Queen of Hearts

Disney Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts – ‘cut off her head’ monologue

Oh, I loathe that song! Stop singing, before my ears explode! (holding her ears)
My anvils! My stirrups! Did you hear me? I said stop that singing! Royal
Cardsmen, drag her away!!!!
You may have won the match, but you’ve just lost your head! Royal Cardsmen, Off
with her…….what? A Trial? Well, all right, but make it fast. I want to see her head
rolling around like a bowling ball. (weeping like a distraught witness) Because…she
beat me. She ADMITS she beat me! Do you hear? She confesses, she beat me,
she beat me….(suddenly happy again) So let’s hurry and get to the good part
where we cut off her head!

2 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts

  1. macy

    where can i find the video of her saying this

  2. Rania Chawiky

    Hey this is a really funny monologue. I would love to play it in front of movie directors.

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