ABC’s The Bachelor 2012 Auditions

2012 & 2013 seasons are just around the corner – Do you want to tryout for ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’?

The Bachelor is now casting for the 2012 and 2013 season of the hit ABC dating reality competition. Do you have the looks, the smarts and the charm to be the next bachelor?

The bachelor has been on for many seasons and is now seeking bachelors and bachelorettes for the upcoming season. The Bachelor is one of the longest running reality dating shows on TV and has also given rise to other popular shows such as Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad.

To apply for the show you must be over 21 and of course, single.

bachelor casting call and audition for 2012

Casting directors for the show will be going to the following cities to hold tryouts and meet with potential candidates to be on the show. The show is looking nationwide.

New York (NEW YORK)
Scottsdale/Phoenix (ARIZONA)
Chicago (ILLINOIS)
Philadelphia (PENNSYLVANIA)
Columbus (OHIO)
Orlando (FLORIDA)
Dallas (TEXAS)
Nashville (TENNESSEE)
San Francisco & Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA)

Before you can get a face to face meeting, you will have to first complete the online application. Those picked for a meeting will then be contacted by the casting directors with further instructions as well as the date and location of the meeting.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next reality superstar, fill out the application by following the above link to the Warner Bros site.

10 thoughts on “ABC’s The Bachelor 2012 Auditions

  1. Kristy Gomez

    I am definately looking forward to seeing Lamar Hurd as the next Bachelor!!

  2. Holly

    I think Sean Lowe should be the next Bachelor! He’s hot, sweet, genuine and did I say HOT?!

  3. Jessica

    I think Sean should be the next Bachelor! He is sweet and hooottt(:
    BTW if your wondering he is off of the bachelorette of emily in 2012;D

  4. Nidz

    I think Kasey B should be the next bachelorette. She’s awesome!

  5. Linda frye

    Why don’t you have one for the older men and women age of 45 to 50’s and not just over the top purfect in looks and shapes ands sizes

  6. Fermin

    I would like be the Bachelor on Abc. Iam 48 years, looking

  7. Kathy

    I wish people in canada could audition. If you saw a photo of my niece you would want her. people stare at her where ever she goes.If canadians can audition, pls email me. thks.

  8. liz

    I love kasey b. i think she is perfect for ben. I think courtey would be a funny and great season to watch.

  9. kartumu Simmons

    i think u guy should Strongly consider Shantel from Brad season to be the next Bachelortete if anone deserveit is her

    1. Holly

      No dont put shantel on. She does not deserve it!!

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