regardless of qualifications will not increase your odds of landing a gig, on the contrary, it will decrease them since you may gain a reputation you do not want.

After the audition – Sometimes you may want to send a thank you email or note to the casting director. I say sometimes because you really have to read the casting director to know if they would appreciate the note or find it annoying and kiss ass. Try asking around to get a feel for whether you should or not.

The callback – If you got the call back then you are going in the right direction of landing that role, if you didn’t, don’t despair. Something better is around the corner. Just about every actor has a story about being rejected for one role leaving them open to audition for a far better one and landing the gig.

2 thoughts on “Audition Tips

  1. Cyntrecia williams

    I really want to just show disney what I’m made of. I have already done the research and everything. I’m just waiting on my moment. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Destiny Ramos

    Thank you these acting tips, were very useful.

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