2014 / 2015 ANTM Tryouts – Top Model

2014 / 2015 Top Model Tryouts – announced! Update 11/2014

The 2015 / cycle 22 auditions have been announced, check out the updated page. 


America’s Next Top Model will be casting the 2012 cycles shortly. Those would be ANTM cycle 19 auditions and ANTM cycle 20 auditions.

Write some comments below and tell us all why you should be America’s Next Top model for the year 2012!

Now, every audition is different and we never know what the requirements will be, what we do know is that the Top Model Castings go nationwide. ANTM, Tyra Banks and the show producers have always been great about having open model calls at not just big cities and huge venues like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but also places that you would never think of in small cities across the country.

Normally, every Top Model cycle, and cycle 19 and cycle 20 should be no exception, have dozens of open casting calls for models. Now the requirements differ cycle to cycle, but the huge amounts of casting calls as always remained.

Models, you are in luck! because for models that can not get to a ANTM tryout, online auditions are normally available for models that fit the requirements that the particular season has.

The Runway Show
The Runway Show

Different seasons have had different requirements. Sometimes petite models are all the rage and sometimes they are not allowed. We saw a season where Whitney, a plus size model even won the show.

Tyra Banks is always full of surprises and her and Ken Mok  along with their production companies never disappoint!

Americas Next Top Model is the longest running modeling reality competition on TV and it’s no wonder why, they really do a great job of switching things up and keeping the shows fresh. Cycle 18 was just cast and cycle 17 is on right now. Cycle 17 of ANTM is an All Star version, something that is a first for the show.


So models, all around the country get ready!

We don’t know what 2012 will bring and it may bring us some great new surprises as well as a few brand new girls that will be crowned Top Model and land that great contract with their sponsor.

For the latest in Top Model Castings and Cattle calls, stay tuned to this site because we will bring you the info as it becomes available.

We can’t wait to see the new list of cities Tyra Banks and the ANTM crew will be hitting in 2012 or 2013 for that matter. We know the show is a hit! It has been around for many years and hopefully, will be around for many more to come giving the opportunity and dream of becoming a reality Star and America’s Next Top Model to new girls all across the USA. No matter if they live in Wichita or Atlanta, they do not seem to discriminate and the show does find talent, not to mention tall skinny girls in all places possible.

Please note the recent updates – See the Full America’s Next Top Model ANTM Tryout Information Check out the Newest Casting Call or just check the ANTM section.

Write some comments below and tell us all why you should be America’s Next Top model for the year 2015

Please see this page for the newest Top Model casting call.


223 thoughts on “2014 / 2015 ANTM Tryouts – Top Model

  1. ebagoarrielle

    je veux etre top model

  2. Deanna

    I wanna be on antm soooo bad! When are you casting in Chicago?

  3. Zamir Mendez

    Hello there, my name is Zamir Mendez, I am an 18 year old going to school in Richmond, Indiana, but grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I have always admired those who can face the camera and give it their all. Something that I aspire to obtain someday soon- hopefully with this new cycle coming in, I can get that shot.

    I stand at 6’0″ and weight around 150lbs. I am a Mexican-American teenager with a Belizean twist added to it. I have a tall, slim body frame. I have heard multiple times that I should give modeling a shot, and this is my chance.

    Something a little different than your ordinary teenage boy is that I offer more than what you see; from the outside you see this tall and lanky, mysterious guy with stretched ears a couple tattoos, but inside, I carry this flame of self-improvement. I want to explore the realms of this world and I think, given the chance to be on Cycle 20, I can achieve just that.

    I hope you find the different and the quirky-not-so-norm kind of guy to be me, because I can offer a lot, and I can gain so much more.

    Thanks, and it’d be a great opportunity to work alongside with Miss Tyra and the rest of the amazing people who accompany her.

    Best regards,


  4. Angela

    My name is Angela Willis, I’m 5’4, black with some what long hair. I rather it be short. I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world but I love the skin im in. My black is beautiful as I would say it has always been me and my mom’s dream for me to become ANTM. I wont stop till I do that. Hope to see you soon and once you meet me, you will fall in love with me.

    LOVE Angela

  5. Marcus

    Hey there my name is Marcus and I feel as tho I should be selected for ANTM Cycle 20 and reason being is, I have the Drive that It takes to get the job done, hardworking, dedicated to modeling, listening well and following directions first time when they are given .. And so excited to work with new people everyday being that I’m a big people person.. And I’m always up for a new challenge and to learn new things in the modeling industry..i’m 24 and I stand at 5’9 with a cut body frame and brown eyes that will make a person stop in mid sentence just to ask if my eyes are real and i reply Yes their real.. Modeling I feel is my destiny not just because i can take a nice photo but to produce more in that photo is the key (which is whatever the photography wants). Another reason being is because I wake up in the mornings And modeling is the first thing on my mind and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed at night.. I just need that one chance to prove I have what it takes in becoming Americas Next Top Model .. Hope to be working with you soon Tyra and the rest of the Crew!!

  6. Being a model wasn’t always a dream for me. I was always interested, but never to the point where i found myself dying to be a model. I was always convinced that i was too short. After watching all the cycles of top model, my confidence has gotten stronger and i’m ready to be on top! I’m ready to begin my fight to make it into this industry. It has now been brought to my attention that cycle 20 is opened up to Guys now, which is truly a blessing, giving males the opportunity to display their raw skills as models!! And by males i mean myself! i know i have what it takes and thats including the drive, the patience, the eagerness, the humility, and so much more! I WANNA BE ON TOP TYRA!!

  7. michelle marnell

    My name is Michelle and I’m writing on behalf of my daughter Kelsey Marnell. Kelsey is a freshman in college and also a waitress at our local Olive Garden. She is energetic, outgoing and eager to be the best she can be. Growing up everyone around her would tell her how beautiful she was and that she is model material. Kelsey is 5’9 and legs that go on forever! I may be her mom, but I can honestly say ..WOW!! Please consider her as your Next Top Model! I know she has what it takes. I know that if she wasn’t so busy with school and work that she would have written this herself. Hope to hear from you… I have video and Pictures that would stun you and make you laugh too! She can wear camo and even look good! A natural!

  8. Deanna Ellis

    My name is Deanna Ellis, I am 22 years old and just recently graduated college. I’m 5’7, african-american with natural curly hair and brown eyes. To the naked eye I may seem ordinary, but I know that with the chance to showcase my talent you [Tyra] will see me as extraordinary. I’d appreciate your time if I had the opportunity to show you that I feel I have what it takes to be ANTM!

    Respectfully Yours,
    Deanna Ellis

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