ANT Farm Disney

Ant Farm – The hit Disney Channel sitcom was created by Dan Signer. ANT Farm stars China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, Jake Short, Stefanie Scott and Carlon Jeffery.

A.N.T. Farm Disney

Disney’s Ant Farm first premiered on the Disney Channel Network in May of 2011. The pilot for Ant Farm was actually aired as the series finale of another popular show, ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. Both shows were created by Dan Singer, so ‘The Suite Life’ was used to introduce A.N.T. Farm.


A.N.T. Farm actually stands for “Advanced Natural Talents” program which is a program for very gifted students in a school set in San Francisco, California.

A.N.T. Farm has made China Anne McClain a star playing Chyna Parks, a music genius and child prodigy. Chyna just joined the A.N.T. program at Webster High School and she befriends others in the school.Chyna becomes good friends with Olive Doyle played by Sierra McCormick, a girl who has a knack for remembering things and an incredible memory. China McClain’s character, Chyna also meets Fletcher Quimby, played by Jake Short. Fletcher is an artistic genius who has a crush on Chyna. Other characters in the Disney series are Lexi Reed who is played by Stefanie Scott as the schools popular, mean girl and Chyna’s older brother Cameron, played by Carlon Jeffery.

The series also cast other regular characters such as Angus Chestnut (Aedin Mincks) a computer hacker and computer genius, Paisley Houndstooth (Allie DeBerry) Lexi’s BFF and plays the role of a confused dingy blond. There is the principal, Susan Skidmore (Mindy Sterling) who is a bit vain and delusional. Chyna’s dad, Darryl Parks is played by Finesse Mitchell and there are other recurring roles like Gibson (Zach Steel) and Wacky the Wolf, the school mascot.

When the show films, it must cast for any needed roles such as background actors and extras. The casting call and auditions for Ant Farm are usually handled by agents in Los Angeles. If you want to audition for ANT Farm, you will first need to go find yourself an agent and the agent will then send you out to audition before casting directors and show producers.

To become an extra on the show, you most likely will not need an agent. Most extras casting for Disney Channel shows and other network television shows is done through an extras casting agency. An example of a popular extras casting agency is Central Casting. When the show asks for extras, the extras casting agency sends them the extras they need for production. If you want to be an extra on a Disney Channel show, you will need to contact an agency that supplies extras to the network.

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71 thoughts on “ANT Farm Disney

  1. Nicholas boxley

    I would like to be on A.N.T Farm because I play basketball and nobody on A.N.T farm does and it gives new ideas to the show to have basketball in some of the shows and if it’s an audition you guys should give me a call.
    By the way im in the 11th grade.

  2. Kayla

    I love ant farm, it is one of the best shows ever! I can sing and play a little bit of piano. I can also dance 5 different kinds of dances: ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, and tap. I really hope to be on ant farm.:)

  3. Justin Frock

    Hello I am Justin Frock. I have a YouTube channel (Justin Frock). It would be nice if you could check it out. I’m 14 years old soon to be 15. I’m fit and 5 foot 11 please give me a chance.
    Other information:
    Blond hair
    165 pounds
    lift weights
    can sing a little
    skin color: white

  4. Johnathon

    Hello, my name is Johnathon Ray Hiltonen and it would be an honor to be on ant farm.
    I really love the show I would really like to prove my family wrong, they said I could not get on the show but I hope you read this and except me.

  5. karlavusic

    Hi! I’m Karla Vusic from Croatia,12 years old…,ANT FARM is one of my favorite movies. I can sing and act!

  6. taelynn

    My name is taelynn. I’ve never had a chance
    to win anything ever in my life!!I am 10 and
    dreaming of being an actress. It would mean the
    world to me if i got picked!!!!!!

  7. Demilade Agbonyin

    Hey! My name is Diadem Lea El and I really really think I should be on ANT farm. The show is just so darn funny and I’m a really good actress. So, pretty please, with sugar on top can I be on ant farm.

  8. laney

    I am Laney (lani), my dream is to be a actress! I think I should be on a show because I can sing, I love to act and it would be a dream come true if I can go on disney channel or nickolodeon. Let me on AntFarm !

  9. faith

    My name is faith and its my dream to be an actress. All I ever do well is look for casting calls. Please let me be in antfarm.

  10. Justine Smith

    Hello, my name is Justine Smith. I’ve always dreamed to be an actress since I was six years old, and that dream is still alive. I went on google to find auditions in NY, and I then stumbled upon this! Thank you for reading this, I don’t want to become an actress for money or fame, but to achieve the dream and goal I’ve been chasing since six.

    DOB:November 4,1997
    Age:14 years old
    Height:5 foot 2
    Weight: 110.2 lbs
    Experience: I was in a drama club in my Middle School

  11. Hannah Fullbrook

    Hey my name is Hannah and I am 14 I have blond hair and blue eyes and my dream is to be on Disney channel and I have what it takes to be on any farm as I can sing and I can act as I took drama for gcse I also took music for gcse and i can also play the guitar And piano so I would be an excellent member of the ant program I can also bring spirit to the disney family that no one else can and my family say that I have a big heart being on Disney channel would be like my big break and it’s something i have always wanted to do I love disney channel and I watch it every day and knowing that I could see myself on Disney channel when I watch it makes me want to be part of the Disney family even more I hope you will choose me to be part of ant farm thank you for your time

  12. Dalisha

    My family says if my hair was longer and smoother I would look almost like hair. I can sing, dance and play the drums, little bit of piano and the bongos. I wrote 22 songs in 3 days and would like for everyone to hear them. I hope I make the auditions. I wanted to become a singer since I was 4 and this Will be big for me. LOVE &PEACE.

  13. Makayla Watson

    I love A.N.T FARM and I would really like to audition for it. I am Canadian and I can do back flips, front flips and I do Teakwondo. I cannot sing and I can dance, but I can’t make up a dance on my own. I am good at acting, in my opinion, my parents opinion, teachers and friends opinion too, so I think Im pretty good! I am a 12 year old girl I’ll be 13 in October.
    Weight: 90 pounds
    Hair: Medium and brown
    Skin: White and some freckles
    Eyes: Hazel
    and Im not the tallest. So I hope you give me the chance to audition!

  14. Julian arciniega

    Hello I’m Julian my passion for acting is on the highest level you can think of. I’m 4’5″ and have brown hair. I am a boy just to be clear, I have brown eyes and am a remarkable athlete.

  15. Keira

    I like Ant farm but when China Anne McClain sings it sounds like she’s shouting. I love her style of clothing, it’s incredible. Also Sierra McCormick is the best character in Ant Farm, the way she explains her knowledge makes school boring because we already know the work. I would really like to be an actor on Ant Farm, and I hope you take what I said into concentration. Bye for now ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Bailey

    Hi,my name is Bailey, I’m 13 and I would LOVE to addition for ant farm. My talent is singing, I started to enjoy to sing when I was 5. I also love acting, I pratice in the mirror all the time. I have been in one play which I was the main character in. I did okay. In my spare time I hang out with my friends and pratice my singing. I’ve always wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember, and would be overjoyed if I had the chance to audition for ant farm. Thanks

  17. Tawny Ly

    I can sing and sound like the singer of the song and I know almost 24-26 songs. I really wish A.N.T Fram excepts me!

  18. Melissa

    Hi! My name is Melissa. I am a huge Disney Channel fan! Being on Ant Farm would be like a dream come true! I love to sing and act. I’ve been watching Disney Channel my whole life. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you for your time,

  19. KYLE


    1. KYLE

      im kyle i want to be on ant farm please contact me

  20. Aidan

    Hi! My name is Aidan, and I’m an 11 year old girl. Acting is one of my favorite things to do, and I would love to audition for Ant Farm, if there are any upcoming parts.

  21. lyric

    hi, I am Lyric and I would love to be a part of A.N.T. Farm . I would love t be a part of Ant Farm because it shows kids with big dreams even though you are small, you can still do big things and it helps kids laugh, like I make people laugh.

  22. Ashley Taylor

    Hi, my name is Ashley. I am 12 years old, and I love A.N.T Farm!!! My favorite actress is YOU,China Ann Mclain!!I would really like to be apart of A.N.T Farm. I really hope that I am one of the chosen ones, and that I am called for an audition!! This is one of my dreams and I hope that it comes true!

  23. julia

    my name is Julia and i am 12 years old. I love A.N.T. Farm and I am great at acting. I have a great talent with animals and I can ride horses. I am also verry smart, funny, and nice.
    I should be considered for A.N.T Farm because I have a real natural talent and I can can act. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I have a lot more of great things to share but it’s way to much to type.

  24. desirae newman

    Hi my name is Desirae. I would like to audition for A.N.T Farm, because I love to sing and dance and I think it would be a great opportunity for me to show my personality. I am also very cute and very smart. Please pick me!!!

  25. lydia

    Hi, I am 12 year old and I love singing and dancing and acting but the thing I love on disney channel is ant farm because I wish I was on there, but I don’t really care what I am on.

  26. Kaitlyn

    i am 11 yrs old and dream to be a big time actress one day, I was thinking i could be a new ant like violet and be the mixed ant talent one actress singer sport funny artistic smart one

  27. kyrin cosse

    I would like to be on A.N.T farm shoot me up age.13 talent.breakdancing gymnastics and rap actor NOT LYING and im accuratley hansome

  28. Sara

    I Have Been Wanting to be an actress since i was born. And i hope someday my dreams will come true. I have always looked up to Stefanie Scott and considered her my “idol” i love herre and acting sooo much and would love my dream to ccome true someday!:)

  29. sarah olivia quirk

    i am 11 i would love to be on ant farm

  30. brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna Im 11 year old and i love to watch ant farm its my Favorite show and china Anne McClain is my idol .Im very talented i can sing and act and i hope u pick me to be on ant farm

  31. brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna Im 11 year old and i love to watch ant farm its my Favorite show and china Anne McClain is my idol love how she sings and acts and i just love her and if u i met her it will be my best day ever. I can sing play the piano and dance and i hope you pick me

  32. Sydney Sweeney

    hey A.N.T Farm, my name is sydney im 12 years old and have blue eyes and dyed brown hair with not many freckles. i have been doing acting classes for 3 years now and i think im ready for the big screen and it would be an honour to start off with A.N.T Farm. so if you give me a chance to star on the show you can count on me to not let you down as i am dedicated to keep my mind on the work ahead thanks, sydney sweeney

  33. Dana Hogan

    hey A.N.T Farm, my name is dana im 12 years old and have blue eyes brown hair with natural blonde streaks and some freckles. i have been doing acting classes for 3 years now and i think im ready for the big screen and it would be an honour to start off with A.N.T Farm. so if you give me a chance to star on the show you can count on me to not let you down as i am dedicated to keep my mind on the work ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Dana Hogan

    hey A.N.T Farm, my name is dana im 12 years old and have blue eyes brown hair with natural blonde streaks and some freckles. i have been doing acting classes for 3 years now and i think im ready for the big screen and it would be an honour to start off with A.N.T Farm. so if you give me a chance to star on the show you can count on me to not let you down ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Justine Lacio

    Hi I’m Justine and I’m 13. I’m full Filipino and I like to sing. I’ve never acted before so I wanted to just try it out.

  36. alina pruitt

    Hi my alina and I would love to be on ant farm because I am very talented I sing and I can also dance. I always wanted to be on tv and I always wanted to meet my favorite people on ant farm. China Ann McCain is my role model in everything:singing dancing and talent. It has always been my dream to be on ant farm. I really hope you will pick me on being on ant farm. Please help my dreams by letting me on ant farm come true.

  37. Nhi Luu

    hiiii! my name is nhi.
    I’ve always wanted to be an actor since i was 4
    its my passion and i know i can do well
    i am dedicated and put my mind on work
    i know i hav a gift and i want to show it
    here are some things about me

    hair:dark brown/black
    hobbies:acting,singing,sports,being outdoors,research

  38. Thalia

    i would love 2 be on ant farm. I can act, dance, and sing and i am 11 years old



  40. Carly T.

    Acting is my dream. Acting is fun and enjoyable and is where I show my talant. A.N.T FARM is a really funny show with great actors on it. I feel that I have the potential to audition and be on the show. I am turning fourteen and have brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes.
    Thank you to all of your work.

  41. briyalh

    i really love this show i hope u pick me anyway brown hair brown eyes brown skin and im 10 turning in sep for more please get back with me

  42. kyrin cosse

    Ok sure I want to be on ant farm ofttimes tough luck for me an u Cu’s u just cant waltz right in there and balm your on ant farm u have to work for it practice grab the judges attention then that’s when u might have a shot!

  43. Madeline Broussard

    being on Diney Channel has always been a dream of mine; not just that but being a influence to kids who are younger than me!!!! I also want this because my family isn’t the wealthiest family and people from my school are always so mean to me; I just want to escape my terible life and live my dream!!!! I ask GOD every night for 30 minutes asking him i fhe can make my DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!! I love to dance, model and sing; hopefully soon I can add acting to my list of thngs I love to do in my life!!!! CONTACT ME OR MESSEGE ME ON FACEBOOK; MADELINE BROUSSARD I SMY NAME!!!!! PLEASE MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!

  44. Genesis Carter

    i always wanted to be a disney channel star since i was 5 years old i am now 14 and i am still trying to get there. my mom is ill and i would love to be able to pay for my moms kemo therapy. and also support myselfand family please reply i need this oppurtunity.?i live in providence rhode island and everything is so far away from me all the time please send me info on these auditions

  45. maranda ramsey

    i am 12 years old and i would like to be on any disney channel show i can sing ,play the flute and the trombone i am also very athletic ….i live in ceres california . please contact me

  46. Teya snowden

    i am an 11 year old african American girl i love to sing and i am a great dancer i am easy to work with and a natural comedian please take my presents into consideration

  47. Sarah

    Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m 11 years old. My second favorite show is A.N.T Farm. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and I’m abount 4 foot 2. I would be ok with any part on A.N.T Farm. I live in Yorktown , Virginia. I hope you’ll help make my dreams come ture! ๐Ÿ˜€

    FYI: I have no experience acting, but I’ve been practicing for 6 years.

  48. Kiera

    Hi I’m Kiera!! I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’1 and 11 years old (but I look more like 12 or 13). I love ant farm and have watched every single episode!! I am a great dancer and an okay singer and a good actress ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be sooooooo amazing if I got ANY part on ant farm!! I am energetic, outgoing, kind, funny, and charismatic. Please consider me!!

  49. Jessica S.

    I’m 13 and i love Disney Channel. I’m not that experienced at acting but i think i can handle it. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. i would love to work with the great people involved with the show and it be a great opportunity for me.I live in Florida. Please contact back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. brandon rodriguez

    hey my name is brandon rodriguez i love to draw paint……well i love art so if i could be there that would be my dream i am currently going to oseola school of arts my grades are all a+ and i am 12 my birthday is febuary 21 2000 i am 4’6 in height my acting career will be awesome if i am able to do yhis i have short hair it is a mowhawk i like sports too but not more yhan art i love too have fun my mom and dad are split soo im am tring too get my mind off by acting and i would to be there with all of you guys there i love to do stunts soo i will not be afraiif u need me to i go to saint cloud elemantary im mrs simpsons class oh… also im in 5 grade

  51. destiny lee

    hi,my name is destiny im 12 years old i love singing and i want to be on ant farm so bad cause i love singing i was even pick to be in our school talent show to repersent 6 grade i hope i get to be on ant farm

  52. achante

    hi my name is achante my birthday is 4/7/2001 and i am 10 years old .iwill love to be on ant farm. ant farm is the one for me i love sining and acting . if i was on ant farm i will be the best person they whould have i wil lear all my lines and do my best to make ever one happy iam the sweeties girl you will ever meet and i love people. if you put me on ant farm i will do my best on ever thing

    1. kdn

      happy b-day

  53. Maxtonmccollum

    Hi my name is Maxtonmccollum i am ten years old and my birthday is December12 2001 and it would be my dream to be on disney channel matter fact I’m watching it right now and also every day.I have curly hair I am about 4″10 /4″9 and I love to sing dance act and any other media arts I think I should get the part because I have a great personality and great confedence and a good sense of humer so thanks for reading oh and if u don’t pick me can you still email me ok by thank u 4 ur time!!!!!!!’!!!

  54. A.N.T.Farm is an awesome show,I heard China Anne has been singing since age 3.So have I!China and i have alot in common,we both have acting expierience,singing expierience,and love doing what we do to make people smile,and because we have a passion for it!Id love to meet her,and become a proffessional actor on the show!I have been in a school play,and many musicals-just like her!I started performing as a toddler,just like her!China,Im 10 years old and we have much in common,please give me this chance to be on your show!

    1. Maggie

      Hello im maggie and probably commented on everything on this disney xd audition thingie (: im 12 long brown hair around 5″ and wear glasses, i talk english and french! im kind hearted bubbly funny I hope to be a big time actress someday (:

  55. Radelina Ancheva

    Hey, Iโ€™m Radi and Iโ€™m 12 years old. I live in England, Birmingham and my talent is dancing! I love to dance, I go dance lessons and I dance in my spare time too, so far in A.N.T Farm, my favorite T.V series, there hasnโ€™t been a talent to do with dancing so I thought Iโ€™d just share it with you! I have light brown, medium length and straight hair; I also have dark brown eyes. I know a few languages and accents, Bulgarian is one because I was born there and I know the language fully and their accent another is English because I came to England at a young age I also know a Birmingham accent and an American accent. About auditions for Disney Channel, I know there isnโ€™t a lot in UK, London but it will be nice to bring up some and I said this because acting is one of my main talents and my dream is to become an actress and Iโ€™d love to make this dream come true and not just mine and everyone elseโ€™s. Thanks ?
    I hope you read this and make my dream and everybody elseโ€™s true.

    1. Radelina Ancheva


    1. Larry King

      Hey Im Larry King and im here to tell you that I will be the next Disney Channel A.N.T Farm star some people say im a ”Child Prodigy” im 13 I can sing ,dance,act play the piano. I can do any form acting. Alot of kids at my school say I can sing and dance at Roosevelt Magnet School for kids with natural talents. I want this so badly I have perseverance and I know I can do it .

  56. Elsy

    China is a great singer and actress. My dream is to become just like her and have a show on Disney like ANT Farm. I know I have to audition first and I want to find an agent that can help me get where I want to be. My parents are very supportive and I am starting acting classes. Wish me luck all.

  57. Akyra

    Hey, I am Akyra McIntyre. I am 14, I love singing , I am an okay dancer. I am a very charismatic, fun loving out-going ,love to make people laugh, I’m also a caring person. I always wanted to be a singer from the start, everyday I come home and irritate my little brother and older sister. My grandmother inspired me to be a singer, since she wasn’t able to complete her dream I wanted to finish it for her. Singing is my gift, and I want to show the world why I say that . When I was little my mama told me “Kyra your a little character”, looking back on my past I see why she said that. I recently went to the X factory auditions, I wasn’t picked out of the hundreds of us, so I look at that to make me work harder. I really look at this as my big opportunity to become who I always dreamed to be. I feel I was put on this Earth to sing and be the somebody who makes history. Please, please, please contact me back I would really love to do this show.I like acting I just love to make people smile and that is why I want to be on here.I love to try new things, this woud be a big change for me. Thankyou for reading this.

    1. Sophie

      Hi. I’m Sophie. I am 13 like most of the young actors you see on Disney Channel. I am in 7th grade and I live in New York. A.N.T Farm is an awesome show! I love how they all have their special little talents. I love to sing! I have been in Talent Shows in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade. Sang in all of them. I can memorize a song in 45 minutes to 2 hours so I could memorize a sketch in maybe about 3 to 4 hours! I have never done plays or anything but when I did the Talent Shows I NEVER got stage fright. I honestly think the stage is for me! I loovveee being on stage. I am funny, polite, and really nice. I would LOVE to get a part on your show! Its my dream! Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Cynthia

    I love Disney, Ant Farm and China Anne McClain. I would really like to audition for a part on Ant Farm because I can sing and dance really well and China is my idol. I really hope that I get a chance to do what she is doing and to someday get my own show on one of the big networks like the Disney Channel, Disney XD or Nikelodeon.

    I am looking for any Disney Channel auditions that are going on this year in 2012 that will be in the mid west.

    1. yasmin

      I love ant farm. I have a special talent its singing, but china is already doing that. I love sports, acting, art, but that fletcher but if e.g. fletcher and me have a art of in the show and fletcher leaves the ant farm
      of like me and fletcher have something going on good or bad
      im age 10 but will probably be 11 if you contact me

    2. jazmin

      I would lovveee to be on ant farm. I can sing, act and dance.

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