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Auditions and Tryouts 2014 – Disney Channel Auditions and Nickelodeon

How to do a Disney Channel Audition

If you are looking for advice on how to do that audition for Disney and get picked… check out the audition for Disney from Selena Gomez, when she was very young. Selena is such a talented girl. The audition video below proves it! Every year, Disney Channel and Disney XD hold open auditions in one […]

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Casting Call for Disney “I Didn’t Do It” – See it Live

Get on Disney’s “I Didn’t Do It” Are you a huge fan of Disney and the Disney Channel show “I Didn’t Do It“? If so, here is a chance to get cast in the audience and be in on the taping live and in person. The Disney Channel comedy series is now filming in the […]

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Get Cast for The Walking Dead After Show

Casting call is out for “The Walking Dead” fans to be part of “The Walking Dead” follow up show, “The Talking Dead” Here is a chance to join comedian Chris Hardwick who hosts the the series, live in the studio with some of the Walking Dead cast, producers, writers and other Walking Dead related guests. […]

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Girl Meets World Disney Channel

Do you want to get on the popular Disney Channel show “Girl Meets World”? Well here is your chance because the show is now filming in the Los Angeles area and Disney Channel producers are casting for live studio audience members. This is a chance to watch “Girl Meets World” right where it is filmed, […]


Become an Extra on Nickelodeon Shows in 2015

So you want to get on a Nickelodeon show? Maybe wondering how you get an audition or attend a casting call? Every year the kids networks, Nick and Disney Channel come out with new show and those shows will always need kids and teens to work as extras. If you have been wondering how to […]


When Are The Disney Channel Auditions for 2015?

So here is the answer to “How do I get a Disney Audition”… That question gets asked over and over. Disney is such a popular network and kids, teens are also looking out for ways to get an audition with Disney. In a nutshell there are three ways to be seen by Disney Channel / […]


Disney Movie Auditions for Kids and Teens

If you have been looking for a way to audition for a speaking role in a Disney movie or have been asking yourself “how can I get a role in Disney”, here is a chance! The auditions are open to teens everywhere. Disney will be considering kids and teens who live all over the world […]


Try Out for Bad Girls Club 2015

Attention all Bad Girls, “Bad Girl’s Club” 2015 in now casting. Do you watch the show “Bad Girl’s Club” and think that you can stand your ground against that club? Do you want to prove just how much of a bad girl you are on national TV? Or, maybe you are a bad girl who […]


Try Out for Top Model 2015 – All Heights, Even Petite / Short Models May Apply

“America’s Next Top Model” has removed the height requirements for cycle 22. Aspiring models, both short and tall, can now apply for the show. For over 20 seasons short models have been left out of the competition but in 2015 they are finally able to apply to be on Top Model and actually be considered. […]


Hunger Games, Mocking Jay Part 1

Did you miss the casting call for extras on the Hunger Games movies? No worries because you can still get free tickets to the premiere of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay PART 1″. If you still want to get yourself into the Hunger Games action, the movies premiere is coming up and the production will be […]