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Ant Farm – The hit Disney Channel sitcom was created by Dan Signer. ANT Farm stars China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, Jake Short, Stefanie Scott and Carlon Jeffery.

A.N.T. Farm Disney

Disney’s Ant Farm first premiered on the Disney Channel Network in May of 2011. The pilot for Ant Farm was actually aired as the series finale of another popular show, ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. Both shows were created by Dan Singer, so ‘The Suite Life’ was used to introduce A.N.T. Farm.


A.N.T. Farm actually stands for “Advanced Natural Talents” program which is a program for very gifted students in a school set in San Francisco, California.

A.N.T. Farm has made China Anne McClain a star playing Chyna Parks, a music genius and child prodigy. Chyna just joined the A.N.T. program at Webster High School and she befriends others in the school.Chyna becomes good friends with Olive Doyle played by Sierra McCormick, a girl who has a knack for remembering things and an incredible memory. China McClain’s character, Chyna also meets Fletcher Quimby, played by Jake Short. Fletcher is an artistic genius who has a crush on Chyna. Other characters in the Disney series are Lexi Reed who is played by Stefanie Scott as the schools popular, mean girl and Chyna’s older brother Cameron, played by Carlon Jeffery.

The series also cast other regular characters such as Angus Chestnut (Aedin Mincks) a computer hacker and computer genius, Paisley Houndstooth (Allie DeBerry) Lexi’s BFF and plays the role of a confused dingy blond. There is the principal, Susan Skidmore (Mindy Sterling) who is a bit vain and delusional. Chyna’s dad, Darryl Parks is played by Finesse Mitchell and there are other recurring roles like Gibson (Zach Steel) and Wacky the Wolf, the school mascot.

When the show films, it must cast for any needed roles such as background actors and extras. The casting call and auditions for Ant Farm are usually handled by agents in Los Angeles. If you want to audition for ANT Farm, you will first need to go find yourself an agent and the agent will then send you out to audition before casting directors and show producers.

To become an extra on the show, you most likely will not need an agent. Most extras casting for Disney Channel shows and other network television shows is done through an extras casting agency. An example of a popular extras casting agency is Central Casting. When the show asks for extras, the extras casting agency sends them the extras they need for production. If you want to be an extra on a Disney Channel show, you will need to contact an agency that supplies extras to the network.

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  1. Hannah Acieny

    I would love to act on and Disney channel show.

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    I love ant farm. All I wanted ever to to was be like china anne mclain and I love to dance. It has been my dream to to be on a tv show or movie next to the ant farm crew and it would be the best thing to happen to me. I LOVE YOU ANT FARM, YOUR’E THE BEST AND I WANT TO BE ON YOUR SHOW SO PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

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    Hi my name is Jeremiah, I would love to be an actress because it’s really fun and I will like to be on ant farm. It was my dream to be an actress, please, please, I want to be on this show. It’s my dream to be like Chyna Anne Mclain.

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