Acting Scenes

Various scenes for actors

3 thoughts on “Acting Scenes

  1. Rachel

    Hi I’m Rachel and I would really love to be on Disney channel! I have been acting for 6 years starting this August. I’m 14, I have brown hair with some blonde highlights. My height is 5’6. My eyes are hazel(green,blue,gray). I live in NM, and its not to far from California. please email me!:D

  2. Alexis

    Hi I’m Alexis, I’m 11, I have always wanted to be an actress of some sort. Its always kind of have been like my dream so I have been practicing these.

  3. Brooke

    I’m Brooke and I’m 17. I want to audition for The show Every Witch Way on nickelodeon at 6:00pm – 6:30pm on Monday-Friday

    SO can you send me an email saying when I can make the audition, when and where too.

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