Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Monologue

Disney Monologue for the Cheshire Cat

Below are a few different Cheshire Cat monologues

Alice is about to discover that Wonderland is nothing like she expected! It’s a land
filled with racing Lobsters, singing Flowers, painting Cards, and even a Cheshire
Cat, that’s me! First, Alice meets a pallid, long eared, carrot munching quadruped
known only as…The White Rabbit!
(Gesture offstage, setting up a big entrance. Nothing. Smile at the audience)
Ahem, I saiiid, first she meets… The White Rabbit!!
Oh, he’s always late.
(Yelling off stage)
Yo, White Rabbit, you’re on!

end monologue

Alice left the Tweedles to sort out their late-onset identity crisis and acute codependency, and chased after the White Rabbit. She trailed him through the woods
to his house-
(like a real-estate agent)
A comfy little velveteen 2-up, 3-down, one-man-on-third, A-frame,
watership-down hideaway warren just perfect for such an interesting rabbit.

end monologue

Alice grew back to a more medium size, but she was still confused….until she meets
me. Us. We! Aloha, Alice. I – We are the Cheshire Cat. What? You have a cat
just like us? Hmmm. Can your cat roll on the ground like this? Yes? Can your cat
play with a ball of yarn like this? Oh, she can! But can your cat do…..THIS???
(does an amazing magic trick)
I didn’t think so. What’s wrong? Somebody having a bad day? Can’t find
something? You might ask the Mad Hatter for help. He knows where everything is.
Trouble is, he keeps it all under his hat.


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