Alice in Wonderland

Disney’s Alice monologues from Alice in Wonderland


(Alice followed the White Rabbit to the edge of the Rabbit Hole)
Should I or shouldn’t I? You know what they say: “If you don’t explore, you’ll
never discover.” But my sister Mathilda always says, “Look before you leap.” Well,
I’m looking and it looks pretty deep and dark and I can’t see the bottom and maybe
it goes all the way to the center of the earth and I’ll be burnt to a crisp in the
molten core like the bad marshmallow we’ve all heard so much about!
Or not.
Ok, I looked. Now it’s time to leap!


(Holding a small bottle with the label “Drink Me.” Talking to herself)
Remember, Alice: Look before you leap. I really don’t know what’s in this bottle,
but it looks so pretty. But it could be poison, or mayonnaise, or floor polish, or a
frothy combination of all three! But I have to find the White Rabbit. Oh well, if you
don’t explore, you’ll never discover. Bottom’s up!


Who am I? Well, I’m not a silly pair of Tweedles who get all bent out of shape and
tied up in knots if you don’t know the proper way to say hello! And I’m certainly
not a bunch of snooty flower girls who act like they’re better than everybody else
and whose only ambition in life is to look pretty. And I’m not some party animal
Mad Hatter who likes to cheat at games and break other people’s things just
because he thinks it’s funny. I’m also not a crazy white rabbit who never has time
to visit and play and get to know me, when all I wanted to do was be his friend.
And I’m absolutely, positively, categorically, NOT a big old nasty Queen of Hearts
who bosses people around.
I’ll tell you who I am. I’m Alice.

3 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. Emily Bryla

    um… I think before you choose to “go dig” you should tell some one like your parents how you really feel about acting or else there will be no way you going anywhere! I told my parents, they always knew that I liked acting but I finally told them that I wanted this(acting)!! Before you “go dig” your going to want to try and audition for some other things first! It’s scary, then it seems like you are alone with a light shinning on your face, camera staring at you and a person who’s getting ready for you to fail or win. Don’t be mad if you don’t get your first or second audition, because you probably wont.

    -just trying to help

  2. jazmyne

    i would LOVE to play alice!!not a single person yet knows my passsion for acting and the only way i show it is if im on stage nd somebody’s eyes are looking at me!!im a great a-b student ,if i didnt become a actress before i turn thirteen i might cry(btw im 11)im a twin also,i used to be in the preforming arts school of course i choose DRAM because it involved acting ALL THE TIME!but now im in 6th grade and it’s harder to find a preforming art’s school!but now my goal is to GO BIG TIME!!

    1. bob the builder

      Reply to Jazmyne: maybe you SHOULD audition…

      I have been in Annie and Snow White, etc…

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