Acting Monologues

Monologues are very important for working actors. Most actors have a good selection of monologues that they have rehearsed extensively. It is important to have a collection of monologues that you are familiar with and have practiced.

Monologues are used during the audition process to show casting directors what an actor can do. You need to be good at doing various monologues because different auditions will call for different monologues. It is a good idea to have at least one dramatic and one comedic monologue available and that you are well rehearsed in.

When going on an audition, you should pick the monologue that fits the part. If auditioning for a comedic role, you probably do not want to do a monologue out of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The monologue you choose to do should show off your range as an actor as well as fit in with the role that you want to be cast for.

Since actors audition for various types of roles in many different productions, having different kinds on monologues will keep you prepared for anything that comes your way.

Many times, the casting director will tell you what kind of monologue they would like to hear, other times, they will leave it up to you.

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    Will there ever be an audition in London or Paris or somewhere in Germany? Please!

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    I want to be on disney, please have open call in las vegas thank you.

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