8 thoughts on “rising-star-casting-call

  1. I live and breathe music, please give me a chance to shine on rising star!

    1. U riel Martinez

      My name is Uriel Martinez. I am 11 years old. My dream is to sing! I have an awesome personality and I want to shine. Waiting for you to give me the opportunity.

  2. Morgan Moser

    My name is Morgan, I’m a 31 yr old Breast Cancer Survivor from Beaver County, PA. I’ve been singing forever and have been in a band with my brother, Matt for 10 yrs. It is my dream to be able to show my talent as well as my very inspiring story.

  3. serenity stewart

    hmm… I wonder if the world wants a little Serenity…

  4. D'Avionne

    Hi my name is D’Avionne. I am currently 13 and I have been singing secretly since I was 8 but now I’m ready to show everyone my talents. I have been in many plays both at school and church. I am a kind soul and love making people smile. Sometimes I write my own music. I have been told I could sing from time to time. PLUS my voice is sweet and adorable, or so I have been told. Just trying to make you laugh. But, I promise and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, if you choose me. Everything I say is true. I promise you.

  5. Ronnae Murray

    Hi, my name is Ronnae. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old and all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a singer. I have sung in church, school plays, and have done performances for the Sacramento theatre company camp. I am now 18 and in college and still all I think about is singing.Please contact me.

  6. Deyaneira

    Hello I’m Deyaneira. I would really like to become a singer. I’ve always loved to sing since I was a little girl. I’m in junior varsity choir. I’m 15 at the moment sorry but I’m turning 16 this year. If your still interested let me know, I promise you wont be disappointed.

  7. Elizajane welch

    All I can say is I’m a good singer and just need a chance.

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