America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21

Top Model 2014

Updated on November 2 2013

New Dates have just been announced by CW!

This post has been updated to reflect the newest casting call for America’s Next Top Model!

This week ANTM has announced a new casting call schedule for Cycle 21.

Top Model Cycle 21 casting calls have been announced, please see below for the current ANTM tryout information.

2014 is right around the corner and America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 is now casting for the new season . Please see the linked pages for the  audition and casting call information for ANTM 2014!

*Please note that the audition schedule has been updated with new dates*

For the Full America’s Next Top Model ANTM Tryout Information Check out the Newest Casting Call or just check the ANTM section.


ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) has had so many successful seasons and so many gorgeous models have won.

The Tyra Banks show holds tryouts for models annualy and the show and its casting directors travel cross country in the biggest model search on TV. The ANTM casting crew not only goes to the usual large cities that most reality shows go to such as Los Angeles and New York, but they also hit many mid sized cities and small towns making it easier for models to be discovered that live outside the larger metropolitan areas.


The Tyra Banks modeling competition runs on the CW Network and sees 1000’s of aspiring models every year. Recently, the model searches have been expanded to include petite models (models under 5’8″) and plus size models. A few seasons back a plus sized model won the show (Whitney) and cycle 17 was accepting shorter girls.

The requirements for cycle 19 and cycle 20 have not been announced yet but I am sure the show has something great planned and we will have to wait and see what the new season of Top Model brings.

The Judges for cycle 19 and cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model have not been announced but here is a look back at previous cycles and the celebrity judges that were cast on the show.

ANTM judges from previous cycles:

  • Tyra Banks
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Beau Quillian
  • Kimora Lee Simmons
  • Nigel Barker
  • Eric Nicholson
  • Nolé Marin
  • J. Alexander
  • Twiggy
  • Pavlína Po?ízková
  • André Leon Talley
  • Kelly Cutrone

And here is a list of the lucks and beautiful girls who won previous seasons of the reality modeling competition:

  • Cycle 1 – Adrianne Curry
  • Cycle 2 – Yoanna House
  • Cycle 3 – Eva Pigford
  • Cycle 4 – Naima Mora
  • Cycle 5 – Nicole Linkletter
  • Cycle 6 – Danielle Evans
  • Cycle 7 – CariDee English
  • Cycle 8 – Jaslene Gonzalez
  • Cycle 9 – Saleisha Stowers
  • Cycle 10 – Whitney Thompson
  • Cycle 11 – McKey Sullivan
  • Cycle 12 – Teyona Anderson
  • Cycle 13 – Nicole Fox
  • Cycle 14 – Krista White
  • Cycle 15 – Ann Ward
  • Cycle 16 – Brittani Kline

America’s Next Top Model first premiered in 2003 and has been going strong since. ANTM is the longest running modeling competition on TV and the shows popularity have made it a household name in households with teenage girls.

Cycle 19 tryouts will be announced shortly and we will post the full casting call schedule as soon as it becomes available.

The current season running on TV right now is a change of format for show. Season 17 is a Top Model All Star show and this is the first time that ANTM brought back past contestants rather than cast new models.

We hope the show keeps going strong and not only brings us cycle 19, but also cycle 20 and 21!

Here is the updated America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 for 2012 open casting call schedule:

Tuesday, February 21
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Virginia Center Commons
10101 Brook Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Friday, February 24
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Registration)
Ramar Communications
9800 University
Lubbock, TX 70423

Sunday, February 26 (Contest)
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Holiday Inn Park Plaza
3201 Loop 289 South
Lubbock, TX 79423

Fort Wayne
Friday, February 24
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday, February 25, 2012
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Jefferson Pointe Mall
4110 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Portland, ME
Saturday, February 25
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
4 Ledgeview Drive
Westbrook, ME 04091

Saturday, February 25
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Bridal Elegance
205 W. Etna Rd.
Ottawa, IL 61350

Saturday, February 25
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Polaris Fashion Place

Binghamton, NY
Thursday, March 1
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
The Grocery Tree
University Plaza
4710 Vestal Parkway East
Vestal, NY 13850

Tallahassee, FL – Thomasville, GA
Thursday, March 1
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Seminole Grand Apartments
1505 W, Tharpe
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Friday, March 2
4:00 PM -7:00 PM
Ashland Town Center
500 Winchester Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101

Friday, March 2
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
G Entertainment
8805 Ohio River Rd
Wheelersburg, Ohio, 45694

Saturday, March 3
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Music City Hall
4101 E. 42nd
Odessa, TX 79762

West Palm Beach
Saturday, March 3
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
City Place
700 South Rosemary Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

South Bend
Saturday, March 3
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Michiana Beauty College
7321 Heritage Sq Drive Suite 160
Granger, IN 46530

Columbia, SC – cancelled

Jackson, MS
Saturday, March 3
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Virginia College of Jackson
5360 I-55 N
Jackson, MS 39211

Thursday, March 8
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Lincoln Technical Institute
Lincoln Mall
Lincoln, RI

Friday, March 9
1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
The Shoppes at Eastchase
7274 Eastchase Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36117

San Diego
Friday, March 9
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Fashion Careers College
1923 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110

Saturday, March 10
Time TBD
Nebraska Furniture Mart/Mrs. B’s
7312 Jones Cir
Omaha, NE 68114

Saturday, March 10
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Westfield Franklin Park – Food Court
5001 Monroe St.
Toledo OH 43623

Sunday, March 11
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Aveda Institute
8188 Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75231

Stay tuned as more dates and more cities may be scheduled and the list of Top Model auditions & Tryout dates and locations will be updated

Please note the recent updates – See the Full America’s Next Top Model ANTM Tryout Information Check out the Newest Casting Call or just check the ANTM section.

144 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21

  1. Brittany

    I really wish antm would come back to new mexico. I want my chance.

  2. Betty Payton

    I’ve always Loved being in Front of Crowds. I Enjoy the Attention and Spotlight and Modeling is Almost evey girls dream,u Know? You always see the Pretty Girls in the Magazines, in TV Shows, Movies, Videos, Billboards and all that. I Want that. I Can Do That. I Can Be Up there on those Billboards and Featuring in the Magazines on Commercials or On a RunWaay in some Place i’ve Never thought I’d Be(Paris,Australia,Hawaii). I’ll Submit and Send any and As Many pictures you want of Me but I Really want to Try this. See if i Can do it. I’m a Very Headstrong Young Lady,and I Strive for Success. Please Read this and Email,Respond to me Back. My Names Betty btw. -We can Talk Business

  3. May I add, ANTM encourages ladies to push themselves to the limit, bring more personality with their talented beauty, and have fun at the same time as challenge everything inside of them. I love how Tyra can be straight forward but be so caring at the same time. That is a true role-model. I want to learn so much from Tyra and the whole model industry. I just want to thank Tyra for giving model wannabes a true opportunity to be the best that they can be! Wooooooo!

  4. ashley

    hey my name is Ashley i would love to be on top model i have always want to model im only 5’7 but i make up for my height with personality i love having fun and just enjoying life this would be a dream come true for me i think i got so much to offer im in college as criminal justice major and i work part time and and still try to balance have a full Balance life

    1. ashley

      i forgot to mention my weight is 130 pounds and i come from a small town where only the determined motivated make it and i one of the people who determined to make it no matter what

  5. Janelle

    Is there going to be any auditoins anywhere near Brooklyn, Ny

  6. Janelle

    Hi my name is Janelle and I’m 5’6. I’m a little on the thick side, but i can work it and I got what it takes. I have been watching ANTM since the season when Yoanna won and ever since then I’ve been dreaming about becoming a model. And for the past 3 years I have been told that I should become a model (plus size to be exact). I’m here to show what us thick girls are working with, if I’m picked you WILL NOT be disappointed.

  7. Crystal De'Vinner

    Contact me a.s.a.p. with the audition dates please

  8. Chaz

    Hello I would like to know are there more auditions for 2012 ? Also are the auditions over for cycle 19 & 20 and if so when and where are the next ones for 2013. Thanck You

    1. admin

      Cycle 19, ANTM: the college edition, seem to be over. Cycle 20 for 2013 will be beginning in 2012.

  9. melanie

    My name is Melanie I’m 20 years old and I love this show. I want the chance to audition I was wondering if you were going to be holding auditions in Oklahoma anytime

  10. Dani

    Hello ANTM Judges!!
    My name is Dani and i live in Lansing, Michigan. I am 20 years old and I am 5’10. Look no further for your next top model because here I am! I have the drive and the fierce look, plus the personality you will all love! I have always been told to become a model, but have never really had the chance. I am currently attending Lansing Community College striving for a degree in Psychology, but with your help, i will hopefully be your cycle 19 ANTM! (:

    Tyra, I am currently reading Modelland, and it has to be the funnest, and most entertaining books i have read since Dr. Seuss! Come to MI so i can show you and the other judges how fierce i can be!

    With Love <3
    Dani from MI

  11. Karlyn

    My Name is Karlyn. I am a petite girl I am 5’2 104lbs. I Live in Menomonie Wisconsin. I would drive anywhere in Wisconsin, Minisota, Iowa or Illionis for a America’s Next Top Model audition!! I know I have what it takes to rock the judges and rock America! Please come to Wisconsin I would be honored to have the chance to be America’s next top Model!

  12. Menne

    This message goes out to Tyra and the entire ANTM family.
    Please give a chance to non-American girls to audition/participate in ANTM. I’ve been dying to participate but unfortunately we don’t have Top Model in my country of birth neither does the country I reside in. :'( It’s pretty heart breaking. TYRA should take this into consideration, PLEASE.
    Top Model is one of the best shows ever and many aspiring models worldwide would kill for an opportunity to be on Top Model. I sure will too : )
    I hope this message gets across to Tyra and the entire ANTM team.

  13. ARKANSAS ARKANSAS ARKANSAS!!!! PLEASE!!! I know for a fact that it’ll be totally worth it! My name is Ashley Lemons. I’m 5’6″, black, a little bit of native american, 110 lbs, dark hair, and really dark eyes. I’m very laid back, but sometimes I can be a little hyper. I love to make people laugh, and I have a beyond great personality once you really get to know me. I just think that there’s a lot of undiscovered talent in small towns such as mine, and it’s kind of hard to actually put yourself out there.

  14. Sam

    Hi my name is Samsam,and I live in Norway/Oslo. I`ve always wanted to become a model but where I live ive seen so many girls that try out and they never come far even as they win the show and I know America is where the dream is u become as the model u deserv to become and u come far. My Q is can I try out American Next Top model cycle 20 even if I live in Norway???? trust me U wont be dissapointed and I got my photos and video ready just answer me that Qs..thnx=)

  15. Bryce

    I am a petite and plus size. I have watched ANTM every tear any time it’s on and study in the mirror different ways to pose. –leaning backwards,simple poses, fierce, breathing inwards, awkward body poses– I have bright blue eyes they range in color sometimes even gray kind of whirls of different blues in the ocean, I have naturally blonde hair and i look at everything as a way to learn. I live photography n being around others. I also spend time doing my catwalk anywhere. I’m the one girl waring heels in my school to better my walk. Ms. Jay 🙂 I look up to soo much! I also practice smizing, o so important. Please just give me a cycle I can go on n show u the strength I have. I’ve not always been pretty but w/ confidence I grew to love my self n I believe I can work it 🙂 just need the chance!!

  16. Noelle Burleson

    My name is Noelle and I am a hard working college student working towards a degree in Neurology. However I love modeling and would love the chance to shine and expose my talents! Please come to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana area!! I appreciate your time!



  18. Being deaf is very hard. Many people told me that I should try out for ANTM but unfortunately for me, I am short and deaf. I don’t have a confidence like other girls do since I haven’t see any deaf successful models yet. I just hope that you would help me. I would love to be one who proves everyone that being a short and deaf girl can be also one of those models too. I am 18 years old and 5’3. Just 101 pounds and a really petite body with long brunette curly hair. Make my dream to come true, Tyra Banks! Please!

  19. bricelda

    I have a question! like how long i have to wait for the call after you applied for ANTM?

  20. Rosemarie Cruz

    Hi tyra

    My is rosemarie cruz i might not be able 2 cualfiy cuase of my age and where i live at but im writin cuase i want 2 know if an age 4 girls 2 go 2 tryouts. Im a singel mother of 2 lil boys that i love, they are my life. And 4 them i would do anything. And if i have 2 live in the U.S. i live in a lil island that is very beautiful but i was born in the state of florida. Ever since i can remember i always wanted 2 be a model but just never had chance. I love ur show. I really want 2 here from u. At least know that if i ever had a chance it was just out of luck.

  21. angela

    I’m ready, west palm beach here I come

  22. Tatiana Sotomayor

    My name is Tatiana I’m 18 years old. I’m from a small town, Powell WY. Wyoming is a state that rarely gets noticed for anything. I would love to audition but the auditions are so far away. It would nice if the smaller state’s got noticed every once in a while, or at least given a chance.

  23. Octavia

    HI my name is Octavia and i was planning on attending the casting call in Columbia,SC but it has been cancelled!May i ask why?

    1. admin

      They have moved it to online – see comment – The America’s Next Top Model Casting Call (for Columbia) has been moved on-line. Go to WZRB.TV to download eligibility requirements and an application. Thanks.

  24. dawn

    When will you be in Oregon? My 19 year old daughter wants to audition and she is beautiful!

  25. Brittany

    Hello, I would like to know when auditions will be back in Las Vegas again?

  26. brandy v

    Tyra, please make a trip to tulsa, ok. I didn’t see it on the list and i missed the auditions two years ago when you all passed through here. Id love to get the chance to follow what iam most passionate for. Hope to see you soon!

  27. Douglas Broadwater

    The America’s Next Top Model Casting Call (for Columbia) has been moved on-line. Go to WZRB.TV to download eligibility requirements and an application. Thanks.

    1. anne m.

      Admin….is this true….or, is this a scammer? Also, I noticed another young girl typed in her phone number….Please for the Love of God…email that girl and tell her not to believe anyone that contacts her without verifying first somehow that they person contacting is legite…that scares the heck out of me for these young girls….I am on here looking for my Daughter in her late 20’s….

      1. admin

        The comment is for Columbia Only. Columbia auditions were canceled and that is the CW affiliate in the area… I believe

  28. Reba Miller

    hey tyra my name is Reba im 17 just about to turn 18 and i would love to be on your show! i would love if you could come to Lumberton NC, for auditions.

  29. TaylorLyn

    I would love to try out for the cycle 19 but i am expecting my first child. When do the open calls come out for cycle 20? My goal has been to become a model since i was a little girl. Ive grown up in a small community where not everyone believes in you. I want to show them that as long as you want to can believe you can, that you will succeed! This would be an amazing opportunity for me and my family! Please give me a chance to show you what i can do!

  30. Jessica

    My name is Jess and I would love to be on ANTM because all my life I have been taller than everyone I know and people always make it seem like it was a bad thing but watching Tyra and previous seasons of ANTM have gotten me to be more confident with my tall image and has allowed me to feel beautiful. I want to inspire other bullied girls and allow them to feel as beautiful as I do.

  31. Lakeshia

    HELLO IM FROM DALLAS IM 28 yrs old yes I knw i might be older then some girls but I dnt look are feel my age.I signed up years ago but life caught me by suprise, modeling is something I always wanted to do and love.i beleive i have it in me to do so much for me and beein a model i have more than enough time to give my all im single with no I just cant wait till march wish me luck, if you would love to see pics of me go to facebook@hendersonlakeshia

  32. Ludmilla Zeller

    Its cycle 19 omg please guys choose me and you wont regret this at all. Please choose me because I always wanted to be a model, always. People think that im a model but sadly im not please choose me.

  33. Fabiola Jean_louis

    Omg cycle 19 finally here, pleaseee pleaseee you guys need me on the show. I have been waiting for this only jehovah knows how long I need it this. I never had the opportunity to because its always 5”8 needed it’s my time now, please give me a chance one chance. My friends and others that I do not even friends with have always told me I should be a model or are you a model, but I could not even go to auditio because I was not 5”8. I do really hope I get picked pleasee I need this.

  34. Fabiola Jean_louis

    Heloi my name is fabiola Jean_louis, I’m 24 years old, I live in connecticut I was born and raised in Haiti. My dream when I was a kid was to be a supermodel unfortunately we did not have that many opportunity that america does have, I come here for better opportunities to which is to follow my dreams. My biggest dream is to becoming an american next top model. I have been watching for a very long time my favorite supermodel would be tyra bank and eva. Love love you guys, please pick me and I will be attend to some of casting auditions. If I won antm I will help a lot of my friends and families it will mean a lot to me. Am 5”7, weight 126. I am confident outgoing, not afraid to speak my mind, I am very respectful, I can take criticism very well, am beautifull, I have what it take to becoming american next top model. You need me on the show.

  35. Beniesha

    Hi Tyra,
    My name is Beniesha Hall. I was born and raised in Tallahassee Fl. I am 25 years old. I am very down to earth, I love people, and I love to take pictures. I know thats not enough but I have wanted to be on your show since cycle 1. I am a bit shy but I know and believe I have what it takes to be Americas Next top model. I am 5’5 and 155 lbs. Tyra I am on my knees begging you please give me this opportunity. I really want this and I can’t express it enough. Please Tyra Please Please Please.

    1. Tiara Ammons

      I don’t know how to do this I just pushed reply because the button wasn’t there but hopefully it posts right…..

      I want to be taken on a journey to prove that anything is possible. As I believe “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” the experience that I could be given if I was chosen for this opportunity would give me a whole new outlook on life. I’m from Lorain, Ohio; a very small city and it just seems as all hope is lost with all the negativity. I believe I am beautiful, I want to get out I want to show what I have I feel like I can make a difference in the world if someone gives me the chance because this opportunity is only here for now. I would risk a lot for this dream. I’m a full-time college athlete. I run track in school now, but also play softball, volleyball, and basketball. I’m 19. My mind-set is positive. I’m fit, I can do whatever you’d like. I’m 5’7” weighing 140 lbs. My eyes go from light brown w/ orange to olive green, it’s weird! Brownish-blonde hair. People say I resemble Tyra, Rhianna, and Vanessa Williams, not that that matters but I want to see a transformation in myself. Not just looks, but confidence and mind set wise too. I mean I should at least give it a try, right? I want this because I KNOW I have what it takes. Yes, I want to be on top!

      1. Katrina Scherer

        um so im in ohio. columbus casting is only a couple days away. what do i need to bring there and have and everything… ASAP!!!

  36. What are the requirements for cycle 19?

  37. Tiara White

    My name is Tiara White, I have been obsessed with your show since the first time it hit air. Of course at the time i was not able to apply but this has always been a dream of mine. I love and Thank you for what you do because to me ANTM is a blessing for young girls who have dreams of modeling but never really knew where to start. I pray that my application gets through and I am able to be on your show good luck to all my ladies cycle 19 here i come!!!!



  39. sara pearson

    My names Sara, I live in a small town in Texas, called Trenton, with one gas station and a little grocery store. I have always watched ANTM, and its the one thing that makes me happy. I love fashion I love make up and im never afraid of a change. I recently got in a car wreck, lost my car, lost my job, and its extremly hard to get back up on your feet being far away from jobs. But I wont give up, i dont care if i have to work in production 12 hours a day 5 days a week, (which i may be doing) I still will find a way to follor my dream. Tyra banks is my favorite model, i love her attitude and everything about her. I hope yall come to dallas to do auditions!!!

  40. shamora boston


  41. Taylor M

    I am 19 years old with as much determination and hard working ability someone could possibly have. I am 6’2″ and 150 lbs. I have wanted to be a model for the longest time but decided to focus on getting through school. Now, I am a sophomore in college and want to pursue my dream, becoming a model. I love ANTM and can see myself going far on the series. I could not even explain the feeling I would have if my dream actually became a reality. I really hope auditions come to pittsburgh so I have the opportunity to wow the judges.

  42. Tiarra

    Hey my name is tiarra im from Rockwall tx i been watching america’s next top model since Eva won she gave me motivation because i am short i been wanting to be a model forever me being short has stop me but i have never gave up if i get a chance to be on cycle 19 i will do what ever it takes because im short.

    1. Viviene

      can’t wait for cycle 19 🙂 just if was cycle for short girls, it would be awsome to see cycle for plus size models 🙂




    My name is Kathrine Shakila Pipkins. The three that makes the one; Kathrine- Classic, Traditional, Professional; Shakila- Open-minded, out-going, free-spirited; Pipkins- Cajun, Country, LOVE.
    Born July 4, 1988 in Dallas, TX. I was higly influenced by, my lovely Mother Iratha Love Jones (Model Coach), to exercise etiquette, elegance, poise, and grace in life and modeling. My Father, Alonzo Pipkins, being the popular Native and Veteran in our neighborhood always taught me to be strong and independent in the face of battle and let love guide and protect you.
    Through all the trials and successes, I am Still on Top! I want to share this living example of belief in oneself with everyone in the world especially the young girls, that even if you think you came from nothing, you are still something, someone!
    My major goal in life is to let my light shine without burning anyone but helping everyone in some kind of positive way.



  46. Tiffany Kiara Dixon

    Hi, my name is Tiffany. I am African Amarican, standing 5’10 and weight 124lbs. I am from Birmingham, Alabama and I’ve been having dreams of becoming a TOP MODEL since I was a little girl. I have been waiting to get on ANTM since cycle 3 when Eva won. I am 16 years of age and will be 17 on March 31. In 2013 I will turn 18 which means I can finally sign up for the show. I have been waiting for this opportunity since 2005 if I’m not mistaking. Becoming a TOP MODEL has been my dream for many years and I’m so excited that my day of signing up is soon to come. Hopefully America will be seeing my face on cycle 20. Good luck everyone…!

    1. Tiffany Kiara Dixon

      I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since cycle 3. Around that time I was maybe 8 or 9 and next year I will finally be 18..! 🙂 I can’t wait to sign up..! My time is almost here!! 🙂 cycle 20 try outs, I hope I make it..!

  47. Shayna Nieves

    I love the show! I’ve always wanted to be a model! People have said I have always been photogenic and that I should try. I need something different in my life! I honestly can not wait!

  48. Hey My name is Rashonda but please feel free to call me Shon!:)I was born and raised in none other than Chicago Ill.!!!But now reside in Austin Tx.I am a very outspoken,adventurous AND Humor filled person:). I love trying new things and looking fabulous while I try them:).I also love singing and writing and being in front of everyone’s camera!:).I’m currently going to school for Social Work, I want to either own my own non profit organization for young mothers and children or be apart of a non profit organization that helps prevent and put an end to poverty! I actually tried out for America’s Next Top model before and didnt make the cut but I’m here again!!!:) Because my stubborness of determination won’t allow me to give up.:)..I’m 21 years of African American beauty,5’9 in height,120 llbs in weight,Caramel skin tone and I have a smile that America will die for once they see it!!:) My goal when/if I become America’s Next Top model is to show and help young girls keep striving to do and be apart of something bigger than themselves. And to let them know,you can come from rags like me and still be on top of the world!!:)DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF!!:)AND TO ALLLL THE CONTESTANTS GOOD LUCKKKK!!!:)

  49. Rachel K. Silva

    I am a huge fan of the show and of the mission of the America’s Next Top Model program. I am 20 years old and come from Albuquerque. I am a well rounded individual with many interests including: cooking, dancing, playing volleyball, art, photography, and writing. I am a motivated individual with a passion for modeling and the fashion industry. I am currently attending college to get my business degree and one day I aspire to start my own business. I come from a large family and am a role model I would love to show all my family members that look up to me that you can go after your dreams and with hard work you can accomplish your goals.

  50. Tammy Jackson

    Hey! I’m Tammy and I feel like I can be Americas Next top Model because I believe I have the personality, strength, and a light that shines in the midst of darkness. I’ve wanted to model since I was 5 years old! I am 5’7, 120lbs, half black half white, and I have hazel eyes. I was the child that never believed in myself because I wasn’t exactly how everyone else was. I didn’t behave the same way, I was ‘too skinny’, and everyone made fun of my long neck.
    Today, I am a girl that is shooting for the galaxies, because aiming for one star is not good enough! I’m finally believing in myself. I have over come so many trials and tribulations, and I know that someone some where can relate to me, and I can be a positive influence in there lives. Look for me in castings! I know I can do this
    Thank you so much!

  51. bianca


  52. bianca

    i so wanna be on the show!!!!!!!! 😛

  53. Shannon Smith

    I’m s to the p, mtown were i be, 5’6 brown skin, yeah i live like a queen, modeling is my dream, im so dam focus, cudn’t find another me, in the deep blue sea, got my skinny leg jeans when im rockin my heals, my hair done in so are my nails, i stay fly, if these clowns aint taking my pics, i say bye!!!

  54. Brittany Bethea

    Hi I’m 20 years old 5″10 I weigh 145 with brown eyes black hair I have been trying to get in to the modeling industry for a while I had an enter view with this place called explorer talent they seemed legit so I went an they said they liked me but they wanted $500 upfront on the spot an I didn’t have it they said if I didn’t pay right then an there I couldn’t work with them so I remembered what you said Tyra if their asking for money like that its a scam so it didnt stop me I still motivated so I started looking up modeling agency’s an sent out pic’s to to agency’s like whelimina modeling an other but I haven’t Hurd anything back maybe the pictures I sent weren’t good enough or what they were looking for but I have always dreamed of becoming a model so I’m not going to give up an till my dreams come true. I hope and pray you give me a chance to live out my dreams. I want to learn how to become a wonderful model an hopefully it will open many doors for me in the future. All I can do now is pray that God is listening and he will give this chance. Thank you, I hope you keep me in mind when you are looking for some one to become the next top model. I have a great personality I fun to be around I’m a good listener and I can be a little goofy at time but I know when to be professional an I mostly always early to everything it never fails me. Pleas pick me to be on this season if next top models

    1. admin

      I know what Explore Talent is. They are an online submission service not an agency. sounds like someone was trying to scam you and you are lucky you didn’t get taken. Best of luck!

  55. Emily

    Not that I’m trying to be mean, but is there even going to be a cycle 19? After the controversy surrounding cycle 17, I wonder if they are even going to cast a cycle 19?

    And to all of they girls who think that because they are 5’9 and skinny they will get cast- It takes a hell of alot more to be a model.

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