C. Cunningham – Wake Up Girlfriend

Wake Up Girlfriend by C. Cunningham

Two women are having a conversation. One of the ladies has to update her naive friend on th realities of relationships. She tries to convince her friend that her significant other may not be trustworthy.

Now I’m not gonna bash your man, but as your girl Imma keep it real with you. It aint that many late nights at the office or missed dates in the world. A man that loves you so much, can’t find any time in his “busy schedule” to fit you in somewhere. A cancelled engagment is allowable here and there, but damn! All the time? Listen…In life we make time for the things we really want to do. And lets face it, when your lover is only a text message, email or voicemail, there’s a problem. I don’t care how much stuff you have, love is not in material possessions. That sh** can’t hug you back, you might look good, but your lonely a** can only do so much with a toy! I’m sorry to have to say it…but really I’m not because I’m a realist and I have no time for someone who has no time for me. Things outside your home should not dictate all of your personal time. A family has to live and grow together and his a** aint never around. He never takes you where he’s going, asks you to accompany him anywhere…heck, you are the world’s best kept secret. I’m not going to question his whereabouts, because like I said, I’m not going to bash your man…but a relationship has three major components. That’s love, trust and communication. They all go hand in hand, if one weakens then the others eventually deter. Clearly you all are lacking communication. You hardly see each other and spend quality time together, and talking over the phone or electronically does not all together qualify as communication. Sorry! I mean are y’all really together? Or are you the sometimes lover? I may see you if I’m not busy, if I have some free time. We might be able to spend the night together. Come on now girl…

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